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Colorful Ways to Decorate a Fall Front Porch

Looking for new ways to decorate your front porch or entry for fall? Here are some fun fall colors to inspire your porch decor!

Decorating your front porch, stoop, or door is a favorite fall decorating project. Every year mine seems to come out differently depending on the color of mums available, how early the weather cools down, and even what has inspired me!

This year I went with lots of color! Here I’ll show you how the color of pansies were my guide to decorating my front porch entry way this fall.

What Colors to Use on a Fall Front Porch

Ever since I was a child, pansies have fascinated me! Don’t you think they are beautiful too? They honestly were the first flower I learned or wanted to learn to draw and paint. Maybe it was because their faces have multiple colors unlike most flowers or that they smell like roses a bit? 

You can see where I am heading with this, right? Pansies are great fall flowers lasting all through the winter in many climates. Why not use them as a color base for decorating your fall front porch?

Pansies for a fall color guide

Mother nature truly is the best place to find gorgeous color combinations. She NEVER gets it wrong. Let’s look at the beautiful combinations found in the colorful mix of pansies I planted this year:

  • White + Purple
  • Indigo + Violet + Yellow
  • White + Purple + Yellow
  • Yellow + Burgundy
  • Deep Rose + Yellow

Wow, and they all look beautiful with shades of green and orange! Mother nature just laid out lots of fun color options for you to consider when mixing fall items on your front porch 😉

Off to the farmer’s market see what else I could find to put on my porch this year. This local market had the most beautiful options that were so healthy. I love shopping locally when I can. 

fall farmers market

Core Elements of a Fall Front Porch

Let’s looks at the key items that add charm to any fall front entry large or small:

  • Mums
  • Pansies
  • Various shapes, sizes and colors of pumpkins
  • Black planters
  • Silver lanterns
  • Cabbage

Yes! Cabbage. It is so beautiful, with several different options that can last through a southern winter. I used it in the pots on my covered porch and love the ruffled leaves.  Look at the lavender center and veining – love it!

Cabbage and Pansies Mixed in Fall planter

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Colorful Fall Front Porch Reveal

This fall I finally did something I’ve been wanting to do for YEARs.  I bought two identical planters for either side of my door. It’s hard to believe that I didn’t do it sooner, but the hassle factor was pretty high!

The new symmetrical look eases my mind and next spring I’ll likely replace all of my planters to something a little nicer than plain plastic pots – they are affordable though!

Fall Front Entry Update with Pansies Mums and Pumpkins

Then for a little sparkle (like I need more lanterns) I added two lanterns by each planter because they were on SALE! Then filled them with my FAVORITE outdoor battery powered candles that flicker. I love the nighttime ambiance the glow creates!

Mix of pumpkins and mums at front entry

Luckily I found inexpensive plastic black planters like these and easily added a new drip line from my automatic irrigation system.  

To cover the plain black mum containers I found some silver plastic paint pails, but just found some silver metal ones just as inexpensive! Darn. 

Choosing the pumpkins was the fun part and I mixed up a few varieties for more visual interest and more color! I’m loving the “mold” colored pumpkin 🙂

fall color mix of mums pansies and pumpkins fall color mix of mums pansies and pumpkins

So this year go for some color! Who says it has to be just orange : ) Hopefully, I’ve inspired you to try something new this fall on your front porch!

If you missed it, I have a post on how to protect indoor pillows for outdoor use. It makes decorating for fall outside a little less expensive!

Fall Porch Update with Mum_Pumpkins_Pansies

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After this fall front porch update, I want to start singing the song from Florida “Welcome to my House.” Don’t worry I won’t sing – you would pay me to stop ha, ha!

Happy fall everyone! If you are looking for Halloween ideas, I’ve got a couple of posts you may love:

I’m off to work on my powder room! If you missed it, I’ve joined the fall One Room Challenge. The project is linked here. Please consider signing up for my weekly email newsletter, so you never miss a post, tip or trick!

Until next time..

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