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Small Front Porch Decorating: 6 Unique Ideas for Summer

Who doesn’t love to sit and entertain on a front porch! If you have a small front porch, there are simple ways to update the decor and maximize seating!

There is nothing more relaxing than having a cold beverage on a front porch. However, small front porches can provide design challenges, but I love a design challenge!

My own front porch’s usable space is 14 ft long by 7 ft wide, but it looks much bigger due to the way I’ve arranged the furniture and decor. 

Here I share 6 different ways you can make the most of a small front on a budget and refresh it in time for summer!

Small Front Porch: Unique Decorating Ideas

My front porch is small, but I am so happy to have it! It’s great to sit out there drinking my coffee in the morning or wine in the evening. 

I’ve even had little impromptu parties and you’d be surprised how many people I’ve crammed in this space.

It’s truly my favorite room in the house 🙂


I’m going to share 6 small porch decorating ideas for you to try this summer! 

  1. Use the railing as a chair back
  2. Repurpose a garden stool as a table
  3. Turn a basic porch swing into something special
  4. Use a pretty area rug to anchor the space
  5. Find interesting pillows and accessories
  6. Use palms and plants for privacy

Even if you have a large space you may just find a fun idea that works!

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Small Porch Idea #1: Use the Railing as a Chair Back

Most front porches have railings and this tip only applies if you do! Use that space as a chair back. YES! 


Here is Mick demonstrating how it works!

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I’ve created a small sitting area against the railing by:

  1. Pushing two ottomans (typically used as a foot stool) against the railing
  2. Placing 22 or 24 inch pillows as backs.

Tall men and women have used these seats comfortably! Even my 79 year old dad can sit in this space.

It turns the whole area into a small chat set very affordably.

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Small Porch Idea #2: Repurpose a Garden Stool as a Table 

What is so nice about using a garden stool as a table is that is easy to relocate.

Plus, when placed between two seats it creates an area for serving drinks and food. 

Sometimes I’ll pull it closer to the “sofa” area, if it’s just two of us sitting watching the world go by.


Or pull it closer to the swing to place a plate, while eating. It all depends on the party, people and mood of the day!

To make it an even more usable space, I’ve topped the stool with a galvanized tray.

For now it holds pretty pink geraniums, but when entertaining I use it to serve my guests.

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Recently, I’ve invested in other galvanized pieces for outdoor entertaining.

While galvanized? They can sit out in the elements without rusting or fading. 

Shop Galvanized Trays

The round tray on my porch is no longer available. Sorry!

I just recently invested in the rectangular tray and the tiered tray for serving more in a small space.

Can’t wait to use them this summer and of course I’ll share pictures on Instagram!

Small Porch Idea #3: Turn a basic porch swing into something special!

The quintessential porch swing. A southern porch like mine wouldn’t be complete without one!

Did you know my swing is 9 years old and used to be black? Here is the before:

Black Porch Swing
Swing Seat Before

Here it is now! A major, but budget friendly porch update for sure.


The first thing I decided to do was to make the seat more comfortable!

That was an easier task than you may think. Just a little foam and Sunbrella fabric to make it the comfiest swing every.


It only took a little over an hour and I’m on my third summer with it upholstered.

Sunbrella fabric has held up and to keep it looking new fill a spray bottle with 1/3 bleach and 2/3 water to clean off stains. Just hose it off after a couple of minutes and it looks brand new!

It’s so much more comfortable and this is MY SPOT 🙂 


The best find was the wicker poof, which really serves two purposes: one as a foot rest and then as additional seating!

The other two updates I made to the swing were to wrap the chain in rope and paint the entire swing in a faux driftwood finish.


Easy and inexpensive changes that make a BIG impact!



This is year two with both in place. The finish held up perfectly over the winter months.

Small Porch Idea #4: Use a Pretty Rug to Anchor the Space

In a small space, you want to maximize the look without overwhelming it.

The best purchase I’ve made to date for the porch is the 5 ft x 7  ft blue and white striped rug.


It’s a GREAT neutral base to work from and truthfully I just love blue and white.

It’s so nice to have a soft spot for your feet, so you don’t have to worry about wearing shoes.


I head straight out here in my PJs and barefoot for coffee, so that was important to me.

Plus it has stayed cleaned by blowing it off and hosing it down every couple of weeks. 

Small Porch Idea #5: Find Interesting Pillows and Accessories

On a small porch, you can get really creative with pillows and accessories as a way to bring in a lot of personality!

How to mix pillow patterns:

  • Keep a balance of patterns: small, medium and large
  • Select at least two colors for visual interest

This year I updated and changed out neutral woven pillows for these pretty blush pillows with tassels.

If you’d like to see the porch last summer, please click here. 

Outdoor pillows look like indoor pillows now, so I’ve even thought of moving the blush pillows inside after the season is over!


You can see I mixed blue, white and blush. Plus mixed solids, with a large pattern, large stripe and narrow stripe.

It all gets pulled together with the pretty pink flowers found around the porch. 

Add some pretty candle lanterns and planters, for a more personal touch.

The outdoor candles are battery powered and turn on every night as the sun goes down for instant ambiance 🙂

Small Porch Idea #6: Add Palms or Plants for Privacy

You can see that my neighbor’s porch is RIGHT next to mine. so adding a little privacy was key for me!

Luckily, her house is beautiful so that wasn’t an issue but your next door neighbor’s house may not look so pretty…


It’s a very inexpensive update to buy a few medium, but narrow planters and add palm trees.

The parlor palms can be found at any home improvement story and are so inexpensive.


Shop Planters

As a safety precaution, I weighted the bottom third of the planters with large rocks.

Only once did one tip, after a straight line 50 mph wind during a rare hurricane!

This simple update makes the porch feel so cozy and coastal.

When I am on the swing the fronds rustle and I immediately relax – that’s the goal isn’t it?


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Update Your Porch This Summer

Hopefully, I’ve given you a new idea or inspired a makeover of your porch this summer. 

I’ve also written about some budget friendly ways to update a larger porch or patio that you may want to read as well!

Here I’m sharing Affordable Outdoor Furniture that LOOKS Expensive!

Plus want to know how I keep my porch looking so fresh and clean: Porch and Patio Fall Cleaning and Decor Tips

Off to relax on the porch and sip a cold beverage.

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Until next time…

Porch Daydreamer


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  2. I like the way you did your front porch. It is very beautiful. Thank for asking how we are keeping in these times, it’s not easy but we are keeping safe protecting our clients and sacrificing on not being with family. Praying that this will be over soon. Keep safe Tracy and thank you.

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