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Master Bedroom Mini-Makeover REVEAL

See the before and after reveal of my new and more sophisticated master bedroom on a budget! Plus learn tips on creating your own peaceful bedroom retreat.

It’s time to share the final results of my master bedroom makeover and I’m SO excited with how it all came together.

What was such a surprise is not only how peaceful and calm the room looks now, but it also has a sophistication that wasn’t in the plan.

Come along on the six week journey to the final reveal of a budget friendly master bedroom makeover.

Master Bedroom Before and Plan

If you are just visiting the makeover for the first time, I’ll start off with the planning process and mood board.

There were some clear goals of this bedroom update:

  1. Step up to a king sized mattress and bed – that motivated the whole makeover
  2. Update the wall color to a more modern and serene blue
  3. Invest in longer drapes that matched the 10ft ceilings.
  4. Step away from pink for easier updates
  5. Be mindful of the budget and minimize new purchases

Well, I have to say I spent a little more than originally planned.

The mattress was the budget buster, but after sleeping on it for 6 weeks it was SO worth the investment.

The other thing I decided to upgrade was to replace the white wood blinds with woven shades.

Contains hand selected products, with affiliate marketing links where I may make a small commission if a purchase is made. {full disclosure here}


It was a not a necessary update, but I’ve craved that look for a room in my home and the master bedroom was the perfect place to make the change. 

Then another unplanned expense was a new set of lamps.

The tall narrow lamps just didn’t fit the new style of the room.

Wait until you see how AFFORDABLE the new gorgeous lamps are for two 🙂
The old headboard, lamps, bed frame and artwork above the daybed are in the attic if my son wants them one day.

A little secret is that underneath the pink abstract is another piece of artwork that he will love.

The big round mirror over the bed now looks beautiful in the family room!

Here is the original mood board that I held to along the way. 


It’s SO important to create a mood board, before you redecorate a room.

Drop pictures in a word document, in a folder on your phone, or on a power point. 

That way you can see how the elements relate to each and make changes without making costly mistakes! 

I did that with several lamp options before I bought them. 

Boy I saved myself a ton of money because the cheapest option was the best option!


Then I found beautiful inspiration in this painted nightstand.

Since y’all know I LOVE to paint everything, making over the nightstands with paint was a game changer in the makeover.

Plus VERY inexpensive too!


These french Bombay nightstands were the perfect base for a new paint treatment.

You are going to be amazed at what I was able to do with a little paint, spray paint, and glaze.

Master Bedroom: Peaceful Retreat Reveal

Ta da! Here is the new look in the master bedroom.

Yes, you can mix dark and light finishes in a bedroom or any room for that matter!

For the reveal I decided to use the current blush shams, but this winter I’ll switch those out for the darker paisley.


What I didn’t realize is by adding the darker metallic finishes it was going to make the room look much more sophisticated.

Plus the new woven shades add a new level of dimension in the room!

Once I hung the white drapes and placed the off-white nightstands, I knew I was going to need to paint them

Buying White Curtains or Drapes? Here is Your Guide!


It was too much white on white flanking the heavy bed, so the nightstands needed to have more “weight” visually. 

Painting the nightstands was the BEST decision and very easy too!

It’s amazing they are the same piece of furniture, but I love how the hardware and carved details pop now.

The hardware got a simple update with some spray paint and gold Rub ‘n Buff! 

French Blue Paint Nightstand Makeover


Adding a curved gourd lamp helps soften the hard edges of the canopy bed and pick up the same acrylic details as found in the drapery rods.

Plus they have a pearlized affect that works with all of the finishes in the room.

They are BEAUTIFUL in person and shimmer due to the overlay of capiz shells.

What a great find!


It’s the perfect view as you enter the bedroom.

The acrylic drapery rods disappear and don’t compete with the other details in the room.


The accessories on the nightstand are things I had around the house like the white roses.

Adding glass paper weights is one of my favorite ways to create interesting vignettes.

Then the little crown gives it a bit of a personal touch that is a nod to my mom whom we call “Queen Jane”, so it makes me think of her when I see it.


Let’s look at the sitting area next. Pink was the central focus of this space, so it was important to update the artwork to something more neutral.

An abstract in grays, white and golds was the perfect complement to the space.

The new artwork works well with all of the existing pieces and frames in the room too.


The pillows are from Home Goods and really affordable.

My favorite ones are the larger metallic gold covers with the gray stripe. 

I think they may have been out for holiday decorating, so don’t tell anyone I plan to use them in an everyday look 🙂


You can see I left the larger french armoire painted off-white and it works!

Keeping the same off-white exposed on the nightstands helps to tie these two pieces of furniture together.


It’s such a soothing look and feel. Don’t you want to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and read a book?

That’s what I’ll be doing this fall and winter. 

At night, I use the day bed to hold the decorative pillows from the bed, so they stay clean and neat.


This is the view as you leave the master bathroom and love the look against the new Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments paint (reminder I cut the color by 50%).

The gallery wall is one of my proudest decor accomplishments!

Create a Gallery Wall That Looks Like a Designer Did It!

Easily Update Picture Frames with Spray Paint!

Each piece of art was hand selected, arranged and then the frames were sprayed a beautiful champagne gold that goes with EVERYTHING!


See that convex mirror? It was the perfect size and shape to reflect the light to the other side of the room.

It also reflects the ENTIRE ROOM! To say this photoshoot was a bit of a challenge is an understatement.

I kept my ceiling fan and don’t ever plan to change to a pretty light fixture.


The layers of the pillows all work to pull the colors in the room together and create softness.

What about those tasseled shames? Aren’t they the best?

TIP: Mix stripes, patterns and textures on a bed to create visual layers.


Mick loves the new bed too and the textural feel of the blue throw at the end of the bed.

Use lighter layers on your bed that you can use as the seasons change.

I’ll pull up the blue coverlet as need during colder nights.

The chunky throw I’ll use to cuddle on the daybed and for naps 🙂


A bronze canopy bed was the perfect statement maker in the master bedroom. 

It still feels light and airy, but the deep color anchors the room providing the perfect base for the pale furnishings.

I love the upholstered head and footboards for another layer of softness in the room.

Plus adding the pleated button bed skirt gives the bed a very tailored look.


The woven shade color is an exact match to the head and footboard fabric, so they work seamlessly together 

Don’t be afraid to mix metal and wood finishes together in the same space.

Spray painting the hardware of the nightstands, in the same color as the canopy bed,  creates a unified look.


Then there is Mick the Maltese, who is the perfect home decor accessory of course!

Unfortunately, the poor guy had his crate moved during the makeover.

It used to sit between the nightstand and bed, but now with the king sized frame it no longer fits.


He fortunately has accepted the new location between the armoire and daybed, so he feels tucked in at night and safe. 

I hope you’ve found some good ideas for your own home and future makeovers.

When making over a bedroom here are some easy tips to follow:

  1. Mix patterns, textures and colors in your bedding to create depth and a cozy feel.
  2. Don’t be afraid to mix metals and combine them with painted furniture.
  3. Find ways to use the same color in two locations to anchor the space and make your eye travel the room (woven shades and bed frame / bed frame and hardware).
  4. Affordably makeover your current wood furniture with a fun new paint finish for a totally different look.
  5. Layer drapes with shades for a sophisticated update to windows.
  6. Use a neutral base of bedding and draperies to make redecorating easier. 

Here is a collage of the “after” and it amazes me that just a few changes made such a HUGE impact.

The master bedroom feels more grown up and yet still feels cozy and serene.

It really is the perfect peaceful retreat from the every day stresses of life…


See how I updated the look for winter in this new post and all about getting bedding that fits!

Deep Mattress Bedding that Fits!

Shop the NEW LOOK

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White stripe and tassel euro shams

Convex oval mirror

Woven shades Bali in color Spree Studio

Both canopy beds linked are the same as I purchased just from two different sources. 

The bed sells out fast, so if you want it set up stock alerts and buy it immediately. 

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Until next time…



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  2. Once again you have created a masterpiece. It amazes me how the simple changes can make such a huge difference. Absolutely wonderful design.


  3. I love the new colors you put together. My bedroom is almost exactly the same as your redone bedroom. I showed my husband your paint colors and he loves it so we are looking to update colors soon. I also have the almost exact same bed, LOL! Wayfair is awesome!
    I look forward to your emails weekly and love all of your ideas!
    Question: I currently have white curtains, iron canopy bed, and cherry wood furniture; how would you update the cherry wood? I am thinking of painting them but my husband is very against it. Ideas?

  4. I love the new look – your bedroom is gorgeous! The darker bed really does make the room feel so sophisticated and it fills the space so well. You made some wonderful choices and painting the nightstands was a brilliant idea. Love it all – great job!

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