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20 Cabinet Paint Color Combos for the Kitchen

Two-toned painted cabinets in the kitchen are a hot trend that is here to stay!! Here are some timeless paint color combos to consider for your kitchen.

Instead of an all-white kitchen, why not try the trend mixing white with another color? Kitchen cabinet paint color combinations can be tough to choose.

As always I’m here to help and share some timeless cabinet paint color combinations for your kitchen cabinets.

Maybe the island is a color and the rest of the kitchen white? Or the base cabinets are a color and the top cabinets white for a more interesting look?

Your helpful paint color guide is below, with the best white paint colors for kitchen cabinets too.

White Cabinet Paint Colors

To keep things simple, I’m going to share my favorite whites from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Valspar, and Behr.

Each cabinet color combination will be paired with these easy to use white cabinet paint colors, as a consistent base: 

Behr Polar Behr
Behr Polar Behr
Valspar Swiss Coffee
Valspar Swiss Coffee
Benjamin Moore Decorators White
Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White
Sherwin Williams Pure White
Sherwin Williams Pure White

IMPORTANT: Colors will not appear true on any computer or mobile phone. This is a good guide, but I recommend going to the store to pick up sample paint chips.

Once you narrow down the colors you think may work, follow my guide to creating paint samples to test to make sure you will love the color!

Fortunately, I’ve used three of these white paints in my own home and I’ll link you to those projects:

  1. Behr Polar Behr
  2. Valspar Swiss Coffee
  3. Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White

Then you can see what they look like in real life rooms!

All of these whites are not only perfect for cabinets, but also for trim and walls too.

Classic Kitchen Cabinet Colors

There are some key colors that ALWAYS work in a kitchen and are timeless. I’m a big fan of classic colors because they never go out of style.

You can paint kitchen cabinets in the following colors (outside of white) regardless of the trends:

  • Pebble Gray
  • Pale Green
  • Medium Blue
  • Deep Blue

Mixed with white they will be even more beautiful creating a lighter and brighter look in the kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Combinations Mixing White with Classic Paint Colors Feature

Areas to use color versus white in the kitchen:

  1. Kitchen Island
  2. Butler’s Pantry
  3. Kitchen Bar
  4. Base Cabinets
  5. Kitchen Hood (custom wood)

Painting these areas will break up the white and accent the architectural details in a kitchen. 

One of my all time favorite kitchens is painted in Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams.

Finding Lovely/Jackie decided to paint the gorgeous custom hood a color, along with the cabinets.

Finding Lovely

Beautiful! Also, what is so interesting about this kitchen is that she used a blue range in the middle of all the neutrals.

The Repose Gray breaks up the white counters and tile – same concept as breaking up an all white cabinet kitchen. 

I’m seriously considering this color for my kitchen makeover – paint color details are below. 

2021 Cabinet Color Trends

If you are looking for the latest cabinet color trends, before reading this post you may enjoy a new 2020 trend report I just released.

Plus I’ve done a PAINT post too: 2021 Paint Color Trends: Best of the Best Picks!

2021 Cabinet Color Trends: Goodbye Gray!


Navy and deep blues are always a classic!

At the end of the day, do what you love in your home…you have to live there and enjoy it.

Cabinet Paint Color Combos for Kitchens

Yes! There are 20 options below for you to peruse.  As a reminder, I am using the same white paint colors from each manufacturer with the cabinet color.

Please be assured you can mix and match any white paint color with any of the suggested cabinet colors below.

Also, the white paint colors selected are tried and true so if you think color is too much for your kitchen, then try one of these wonderful whites instead!

Deep Blue with White Cabinet Combinations

Blue has such a calming effect and is a timeless color combination with white! 

It can be sophisticated or coastal depending on the lighting and hardware.

Kara Cox Interiors Blue and White Kitchens_Naval and Swiss Coffee_o
Kara Cox Interiors

Sherwin Williams

Naval SW 6244 + Pure White SW 7005

Sherwin Williams Naval and Pure White Kitchen Cabinet Color Combo


Indigo Streamer 4010-4 + Swiss Coffee 7002-16

Valspar Indigo Streamer and Swiss Coffee Kitchen Cabinet Color Combo

Benjamin Moore

Hale Navy HC-154 + Decorator’s White OC 149

Ben Moore Hale Navy and Decorators White Kitchen Cabinet Color Combo


Midnight Blue N480-7 + Polar Behr 75

Behr Midnight Blue and Polar Behr White Kitchen Cabinet Combo

Medium Blue with White Cabinet Combinations

This is the MOST soothing color combination for any home. I love how this kitchen has this beautiful blue paired with black hardware and white washed oak.

So on trend for sure! 

natasha levak kitchen medium blue and white cabinets_waters edge and decorators white_o
Natasha Levak

Sherwin Williams

Debonair 9139 + Pure White SW 7005

Sherwin Williams Debonair and Pure White Kitchen Cabinet Color Combo


Blue Twilight 5001-1C + Swiss Coffee 7002-16

Valspar Blue Twilight and Swiss Coffee Kitchen Cabinet Color Combo

Benjamin Moore

Water’s Edge 1635 + Decorator’s White OC 149

Ben Moore Waters Edge and Decorators White Kitchen Cabinet Color Combo


Teton Blue N490-4 + Polar Behr 75

Behr Teton Blue and Polar Bear White Kitchen Cabinet Color Combo

Pebble Gray with White Cabinet Combinations

Since regular gray really has been used SO much and there are a lot of guides for pretty grays, I’m suggesting a warmer tone of gray.

Pebble gray has some warmth with brown undertones. It’s the “new gray” and to me far less cold than a plain battleship gray 🙂

Amber Interiors Gray and White Kitchen_Repose Gray Polar Bear White_o
Amber Interiors

Sherwin Williams

Repose Gray 7015 + Pure White SW 7005

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray and Pure White Kitchen Cabinet Color Combo


Filtered Shade 4003-1B + Swiss Coffee 7002-16

Valspar Filtered Shade with Swiss Coffee Kitchen Cabinet Color Combo

Benjamin Moore

Metropolitan AF-690 + Decorator’s White OC 149

Ben Moore Metropolitan with Decorators White Kitchen Cabinet Color Combo


Silver Marlin N360-2 + Polar Behr 75

Behr Silver Marlin and Polar Bear White Kitchen Cabinet Color Combo

Pale Green with White Cabinet Combinations

Ah, pale green. It’s so soothing and says fresh and clean to me. Martha Stewart put this color on the map some time ago and now you see it showing up in many kitchen types.

A sage green works well in traditional as well as modern kitchens, but I do think farmhouse when I see this color. 

Pale green kitchen cabinets_rainwashed and Pure white_o

Sherwin Williams

Rainwashed 6211 + Pure White SW 7005

Sherwin Williams Rainwashed and Pure White Kitchen Cabinet Color Combo


Nuance 5005-3C + Swiss Coffee 7002-16

Valspar Nuance and Swiss Coffee Kitchen Cabinet Color Combo

Benjamin Moore

Whythe Blue HC-143 + Decorator’s White OC 149

Ben Moore Whythe Blue and Decorators White Kitchen Cabinet Color Combo


Mountain Falls N420-2 + Polar Behr 75

Behr Mountain Falls and Polar Bear White Kitchen Cabinet Color Combo

Hopefully, one of the kitchen cabinet color combinations is one that reflects your personal style!

There are so many choices it’s easy to get lost in the sea of color and now you have an easy road map to start sampling.

If you aren’t color confident, I have a great tutorial for you on how to choose a paint color. Start there first, if needed. 

I ended up taking my own advice and did a two-tone kitchen and even two-toned cabinets!

Read all about the paint color selections by clicking the link below:

Kitchen Remodel Facelift REVEAL!



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Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Combinations Mixing White with Classic Paint Colors

You should see my desk right now with 5 paint manufacturer fan decks spread out to find the best colors for your cabinets 🙂

NEW and Naval is Sherwin Williams 2020 Color of the Year! 2020 Paint Color Trends: 24 Best of the Best Picks

How-to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

If you are on a budget and are seriously considering painting your cabinets yourself, I have lots of experience with that and several tutorials to follow.

There are video tutorials included to show you both hand and spray painting cabinets, with as many helpful tips as possible!

Here is my favorite cabinet paint!

READ: Valspar Cabinet & Furniture Enamel: What You Need to Know

Good luck to you in your painting adventures!

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You will know the right sheen for every project…


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Until next time…

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  1. Presently shopping for cabinets at HD, Lowes or maybe online because my cabinets were not salvageable due to long time leak in wall that backs up to a shower. When trying to not spend (not covered by insurance) $$$$ and more like $$-$$$ but yet still get dovetailed soft close drawers/doors, the colors seem limited to a few stains; white, beige, light grey and dark grey. My focal point will be the beautiful marble looking granite I’ve already reserved. So my goal would be farmhouse style kitchen with shaker cabinets, white upper cabinets and Benjamin Moore Grey Owl (or similar color) base cabinets. BUT the cabinet lines that offer custom colors or even more trending colors like blue-gray or dark blues cost thousands more and even charge more for certain colors. What are your thoughts of maybe doing light grey base cabinets or the darker grey usually called “stone”? I`ve noticed that gold toned hardware can really dress up these color combos and that grey cabinets even look blue grey in certain lighting and that wall, tile, and accents all play part in drawing out certain colors from greys. The flooring I’ll be installing will be a light yellowish grey (ash-blonde) color in order to also bring more light into the smaller closed-in kitchen and my walls are already SW Alabaster. Maybe I might settle for all white cabinets and then bring in blue greys through the tile backsplash or different paint colors on the walls? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! And many thanks for offering so many paint combo choices but I haven’t seen any articles addressing stock or non custom color combos.

  2. Just checking through my BM fan deck. Hale Navy is BM 154. BM54 is jumal peachtone. My fan deck is old so maybe it’s changed now but just thought I’d let you know.
    Your blog is very helpful. Thanks.

  3. This is such a great post and I can’t wait to look around the rest of your blog. So many good ideas here! I am curious about wall colors though. In the photos that only show the tile, would you imagine they just have neutral walls or match one of the cabinet colors?

    1. I’m glad you liked it! Thanks for stopping by. It looks like the wall colors are all very close to the white chosen for the cabinets. You inspired me to link my own kitchen remodel that just went live at the end of June, where I did two-toned cabinets. Please visit that post for my paint choices. What I did is chose a warmer white for the walls and that was mainly because my family room is joined with the kitchen, so I needed it all to blend.

  4. I’m planning on getting my kitchen cabinets redone by a wood refinishing company in a few weeks, and I really love the idea of two-toned cabinets! I think it will make the kitchen look more unique than just having traditional white shaker cabinets. I am leaning towards using the Debonair 9139 and Pure White SW 7005 combination, and am hoping it will look good with our dark hardwood floors!

  5. Hi. I want to repaint my entire kitchen. Walls and cabinets. I love the light yellow hughs on the wall and white upper cabinets. Any suggestions on a colour for the bottom cabinets and perhaps the wall? Like I said I would like a hint of yellow on the wall but that might not be a smart choice with the white uppers. Can you help?

  6. My question is I have medium yellow-brown type cabinets that I would love to paint and I have granite, but it’s a brown, black, grey, white pattern. My thought was white upper cabinets and matte black lower base cabinets. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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