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Modern French Country Dining Room REVEAL

Revealing the Modern French Country Dining Room, after 6 long weeks of design updates!

The REVEAL is here and I am SO happy to be finished and sharing it with you! This has been an emotional makeover for sure.

Trying to makeover a room, when really nothing was wrong with it, has been trying to say the least.

Make a pretty room even prettier and coordinate with the ENTIRE downstairs?

No pressure…here is the room “before” and the planned changes.

Modern French Country Dining Room Changes_Porch Daydreamer2


The color story and inspiration

Modern French Country_Design Selection_ Fabrics and Paint

Unconventional Furniture Layout

Unconventional because I am not using the upholstered chairs at the end of the table, but in the middle. 

Plus I replaced a FOREVER dying plant in the corner with a much better option – a BAR CART!

Modern French Country Dining Room Layout

3 Times a Charm

A few challenges presented themselves in this 6 week journey that made crossing the finish line that much sweeter.

“3 times a charm” is what we will call this room!

You know what that means? I failed a couple of times 🙂  It’s hard to get something perfect right out of the gate!

Click through the weeks for ALL of the details: Week 1   Week 2   Week 3  Week 4  Week 5

What took 3 attempts to get the design right:

  • Paint colors
  • Rug
  • Drapes
  • Art
  • Floral arrangements
  • Photography (yep)
  • 2.5 mirrors, which rounds up to 3!

Luckily, I financially recovered most of my loses and found new ways to sell things when I decide to redecorate another room.

Plus I had no idea how much I loved making floral arrangements! Another creative outlet – YES.

What I Learned Through this Design Challenge

Once I finish a project or really anything in life, I love to reflect on what worked and what didn’t. 

What can I improve the next time and what can I learn from struggles or mistakes?

This is what stood out the most:

  • Going too far outside of my norm brought me right back to what I love. Sooo I need to stick with my normal style in my own home 🙂
  • Just because something is brand new doesn’t mean you can’t modify it to make it work in the room.
  • If you can’t find what you love “off the shelf” have it made!
  • Pictures do tell a 1,000 words and taking pictures helped me see my mistakes.

Mirror is Hung!_Porch Daydreamer

That led me to a few additional projects to get exactly the look I wanted:

  1. Antiqued the new dining room table
  2. Spray painted the new artwork floater frame
  3. Recovered Chinese Chippendale chair seats
  4. Created a custom faux orchid arrangement
  5. Custom made drapery panels and pillows
  6. Chalk paint and color wash the credenza 
  7. Designing identical plate displays for artwork


Time to get to the good stuff and why you are really here 🙂 Let’s see how it all turned out…and if I nailed the “little bit Modern French Country, little bit Paris Apartment” vibe that I was inspired to create.

The design is very tone on tone in shades of blue, for a serene and calm feeling.

If you fall in love with something in this room and would like it for your own home, sources are listed throughout and at the BOTTOM of the post.

Pink Flower Arrangement Reveal Time

Post contains affiliate marketing links, but all products were hand selected by me! If you buy through one of my links, I may make a small commission that helps support producing content and maintaining this website.

Shop the Look

Credenza paint Makeover

Let’s start with the credenza because that was the ONE piece of furniture I kept in place and didn’t replace, but it got a MAJOR makeover.

After being inspired by both Swedish and French painted furniture in shades of blue, I decided that this piece would embrace a similar look.

Painting it with chalk paint was easy, but that first stroke of paint made me a little sick to my stomach. 

I’m SO happy with it turned out and now is the centerpiece of the room.

Credenza Swedish French Country Chalk Paint Reveal

Final Painted Credenza

Mirror: Round Wall Mirror

Similar Chandelier: Gold Empire 6 Light

The most exciting piece that I LOVE even more than the credenza is the orchid arrangement!

I’ve NEVER made a floral arrangement and was so happy with how it turned out – it’s the wow factor I needed on the credenza.

After trying little pieces: framed artwork propped, books, Eiffel towers, orbs, etc. the orchids won by a LONG shot.

The room needed a substantial decor accent piece with color at the end of the room.

How to Create a Faux Orchid Arrangement

Next, are the most gorgeous pearl lamps that are très chic!

The lamps offer a little different texture plus they complement all of the other finishes in the room.

The acrylic base makes them look like they are floating and reflect the glass beads in the chandelier design.

Similar Lamps: Gourd Lamps

Linen Shades: Ballard Designs, Classic Tapered Shade

Two Pearlized Lamps on Credenza

Pedestal Table

A necessity – the gorgeous new pedestal dining room table.

I can finally seat 8 people for dinner and as I stated from the beginning this makeover was about “setting the table for a bigger life!” 

When it first arrived, it had too much of a coastal “white wash” feel so I ended up antiquing it with light brown Briwax. 

The table is now warm and rich in tone against the rest of the cool colors in the room.

Table Surface

Pedestal Table: Ballard Designs, Chianni 

Credenza Planter: Large White Ceramic

Table Planter:  Small White Ceramic

Rug: Susan Kasler Sisal Rug

Reveal Modern French Country Dining Room_Porch Daydreamer_Chairs Turned

The natural sisal rug is the perfect backdrop and seamlessly blends into the decor, which I found was very important to me!

New Chinese Chippendale Chairs

Yes, chinoiserie chic at it’s finest! Chinoiserie is a French term for “Chinese-esque” or “imitation of Chinese motifs”.  A style turned popular in the 18th century. 

Europeans became fascinated by the Far East and bamboo furniture that came from the region.

European and English craftsmen took the bamboo inspiration and interpreted into classic Chippendale chairs.

I love how the open back let’s you see the gorgeous credenza versus being blocked by an upholstered chair.

They originally were a neutral fabric and I recovered them in an Oasis Velvet for a more luxurious look.

Chinese chippendale chair in whiteReveal French Country Dining Room at an Angle with Bar Cart

Chinese Chippendale Arm Chair: Ballard Designs, Dayna Arm Chair

Chippendale Chair: Ballard Designs, Dayna Side Chair

Upholstery Fabric: Oasis Velvet

Chair Detail Against Credenza

Upholstered Chairs

Comfort is king in my home, so it is nice to have chairs fit for a king and queen.

In reality, my son and I will use these chairs and my parents will be at the head of the table.

The nail head detail is the perfect accent to pull out the neutral colors in the fabric and the gold metallic accents in the room.

Mick is particularly fond of the new comfy chairs and the view out of the window 🙂

Mick on Ballard Designs Cortina Chair Looking Out of the Window

Artwork and Drapery Detail

Oasis velvet lumbar pillows pick up the same fabric as on the Chinese Chippendale chairs to pull that color throughout the room.

The “Dancer” painting is a long time love that I wanted to use because it is the visual of how I felt as a dancer performing on stage long ago.

Wing Chairs: Ballard Designs, Cortina Chair

Upholstery Fabric: Keswick Blue

Paint Colors 

Wall and Wainscoting Paint: Valspar, Sea Salt Blue CI 191

Credenza Base Paint: Valspar, Sharkfin 4007-2A with a custom color wash over the top

tone on tone Custom Drapery Panels

To me the drapes are a miracle! How I found a fabric, in the look I wanted, and an almost dead match to the wall color is surreal.

Without time to approve a dye lot cut, I had to say a prayer they would be just as gorgeous as the sample.

Luckily, they WOWED me! They are the perfect Paris apartment feel using a sumptuous satin fabric evoking a more sophisticated look.

Gold Drapery Rods

Because they were custom I was able to make them to hang at the correct height. 

The last set of drapes were a measuring mistake and sat on the window moulding, so now the drapery adds height to the room.

The new gold drapery hardware is nice upgrade to what was there previously.

Drapery Hardware: Urbanest, Renaissance Gold

Drapery Fabric: Magnolia fabric in polyester satin called LUBNA in the color Sea

Drapes Against Wall

Bar Cart

This was the ONLY thing that went off without issue hmmmm. To say I needed partake in pouring from one of those decanters from time to time is no lie!

So many do overs in this room will stress a woman out!

Previously this corner was nothing to look at, with a plant that always died. It is a MUCH better use for this space and appropriate for a dining room.

I love the gold and blue tassel detail adding a little French flair.

Bar Cart in Corner with FoyerReveal French and Fabulous Bar Cart

The new abstract artwork pulls together not only colors in the room, but throughout the downstairs too!

A little spray paint made the frame the “right” shade of gold not only for the room, but the artwork too.

Reveal Downstairs Coordination with Bar Cart

Bar Cart: Similar Bar Cart

Abstract Art: Ballard Designs, A Delicate Mind

Wall Plates for Interest

If you’ve followed this makeover from the beginning, you KNOW I’ve had a hard time finding artwork for the main wall. 

It’s all been a blessing in disguise and I LOVE the look and feel of the plates on the wall. 

What is really fun is that I can change them out seasonally to create a whole new look or even expand the layout.

A “patience trying” project, but worth the result!

After living without artwork for the past 8 years, I love having something to look at now 🙂

Reveal Modern French Country Dining Room Makeover with Mick Looking Out the Window_Porch Daydreamer

Do you feel a little bit French Country and a little bit Paris Apartment after walking through the room?

I hope you love the makeover as much as I do and feel inspired to tackle your own room in the Fall! Hmmm what space will be next at my house???

Thanks to my Mom for the many panicked “pick up the phone please” texts, “FaceTime me now” pleas, talks off the ledge during disasters, and her eagle eye!

Thanks to Theresa for evaluating my reveal photo to make it perfect and to my friend George for moral and physical support installing 3 rugs!

Also, what is SO fun about being part of the One Room Challenge is meeting other bloggers and designers who share the same passion. 

Thanks to perfect strangers and friends who commented in the middle of the night and cheered me on through Instagram and Facebook. I appreciated it so much – especially as things got tough!

As my FREE GIFT to you, with email sign-up a detailed paint sheen project guide! 

You will know the right sheen for every project…


Please consider following me on Pinterest and Instagram for daily inspiration.

Off to rest and recover!

I have a little getaway planned and can’t wait to celebrate the completion of this design project with those that I love.

Off to Milan and Zurich I go and get more ideas for future room makeover projects!

Until next time…

Porch Daydreamer


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  1. I kept looking at the before picture thinking how could you make this any better? But, wow, did you ever! It is beyond gorgeous. It is just amazing. Love that it isn’t cluttered as so many rooms are. Just beautiful.

  2. Love this room,esp the stunning credenza…I too went to Paris this year,I am in love with all of it…My decor is French Cottage,I love chalk paint,valspar is great.I am a painting Queen,lots of gray and off white,Little black and aqua walls,with my bold pattern of black and off white buffalo plaid….I have a beautiful cherry cabinet that I want to paint…..you have inspired me to do it….Love the blue you chose,mine will need to be more aqua….Love your ambition and inspiration..I have been widowed for 28 years ,so I found the best t heraphy for me is my family,home and gardens…..

    1. Vicky, I am so happy you took the time to say hi! We are both single ladies keeping ourselves inspired, busy and painting! All good things and add family plus friends on top 😉 Good luck with the cherry cabinet – it’s amazing what paint will do to change they entire look of a piece or room and lift your spirit at the same time 🙂

  3. Tracey, this room is absolutely beautiful! It was gorgeous before but you really took it to another level. Love the chairs, the colors and the amazing job you did on that credenza! Congratulations on a successful ORC!

    1. Shelley, thank you! I appreciate you saying that because it was my hope to make it look softer, but more sophisticated 🙂 It was scary painting the credenza, but I am so glad I did.

    1. Bethany, thanks SO much! These challenges are tough, but so much fun because we get to connect with other design bloggers on the same mission! I LOVE your room and that big round mirror 🙂

  4. The room is beautiful! I was wondering what you did to the top of the buffet? Was the top replaced or is it a faux paint technique?

  5. Wow, good job! I love your colors, the way your drapes match your wall color its perfect. I love it all

  6. The room looks beautiful, well done! The credenza looks amazing and it’s as if it was always meant to be that blue color, it’s really pretty!

  7. Ok Tracey, I’m in awe!!!!!! I thought it was just beautiful before but now… It is absolutely exquisite! Totally something I would do and I loved every last detail! The paint, the furniture makeover, the dining sets and especially that chandelier… Every detail is phenomenal! My love to the mirror and the lamps also… Seriously, every detail is phenomenal! You did a fabulous job! Now go treat yourself and relax! XOXO

    1. Jessica, I am so glad we found each other through social media! Thanks always for your encouragement and collaboration. It’s so appreciated! What I want to know is are you going to join the ORC in the Fall? 🙂

  8. I knew I would love your dining room; let me count the ways: the painted credenza is divine; the drapes rich and luscious and the blue color is perfect; the lamps are stunning and the floral arrangement is so pretty. Love the fabric on the chairs. I’ve never met a bar cart I didn’t love and putting in that corner was brilliant. You weathered through girlfriend. Congratulations. Let’s have a glass of wine at Haven!

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