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How-to Save Money Buying Online: Furniture, Fixtures, and Rugs!

The convenience of online shopping can’t be beat. Plus you can save a ton of money by buying furniture, fixtures, and rugs online! 

Yes, you can save money by buying furniture and lots of other home decor items online! When I moved into my home 10 years ago, I bought much of my furniture and rugs online saving money along the way.

Luckily, I’ve found some great deals on all sorts of home decor and furniture for most rooms in my home.

Plus have been impressed by the quality for the price. Don’t be scared of buying furniture online and I’ll show you why.

What Home Decor Items to Buy Online and Save Money

Not being able to feel, see and touch something I know stops many people from buying online. For whatever reason, that’s never stopped me!

If I am going to buy something online, I make sure I can return it and that process won’t cost a fortune.

Digital photography of products is so high quality now that most of the time the items arrive exactly as pictured!

Outdoor Living Furniture, Fixtures and Rugs

Well, I am Porch Daydreamer after all and with several outdoor living spaces and living in mild Charlotte, NC I shop a lot for outdoor furniture and accessories!

Previously, I shared my secret source for finding high quality outdoor furniture and some of my favorites are here. 

First up, the furniture for my back porch. Honestly, for the price the quality is WAY beyond expectation! 

The sofa and chair cushions are very deep and upholstered with Sunbrella fabric!

The all-weather wicker is a beautiful driftwood and has held up for years taking a daily beating of western sun.



“Indoor/Outdoor rugs are one of my favorite items to buy online”

Both my front and back porch rug purchases have come sight unseen and I LOVE them.


The best feature of this type of rug is they can be HOSED off!

Yes, I have pressure washed this striped rug clean. Plus indoor/outdoor rugs are fade resistant and comfortable on bare feet.

Don’t forget about out outdoor lighting! You will find the BEST selection by searching online.

The best part is you can quickly scan the dimensions to make sure everything will fit. I wrote an entire article about choosing outdoor scones, you can read here. 


I found these BEAUTIFUL very coastal wall sconces that were very large and very affordable.

Installing them myself saved a ton of money too 🙂 At the same time I also replace the door lock set.

Again online is your best source for the largest selection and finding exactly the right size or look when replacing an old hardware fixture.

Indoor Furniture

When you start investing in furniture online, the stress level goes up a notch for sure!

So far so good with my furniture purchases because none of them have disappointed me.

When I decided to create a sitting area between my kitchen and family room, it was tough to find chairs that were comfy to sit in, short enough to not tower over the sofa, and fit my decor plus budget.

Enter these very affordable slipper chairs. We use them all the time for entertaining because they face the kitchen, to put on shoes, and just sit and chat.

Assembly took 5 minutes per chair and was very easy. Just attach the back to the seat and the legs to the bottom.


The fabric is a beautiful creamy neutral called “linen beige” that goes with the entire downstairs of my home. The chair comes in 5 colors, so take a look!


See that sofa behind the sitting area? That’s my next favorite online find and a big purchase too!

Since it’s impossible to find online reviews on Pottery Barn, pulling the trigger on this sofa was very scary.

Luckily, I found some other bloggers who had reviewed their York Slope Arm sofa so I wasn’t flying totally blind!


The slipcover fabric is a nice neutral and a Crypton performance fabric called Oatmeal. Literally, I’ve wiped blood and dark chocolate off with a BABY WIPE! 

You can read my full review of the York Slope Arm sofa, here


The other big online purchase I made with the sofa was the coffee table! It’s amazing and much prettier in person than it looked online.

My old wood coffee table had gotten pretty beat up because we eat by the TV and put our feet on it too. 

So this lacquered finish was the perfect option and can be wiped clean. It came fully assembled too!

Next, is my headboard for a master bathroom makeover! I HAD to have a wingback upholstered headboard.

This headboard was in a similar fabric call “linen talc” as the slipper chairs. What’s nice is the texture of the weave and the various colors work with so many other tones.

It was easy to assemble (I did it by myself) and is SO comfortable to lean against when I am snuggling in bed reading a book.

Side of bed with nightstand

The headboard is a really nice height so it’s more substantial in the room. I like how you are able to see the headboard above the euro sham pillows.

pottery barn anya bedding blush bedroom with blue walls

Plus the “wings” block out lights from the windows on either side so I sleep better too!

Best Bathroom Fixtures I Bought and Saved Online

You aren’t going to believe this next online purchase. I’m kind of shocked I took the chance, but it paid off!

After hunting high and low for a bathtub that would fit in my small space AND was a deep soaking tub, I ended up finding the perfect option online.

Luckily, all the reviews online were so positive and delivery was free so I took a chance. Plus the price was better than the big box stores!

I’ve taken many baths in this tub and it’s really a deep soaking tub. An added feature is a no slip bottom, which comes in handy when you get older.

Photographer: Tiffany Ringwald

There are two other things in this picture that I was able to find for the best price online: the tub filler and the chandelier.

Since I was going for a luxury hotel feel, a crystal chandelier was in order. BUT with the expense of the master bathroom remodel, I couldn’t put much money into such a luxury.

This chandelier did not disappoint and looks much more expensive in person plus throws the most beautiful rainbows around the room!

Photographer: Tiffany Ringwald

Then finding polished nickel plumbing fixtures proved to be more difficult without having to special order them.

I was so excited to find this collection of fashion plumbing fixtures from Kohler much cheaper online, with all of the sizes I needed for the sink, tub, and shower.


That leads us to the final and best home decor find online!

Cabinet hardware! You will find the most number of options and all kinds of prices online that you would never find in a big box store or even a kitchen and bath dealer.

To help you (since I have hardware expertise) I’ve written an entire article all about the what size to choose by drawer and cabinet size.

Plus included recommendations from my favorite cabinet hardware collections.

Here are two collections that I used in the master bathroom remodel. Yes, you can mix items in the same finish from different collections!

Photograph: Tiffany Ringwald

So if you’ve been intimidated by the idea of shopping for bigger ticket items online, hopefully I’ve made you feel a little better about the value you can find!

Tips for Buying Furniture and Home Decor Online

Since I am such a fan of shopping online, I’ll share with you my best tips!

  1. Read reviews – LOTS of them before buying. Search for reviews online outside of the website you are shopping.
  2. Search for reviews with pictures, so you see how the item really looks in a room.
  3. If the website doesn’t provide reviews, do a Google search to see if someone has done a personal review.
  4. While logged into your account on a retailer site, save items in your cart but don’t buy. Many times if you abandon your cart the retailer will send you a coupon to close the deal.
  5. Google search for the item to see if you can buy it at a lower price or get free shipping.
  6. Wait for sales or for free shipping days to buy the bigger ticket items.

Here are my favorite websites to purchase all things home:

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Save Money by Buying All Things Home Online

Hopefully, all of my purchases and tips will give you some new ideas of what to buy online that you maybe never considered before now!

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Until next time…

Porch Daydreamer


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