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7 Easy Ways to Create Maximum Curb Appeal

Ah curb appeal! We know a fantastic house when we see one and stop to stare at it. In just one weekend, you can be the envy of the neighborhood!

Have you ever heard of “positive peer pressure”. My next door neighbor changed out her exterior lights and it made a HUGE difference in enhancing her home’s curb appeal.

That got me thinking about ways I could improve my own home’s curb appeal.

One small change made a big impact and I was envying her new lights 😉

It was time for an exterior update! 

Defining Curb Appeal 

There are expensive and inexpensive ways to create curb appeal.

We are going to talk in-depth about the inexpensive options, but I’ll mention the expensive ones to keep them in mind:

  • Exterior Paint Color
  • Trim Color
  • Landscaping
  • Shutters
  • Architectural Details – like a front porch or a stone wall

As the say, “eyes are the window to the soul.” I’m here to tell you the front entry of the home are the eyes to a home’s soul!

blue house with double front porches charleston style house with southern charm

See my porch Summer 2020

In our neighborhood, we live very close together and all of the single family homes have a front porch.  This is a neighborhood curb appeal dreams are made of!

But, what makes one home stand out from another? It really comes down to the little details and luckily those details are easy to create!

Yes a beautifully landscaped yard, with bushes trimmed just so, and freshly mowed green grass will instantly grab your attention.

Beyond that what can we all do regardless of our home size to create maximum curb appeal?

Curb Appeal on a Budget

The best bang for your buck is to focus on the front entry of your home, townhouse or condo.

The front entry tells your guests a lot about you. It provides a little glimpse into your personality. 

Having a beautiful front entry makes you want to see what is inside and if you are selling a home it’s a really important feature to set the tone.

Realtors are saying AMEN sister!  Curb appeal helps sell houses for sure. 

Even if you aren’t selling your home having a nice front entryway can give you a sense of pride.

Old Lights

After my front porch makeover, I noticed the front entry was showing signs of wear and tear after 8 years.

It wasn’t matching the rest of my home, so it was time for a mini-makeover to maximize my own home’s curb appeal. 

Door Handle Finish Failing

The two biggest offenders? My exterior lights and my door lock set.

They were looking TIRED and were the original builder grade quality.

From the street it really wasn’t noticeable, but once you came up to my porch it was.

The paint on the treads was beat up, moss was growing, the flowers were blocking the walk way, and the cement landing was dirty. 

Post contains hand selected products, with some affiliate marketing links {full disclosure here} 

7 Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal

These principles can be used to create a beautiful front entry and curb appeal in any type of home.

The bigger the home the more “stuff” you need, but what you can update is relatively the same.

The details at the front entry that can increase a home’s curb appeal:

  1. Fresh coat of paint on the door and stair treads
  2. Containers of flowers
  3. Details like lanterns and outdoor planters
  4. Decorative door lock set
  5. Updated exterior lighting
  6. Metal house numbers (mine have been removed for privacy)
  7. Welcome mat

Easy updates right?

Luckily I had already tackled some of these projects with fresh flowers in place and a lantern or two plus had a nice black welcome mat.

It was time to update the rest! Plus Mick needed a haircut for the photo shoot 🙂

Easy ways to update your front entry and create curb appeal

Weekend Projects for Your Front Entry

Here were the items I could tackle in a weekend and you can too! In just a couple of days, you can refresh your home’s curb appeal.

  1. Pressure wash to clean up the area
  2. Paint the front door and stair treads
  3. Install new door lock set
  4. Install new exterior lights
  5. Add a Welcome Sign

The first thing I did was pressure washed the porch, siding, treads and door.

Having a clean surface was important for all of the updates.

If you are looking for a new pressure washer for fall cleaning, the one I linked is so affordable and EASY to use for beginners. 

Door Lock Set

I decided to stay with the same type of door lock set, and considered several options ranging from traditional to a bit more streamlined:

Schlage is a brand I’ve installed previously and KNOW their finishes last. The have a finish guarantee, so I stayed with Schlage.

I liked the traditional styling and settled on this door lock set because I only needed the front set and it was budget friendly!

Exterior Lights

Ah, this was tough! In partnership with Progress Lighting, I found some GORGEOUS options.

They had SO many beautiful outdoor wall sconces to consider it was hard to decide!

The challenge? Do I stay with the same look I currently have or try something completely new?

In my neighborhood, EVERY house has the same traditional black lights.

It was time for a change. Since the new theme for my front porch was that “sand in your toes” coastal vibe, I decided to bring that same look into the exterior lights!

This exterior sconce captures the coastal feeling and reflects the design of the other lanterns I have on the porch.

Plus I loved the idea of doing a satin nickel finish with the black handle to tie together the other elements I had in my front entryway.

At about $150 each, I thought for the size they were really affordable too – I needed to replace 4 just on the front of my home!

Paint Touch Up

After installing the door lock set, I gave the front door a fresh coat of paint along with the stair treads.

Luckily, we had an unusually cool summer day that topped out at 85 and perfect for painting!

Then after installing the exterior lights, I touched up the paint on the siding where I had removed the old bracket. 

Door Paint: Valspar Duramax, Semi-Gloss 5011-2, Very Black

Tread Paint: Valspar Reserve Exterior, Semi-Gloss Valspar White

House Paint: Valspar Duramax, Semi-Gloss 4007-2B, Iron Frost

Welcome Sign

Randomly, while looking for decal letters for another project I saw this welcome sign and had to have it!

After the paint dried overnight, I added this fun decal in literally 60 seconds!

It comes in black too, if you have a light colored door!

Maximum Curb Appeal in One Weekend

Here is the final result and I couldn’t be happier! Even Mick got a hair cut, along with the flowers in the pots 🙂

He is forever policing the porch to make sure we are safe.

front entry way coastal blue home with new exterior lights

The stairs look so bright and clean with the new coat of white paint and the door looks revived!

A fresh coat of paint makes all the difference in the world – truly.

Welcome to Porch Daydreamer's House

There is something about that “Welcome” decal that just makes me smile and happy!

It’s truly what I want guests to feel 🙂

Shop the Look

Now the door handle, lighting and lanterns all have a beautiful silver hue that brightens up the entire front entryway. 

Close Up of Union Square Large Outdoor Sconce Progress Lighting

However, the BIGGEST change and the item that really sets the front entry apart are the new Union Square lantern outdoor sconces from Progress Lighting.

They ooze southern charm curb appeal!

The simple design reflects the coastal vibe and complements the rest of the porch better than any other light I could have selected.

Plus the full pane of glass reflects the beauty surrounding my home.

Loving the Edison bulbs versus using a standard candle style bulb. 

black front door on dark blue house with satin nickel coastal outdoor sconcesCoastal Front Porch

I love my Pier 1 outdoor candles that are on a battery timer lighting the porch every evening. 

The porch even has nighttime curb appeal! A little subtle glow welcomes you in the evenings for a glass of wine. 

nighttime view of front entry with curb appeal union square outdoor scones progress lighting

After the hard weekend of work, I sat on the stoop chatting with my neighbors that Sunday night watching the sunset.

Now they are starting to think about their own front entry curb appeal.

Yep, that’s positive peer pressure and I am so glad my next neighbor inspired my outdoor exterior light update. 

The Porch At Night

Pin It for Later!

Like the new sconce lighting? That was a DIY project too!

Click here how I hung the lights and to learn about what you need to consider when replacing your current outdoor lights.

Plus soon I’ll be sharing a fall update of my sweet southern front porch or check out how I spray painted my outdoor resin wicker furniture!

Want another idea for your home’s exterior? Paint Your Porch a Different Color Than Your House – Really!

As my FREE GIFT to you, with email sign-up a detailed paint sheen project guide! 

You will know the right sheen for every project…


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Until next time…

Porch Daydreamer



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  1. Beautiful changes, such small changes providing a big impact.. I love your porch and even more so after the changes. I long to have a front porch maybe when I move From VA to Charlotte or close by I will.

  2. Ha! I live in Charlotte as well. What a lovely home and even lovelier front porch. I’ve been saying that I would like to change out the front porch lanterns as everyone in my neighborhood has the same style. Thank you for the tips.

  3. Good morning from Canada! This post really started me thinking on the few up grades that I need to make, lol! It’s still a little cool for painting here, and we are in lockdown mode, so getting supplies is a little difficult, but planning for the end result can definitely be put in place! Your home is just beautiful and an inspiration for all of us to get moving on our own improvements!

  4. What a beautiful house! All the changes truly made it more lovely. One question about leaving the house number off for “privacy,” how does anyone find your house? E.g. delivery services, emergency vehicles (fire or ambulance, police) or even friends who’ve not been there before. I’ve tried to deliver goodies to women in my professional organization or deliver books to kids in my Sunday School class and had to drive up and down the street multiple times looking for any house with a number so that I could determine which house was the right one. I’ve knocked on doors (wrong door!) and gotten the wrong people out of the shower just to find out it was the wrong house.

  5. Love your updates! The inspiration I need to get started on mine before summer sets in. Noticed your tile floor ….. have been thinking about this for mine. Did you install? Any tips?

  6. First, let me say, your home is beautiful. I love the changes you made, as well as what you choice to make these fabulous changes. I can hardly wait until its safe again, and we can freely go out and about. Meaning have a cure!
    Stay safe and healthy!

  7. Beautiful! I am jealous of your long traditional front porch and second story balcony. Alas, I have only a 4 x 6 concrete stoop to work with, but did change the look of my house as well using many of the same ideas you put into place. I didn’t consider switching out the lockset, that’s certainly an option. And I have yet to get motivated to take the final step and paint my front door. It’s going apple red and will really wake up the neighbors. Like you, I noticed that after I did a number of improvements outside to the front porch similar to yours and installed some shutters on a large 1950s style picture window, new items began appearing on my neighbors’ houses too. It’s like a positive virus! Thanks for the inspiration. I love seeing beautiful homes – and especially outdoor spaces – like yours.

    1. Jan, what a nice note! I LOVE the idea of a red door and have considered it myself. But I gravitate toward pink flowers, so the black has been my go to 🙂 Yes, positive peer pressure is always a good thing!

  8. Hi there, we are also thinking about getting the Union Square Lanterns for our porch and next to the garage door. Question: are you happy with illumination at night? And what size lanterns did you get?

    1. Hi, Sara! Yes, I have been very happy with the illumination. The size I have is the large and instead of a regular bulb used an Edison bulb, which give a more yellow glow. They’ve been great!

  9. The make over you did gave your entrance a very high end appearance. The change in the lighting to me made the biggest difference as they were not your typical light fixture which in turn completed the look. Nicely done.

  10. You seriously have the prettiest house! Love the updates you made the front door looks great and those lanterns look amazing!

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