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10 Year Before and After Home Tour with PAINT COLORS!

Now that it is 2020 and the end of the decade, I realized that I’ve lived in my home for 10 years! See how my rooms have changed over the years with before and after photos plus paint colors.

Wow, what a trip down memory lane looking at my home and how it has changed over the past 10 years!

In 2010, this was a new construction DREAM home for me with an open concept layout, 10′ ceilings, deep mouldings, a large kitchen island, bonus room with office, and master downstairs.

Plus it came with not one but three porches to enjoy, with the back porch access through the kitchen. 

See how it looked right when we moved in, some transitions along the way, and how my home looks at the start of 2020.

Before and After Home Tour: 10 Years in the Making

What rooms got a makeover? All of them but two! Can you believe that?

The only rooms untouched are my son’s bedroom and bathroom, who when we moved in was turning 10 and is now 20.

I had just turned 40 and soon will be turning 50. Yikes.

Boy have styles changed moving from dark to light over 10 years!

This is where it all started on the day we closed May 13th, 2010 and celebrated with a pizza in the kitchen:Closing-Day-and-Dinner-kitchen-island-eating-pizza

This was our first morning on our front porch swing, with Michael drinking hot chocolate. 

Our front porch was then and still is now our favorite spot in the spring and summer months. 


You can see the neighborhood is still under construction. We’ve come a long way baby 🙂

Some of the makeovers were small and some were expensive and dramatic!

Updated Room List

  1. Front Porch
  2. Back Porch
  3. Powder Room
  4. Foyer and Stairs
  5. Kitchen
  6. Family Room
  7. Master Bedroom
  8. Master Bathroom
  9. Office
  10. Bonus Room
  11. Guest Bedroom

Phew! 11 rooms in 10 years and I also added a fenced in side patio and arbor.

I’ve been a busy lady and as I’ve always said I work so I can afford to decorate 🙂

Many of the updates were very affordable because I’ve been a single mom and needed to use paint color plus accessories as my main go to for change. 

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Contains hand selected products, with affiliate marketing links where I may make a small commission if a purchase is made. {full disclosure here}

Master Bedroom Before and After

I’ll lead with my master bedroom which was completed late in 2019 and has gone through many iterations over the years!

Bedrooms are the easiest to change because you can always buy new comforters and pillows to update the look.

Luckily, the master bedroom is really big but I always struggled with the odd corner that I eventually filled with a daybed.

Master Bedroom Before


So much has changed in this room and paint was at the core of many of these makeovers

In the beginning the room was more dark and masculine, until I changed to blush pink and very feminine.

At the core of this makeover today is sophistication!

Master Bedroom After


The need for a new mattress after 10 years kicked of this makeover. This time I decided to go for a king and a canopy bed, which completely changed the room!

It wasn’t in the budget to update the case goods, so I took out my handy paint brush and came up with a new paint treatment for the nightstands.

Then, after living with drapes from my old home that were too short for the 10′ ceilings, it was time to upgrade to longer a longer length and woven shades too.


The other side of the bedroom got a makeover too, with new artwork and pillows to complete the look.

To save myself time and trouble, I left the large armoire as is and it still coordinates with the room and the accent color on the nightstands. 


WALL COLOR: Benjamin Moore, Quiet Moments at 50% 1563

CEILING COLOR: Benjamin Moore, Quiet Moments at 50% 1563

FURNITURE COLOR: Valspar, Polished Silver 4008-1B

This room just feels more adult and for a couple instead of a single woman.

Luckily, I do have a new man in my life who loves the new look as much as I do!

Master Bedroom Projects

Shop the Master Bedroom

The woven shades, mirror, and shams are outside of my normal affiliate network so I’ll link them here without pictures. 

White stripe and tassel euro shams

Convex oval mirror

Woven shades Bali in color Spree Studio

Both canopy beds linked are the same as I purchased just from two different sources. 

The bed sells out fast, so if you want it set up stock alerts and buy it immediately. 

Master Bathroom Before and After

For some reason beige tile was in 10 years ago and boy did my bathroom have a lot of it!

Oh and that lovely super busy granite was all the rage at the time too, along with dark stained cabinets. 

About 5 years ago, I completed a mini-makeover to update the look with a new cabinet paint color and hardware.

Master Bathroom Before

Painted Cabinets Before and After_Porch Daydreamer

Sage Green Master Bathroom Cabinets

Literally, a spilled glass of red wine on this rug (dumb I know) kicked off the remodel.

Truly it is one of the best investments I’ve made in this home that I know I will get back when I sell.

Better Homes & Gardens just featured this room on their Instagram account, along with The Tile Shop too.

Master Bathroom After

Photo credit: Tiffany Ringwald

Say good-bye to that beige tile and dark granite and hello clean white mosaic tile and marble.

The deep soaking tub and nook now are a statement piece in the room, with a beautiful piece of hydrangea artwork my mom painted.

I’ve always wanted a crystal chandelier in the bathroom for a luxury feel and am so happy I added one.

Photo credit: Tiffany Ringwald

The shower also feels so luxurious, with a zero entry looking floor and two niches uniquely built into the fixture wall so the tile is uninterrupted on the main wall.

With sparkling polished nickel hardware the room looks like a luxury hotel bathroom.

Photo credit: Tiffany Ringwald

WALL COLOR: Benjamin Moore, Wales Gray 1585, Value 50%

CEILING COLOR: Benjamin Moore, Wales Gray 1585, Value 50%

CABINET COLOR: Benjamin Moore, Decorator’s White OC 149

TRIM COLOR: Valspar, Blanched Pine 7005-15

There are SO MANY pretty details and many have written to me with pictures of their bathrooms that were inspired by this one.

From a design perspective, I’m most proud of this room and maximizing the space without major construction but making it look TOTALLY different.

Projects Master Bathroom

Shop the Master Bathroom

ALL bathroom sources can be found in the REVEAL post!

Kitchen Before and After

The heart of the home is always the kitchen and this one has always wowed people.

With a huge island my mom helped me design, open plan to the family room, tall cabinets, deep moulding and 10 ft ceilings this kitchen is the perfect entertainment space. 

Granite and dark accents were hot back then, so of course that’s what I wanted when I built the house. 

Kitchen Before


The pendant lights felt so modern and chic (now they feel small) and the bar stools on trend (now too dark and heavy).

Plus I went too conservative with the cabinet hardware using knobs everywhere!

Oh and the granite was a dream on that large island (now granite is out of favor). 

Kitchen After


Lots of changes here! The main goal in the last 5 years was to make this kitchen a lot lighter and brighter.

What stayed the same was the wall color, window treatment and much of the artwork.

The kitchen island got a major facelift with new quartz counters, counter stools, updated accessories and lighting.


Then after years of using this space as an “office space” I got tired of always seeing papers and a mess

Bring on the glass jars and new organization to the space.

The jars keep this space neat and tidy plus just look good!


Here it is today with another treatment on the island and updated artwork above the door heading out to the back porch. 

The kitchen looks so much lighter and brighter now.

For 2020, I may think about updating the paint color of the cabinets, counter stools and light fixtures. We shall see!

WALL COLOR: Valspar, Winter in Paris 5002-1A

CEILING COLOR: Valspar, Winter in Paris 5002-1A

CLOSE MATCH TO CABINETS: Valspar, Courtyard Tan 7002-13

Kitchen Projects

Shop the Look

Newly Updated Kitchen for 2020

Yes! I decided to do a kitchen “facelift” at the start of 2020.

The goal was to bring in more light and make it a little more modern.

Since I was painting the cabinets and kitchen island, it was a good time to also update the backsplash.

Here is what it looks like now!



I LOVE the new look, but especially love the bar stools and light fixtures.

They bring a special touch to the space!

The bottom picture is more true to the actual paint colors due to the fact a professional photographer shot the first photo, at different exposures, and blended them. 

BLUE WALL & CEILING COLOR: Valspar, Pelican 4007-1A

WHITE WALL COLOR: Valspar, Satin Snow 7004-17

WHITE CABINETS: Valspar, Summer Gray 7006-17

BLUE CABINETS: Valspar, Pelican 4007-1A

The two-toned cabinets are a mix of Pelican and Summer Gray.

There were a few projects I tackled too to organize and update other areas of the kitchen.

Kitchen Projects

It feels like a BRAND NEW kitchen…who needs to move? Not me!

Shop the Look

The counter stools sell out fast, so definitely sign up for the alerts!

Family Room Before and After

This one I didn’t think was a major change, but in looking at the before and after it definitely looks different.

Much of the furniture was from my old house and I had it recovered for a whole new look in this house.

Pale blue and cream was at the heart of this room and will always be!

Family Room Before


The sofa was much darker in a camel color and the fireplace surround a “peachy marble” that I just lived with but didn’t love.

A driftwood coffee table was the focal point of the room, but after a while started feeling too small and dark as well. 

It’s really not all that different today, but I did create a sitting area behind the sofa which was a huge improvement!


A soft off-white and pale blue ceiling really make this room interesting and I’ve been happy how the ceiling ties into the kitchen unifying the space. 

Here are a couple of projects in one photo that updated the family room: the fireplace surround and cabinet desk.

Family Room After


Can you believe the artwork is the same above the fireplace. I loved it the minute I saw it and haven’t changed.

Plus I invested in a new coffee table and sofa last year, which are nice neutrals to work from as I redecorate.

I see a new rug in my future, since this room has been relatively the same for years!


What I won’t part with is the rush seat French chair, but instead would love to give it a facelift.

You can see how the sitting area adds a whole new “room” to my very open concept home by adding new seating that faces the kitchen.

We sit here all of the time and it’s a great place to put on shoes before leaving the house. 

Plus it added extra seating for parties too!


The mirrored chest was a great find for between the two slipper chairs because it adds some sparkle and a lot more storage.

This is where I keep extra seasonal decor, napkins, placements, table cloths, and candles for easy access right in the center of the downstairs.


WALL COLOR: Valspar, Malted Milk 7003-9

CEILING COLOR: Valspar, Winter in Paris 5002-1A

This is my dog Mick’s favorite spot to lie down and watch the world go by because he can peak into the mirrors to see more of the room 🙂

Family Room Projects

There was only one major project in this space, with a few small ones along the way.

Shop the Family Room

Since my french chair, club chairs, and drapes are custom I’m unable to link exact matches.

Landscape artwork above the fireplace and ceiling light are close matches… both have been with me for 10 years!

The big beautiful armoire is from Ballard Designs, but is no longer available. 

Foyer Before and After

I’m not sure why, but this is one of my favorite before and afters in my home.

Maybe because paint color is at the primary core of the update.

The foyer is now more welcoming, lighter, and brighter which is what you want as you enter a home!

Foyer Before


Ok, maybe it was more than just paint LOL!

There’s a new light fixture and rug too too and the view of the powder room has change significantly.

Plus I’ve painted the foyer table a couple of times and the stair risers white.

Foyer After


Changing the stairs was the best paint project ever and I learned a lot along the way.

You can see how it brightens up the entire space to break up all of that dark stained wood.

I’ll let you in on a little secret…I never painted the risers on the next set of stairs LOL.


WALL COLOR: Valspar, String of Pearls CI198 

FOYER TABLE COLOR: Valspar, Blue Twilight 5001-1C

STAIR RISERS: Valspar, Blanched Pine 7005-15

Foyer Projects

Shop the Foyer

Close matches on the artwork and lamps, which are not longer available in the color in my home. 

Plus I linked the clear hardware on the foyer table and accessories.

Dining Room Before and After

My dining room is one of the first things you see when you enter my home, so when I decided to tackle a makeover I wanted a wow factor.

Plus after living with dark stained furniture for years I wanted to lighten up the space too.

First I switched out the chandelier and the rest was a major makeover complete with custom curtains!

Dining Room Before



The goal was to create the look of a Paris apartment with a French Country flavor.

To keep things more casual, since we don’t have an eat in kitchen, I went with a more casual table and chairs.

Dining Room After


Painting a stained piece of furniture makes a HUGE impact, but needs to be carefully considered.

However, when done right it becomes a statement piece!

It’s hard to believe this is the same credenza, but now it makes the room.


Reveal French and Fabulous Bar Cart

WALL COLOR: Valspar, Sea Salt Blue CI 191 / Eggshell

WAINSCOTTING COLOR: Valspar, Sea Salt Blue CI 191 / Semi-Gloss

CREDENZA COLOR: Valspar, Sharkfin 4007-2A and custom color wash

In this room, it was an almost complete overhaul with custom drapes, new wall paint, new furniture and accessories. 

Do I have any regrets after painting the credenza? NO WAY!

Dining Room Projects

Shop the Dining Room

Much of the items I used in the dining room are no longer available from Ballard Designs: Chandelier, Dining Table, and upholstered chairs.

White Chinese Chippendale chairs can be found here: Dayna Chairs and the fabric Oasis Velvet.

Powder Room Before and After

Ah the powder room! It is one of the first things you see when you enter my home, so I wanted to make it special.

This was the first time I used a dark paint color in my home and loved it!

The powder room was my first remodel project in the home. Here it was originally.

Powder Room Before


New tile, board and batten, light fixture, artwork, mirror, counter, fixtures, and faux finish on the vanity lead to a feature in Better Homes & Gardens magazine!

I’m very proud of the work I did in this room to make it really special.

Everyone is always surprised to learn that the vanity is just a paint finish and not brand new.

Powder Room After



WALL COLOR: Behr, Blueprint S470-5

TRIM COLOR: Behr, Polar Bear 75

CABINET COLOR: Sea Drift Faux Tutorial

Now the powder room that now has a whole new personality and is more modern for sure.

Powder Room Projects

Shop the Powder Room


Office Before and After

This was my first time painting cabinets. Go big or go home I say!

The upstairs of my home is (was) primarily my son’s space and VERY masculine.

So when he left for college, it was time to take the man out of the man cave and create an office space for my work from home sales job.

Office Before


Boys Football Game Room Loft Football Theme

What is important to note on this makeover is that I was unemployed at the time, so the budget was very limited.

A lot of sweat equity went into this very large space to make it completely new and fresh!

My love of classic navy and white started in this office makeover.

Office After


You can see at the heart of this makeover is paint! 

Almost all of the furniture is original to the room and just made over with paint, contact paper or fabric.

Then the artwork was inexpensive framing special photos from football and travel. 


OFFICE WALL COLOR: Valspar, Swiss Coffee 7002-16 

UPPER CABINET COLOR: Valspar, Swiss Coffee 7002-16

LOWER CABINET COLOR: Valspar, Indigo Streamer 4010-4

MAN CAVE WALL COLOR: Valspar, Wetland Clay, 3007-10A

Plus developed my first faux paint finish to take this table from black to driftwood!

It’s hard to believe it is the same table and chairs you saw above.

Office Projects

Shop the Office

Front Porch Before and After

My name sake Porch Daydreamer will make more sense as we start taking a look at my two main porches and how they’ve changed over 10 years.

Fortunately, living in Charlotte, NC they get a LOT of use due to 9 months or more out of the year the weather is porch weather!

The front porch has gone through lots of updates adding new furniture and switching out pillows.

Unfortunately, other than a picture of my son at the top of this post I don’t have the true original look and only one a few years ago.

Front Porch Before


Again lighter and brighter is the theme with the porch going through a few changes in just the past two seasons.

I’ve worked hard to maximize seating on this small narrow porch and love the most current furniture arranged.

This is everyone’s favorite place to sit and watch the world go by and sip a cold beverage.

Front Porch After



Can you believe this is the original porch swing in black from 10 years ago?

This swing has a whole new look and personality for the new decade.

Plus the front entry to my home has also gotten a bit of a facelift with new outdoor sconces.


Mick is always on patrol to make sure the front porch is safe!

SIDING COLOR: Valspar, Iron Frost 4007-2B

DOOR COLOR: Valspar, Very Black 5011-2

TRIM COLOR: Valspar, Ultra White 7006-24

Front Porch Projects

Oh so many projects on this little porch and front entry to make it really special!

Shop the Front Porch

Since this merchandise is seasonal, some items may not be available in fall/winter months.

Back Porch Before and After

Another great space found right off of the kitchen that we really enjoy!

Originally, it was a very dark space due to it being painted the same color as the exterior of the home.

After a couple of updates, it looks bright and coastal now.

Back Porch Before


By just changing the paint color of the porch walls was a huge change!

Then after living with the gray and sand palette, I decided it was time for some color and a lighter rug.

Back Porch After


Coastal themes prevail across my home and I love how classic and clean the navy and white color scheme looks.

The new rug really lightened up the entire space to reflect more light.

Plus to add some personality to the white pillows I added some navy trim and corner tassels.


SIDING COLOR: Valspar, Country Charm 3007-10B

TRIM COLOR: Valspar, Ultra White 7006-24

We love sitting out here at the start of basketball season to watch games and then into the fall for football.

With EZE-breeze windows it turns into an all-season porch by adding a heater in the winter.

It’s great overflow entertaining space during parties and when my family is in town. 

Back Porch Projects

Shop the Back Porch

Last, but not least is the guest bedroom makeover. We won’t make a big to do of it here because in all honesty it really needs another makeover.

You can read about it here: Simple Strategies for a Room Makeover

Home Decor Trends Change Every 5 to 10 Years

It’s easy to see how my home has evolved to be more modern over the years.

My hope is you are inspired to makeover a space in your home, after seeing what a little paint can do!

Tile, counters, tones, and textures change pretty drastically in 10 years, so it may be time to tackle a room in your home too.

Here are a few posts to get you started, so you are right on trend in the new decade and save yourself some money too!

As my FREE GIFT to you, with email sign-up a detailed paint sheen project guide! 

You will know the right sheen for every project…


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Until next time…



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