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Easily Update Picture Frames with Spray Paint!

Have you ever thought about spray painting your picture frames? It’s so easy and fast to spray paint metal and wood frames.

Since I am truly a serial re-decorator, I need to find inexpensive ways to make changes.  Paint and spray paint are the best options for quick and dramatic results!

The frame project started with my bedroom makeover a few months ago. 

I was able to paint 16 frames for under $40! Without priming, you can repaint just about any picture frame. Really!

What My Frames Looked Like Before

In trying to lighten up the overall look of my bedroom, I used paint very effectively to change the entire look of the room. 

This gallery wall is one of my favorite projects, but I could see that spray painting the picture frames would not only make the artwork look better but brighten the entire space. 

Dark Walnut Frames Gallery Wall
Dark Walnut Frames Before

Originally, I looked at replacing the frames with new gold one but after adding up that expense it was going to be hundreds of dollars!

That was definitely not in my makeover budget!

Spray paint is such and affordable way to change anything and I’ve had success with it in the past.

It was time to find the “right” gold spray paint to work with the room.

Frames Spray Painted Champagne Gold

The frames I wanted to spray paint were both metal and wood – stained and painted.  

I was hopeful that spray paint was going to cover all of the materials. Guess what? It did!

After updating the frames, I ended up changing a few pieces of artwork.

I’m so happy with the entire makeover of these frames and the gallery wall.

Champagne Gold trades up the entire look of the gallery wall.

Gallery Wall with Frames Spray Painted Champagne Gold


I love how the new frames complement the rest of my bedroom decor, as you walk into the room.

This really is my favorite wall in the house!

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How-To Spray Paint Picture Frames

Here is my go to list for spray painting just about anything! In total I used 6 cans of spray paint for reference, so around $36 for all of those frames.

I included the scraper because it really is a handy tool around the house and is great for scraping any overspray on the glass.

Supplies for Spray Painting Frames

  1. Rustoleum Spray Gun
  2. Krylon Color Master Champagne Nouveau / Rustoleum Champagne Mist or color of your choice!
  3. Frog Tape
  4. Paint scraper
  5. Paper cutter or scissors
  6. Tape measure
  7. Cardboard

Plus I know we all shop on Amazon and have leftover cardboard, so that part is easy!  

If you don’t have a prime membership, trust me it’s worth it.

Free shipping, free original TV series, and music make it worth it to me! 


Using Krylon or Rustoleum Spray Paint is a MUST!

This is a little hard for me to admit because I worked for Valspar for over 5 years, but I don’t love their spray paint when fast dry time is important.  

Valspar spray paint covers beautifully, but dries EXTREMELY slowly which means letting it dry overnight between each coat.

The reason I am recommending Krylon spray paint for this project is because it dries to the touch in a half hour, which is perfect for a project like this.

Picture frame painted in Rustoleum Satin Bronze

Rustoleum is a great option too and I’ve since used it on other picture frame projects.

Spray Gun on Spray Paint Can
Spray Gun on Spray Paint Can

If you’ve never owned a “spray gun”, it is SO much easier to use, your finger tip doesn’t go numb, and you get a more even spray pattern. 

A great investment that can be used over and over again – you can see mine is well loved 🙂

Step-By Step Spray Paint Instructions

  1. Test the color first! I just sprayed a little on a piece of paper to see if I liked it first.
  2. If you can, remove the artwork and glass to just spray the frame.
  3. Professionally frame artwork likely can’t be removed. To spray the frame cover the glass with wrapping paper and tape.
  4. Lay the frames on cardboard. I find a hard surface vs. a drop cloth insures a clean edge.
  5. Apply the 1st coat of spray paint on the face and the sides staying about 8 inches above and away from the frame.
  6. Let the 1st coat dry 1 hour.
  7. Apply the 2nd coat and let dry AT LEAST 3 hours before hanging.

How to Spray Paint a Picture Frame

Don’t worry if you get a little of the paint on the glass just scrape it off 

Close up of Champagne Gold Spray Painted Picture Frames

Tips for Better Spray Paint Results!

  • When taping it’s better to get spray paint on the glass vs. missing some of the frame.  You can easily scrape off the paint from the glass versus touching up the paint on the frame.
  • Invest in a spray gun, so you don’t get a tired finger and get EVEN coverage. It applies even pressure to the nozzle for a smoother finish. 
  • When using a spray gun, make sure the nozzle is centered before you spray.  If you don’t, the paint will go into the side of the gun and drip on your project.  Yes, I’ve had this happen and it’s not fun!
  • Please make sure the cardboard extends about 2 feet beyond the frames.  Spray paint floats and you don’t want to get any on the adjacent ground.
  • Bend down and make sure the sides are as evenly coated as the face of the frame.
  • Don’t worry if you miss any spots.  Days later I took down some of the frames and applied one more coat.
  • When spraying  a large number of frames, spray paint up to 3 of the smaller frames and 2 of the larger frames at a time to make the project easier and go more quickly.

Pin It for Later!

Easily Change Your Picture Frames with a Little Spray Paint

Other Spray Paint Projects to Explore

How amazing is spray paint that it can transform anything!

I’m a spray paint fan and have some other ideas for you:

Have you never heard of bonding primer?

It’s a paint game changing product and I go into detail in this post: When Bonding Primer is a Must Before Painting

Good luck on your next project and know any color you choose will work well and look beautiful!

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Until next time…

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  1. Hi I was wondering if you could tell me where you found the Krylon spray paint? I’m having trouble finding that color online (even Amazon)! Thank you, I’m excited for this project!

  2. So excited to get started on painting several pictures frames with the beautiful spray color you recommended. I just ordered it online @ $13 per can but I do not need 6 cans, so very worth it. I was honestly about to donate some of these pictures as most have black frames or dark brown and not in line with my new house/lighter coastal décor. The Champagne Nouveau in Satin will create a whole new look to the artwork. I already own the spray gun which is an essential for spray painting. Thanks for the guidance. I would love to do my garage like yours but I need to work up to that and clean it out first. Your projects are so inspiring.

  3. Super helpful! I really appreciate all the tips and love the color choice. Will be updating my black frames for a softer look as well!

  4. Hi, I love your ideas. Question: why don’t you need to use a primer on the picture frames? Will the Rustoleum spray paint work on the frames, too? Thank you!

    1. Hi! Because they are not going to be used/handled the spray paint sticks and holds. I’ve never had any issue with mine and it’s been years plus I’ve changed out the artwork. I’m sure Rustoleum will work too. If you are worried about the wear, then start with a bonding primer first…can’t go wrong with that!

  5. Thanks for tip on the spray gun!
    Help please: I painted a bunch of wood frames (profess. framed) 2 days ago. Ranged from shiny (flat) frame, to simple ‘lines’, to ‘bumpy’ & more ornate in style. Used Krylon black satin finish. After 2 coats still had some bare spots so applied a 3rd coat this morning. 3 hrs later I was surprised the paint has bubbled in some areas on almost all of the frames. My question is: any suggestions on how I can fix this? It’s noticeable. I’m afraid to do a 4th coat in case it just gets worse (plus I will need to sand off the bubbled areas first). This is my 1st paint project. Also, I have some little spots where the tape peeled off the paint inside the frame so need to touch up that – what product do you reco for this? Thanks so much

    1. Hey, Sharon! Sorry to hear you had some trouble. It’s odd the 3rd coat bubbled…usually that is from spraying too close or too heavily and creating air pockets. Since the first coats weren’t an issue, my best guess is that you should be able to sand the rough areas, clean off the dust, and LIGHTLY coat those again a couple of times. Use the same process drying between each coat until it’s covered. For the areas where, the tape pulled off I just re-tapped and sprayed those sections again. Hope this helps!

  6. Hi Tracy! Just signed up for your newsletter. Not sure you’ll see this question since it’s an older post but here goes. I would love to know the wall paint color the pictures are hung on. Thank you!

  7. Can you also tell me how you put the whole frame back together,( I have some frames that are missing the backing?
    Love your idea, thanks

    1. Glad you like this idea! The frames are all solid and most of the backs were held down by metal tabs. So I just had to remove and replace the glass and the backing. Not sure if that answers your question?

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