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Hang a Heavy Mirror Right the First Time

Did you order a big gorgeous mirror online and have no clue how to hang it on the wall? Does it have those weird key holes in the back?

I’m here to show you the easiest way to hang any mirror or heavy piece of art that has two key holes as the hanger.

A Foolproof Way to Hang a Heavy Mirror or Artwork

This post originated with my BFF Theresa (who lives in Atlanta) texting me asking how to hang a big mirror with the two holes on the back.  I tried to talk it through with her, but promised I’d create a tutorial the next time I hung something similar.  So you can thank her for this post!!!

If you have no clue what I mean, here is a picture of the back of the mirror I am hanging. See those two “key holes”? It is more complicated to hang a piece like this versus wire on the back.

Hanging Holes on the Back of a Round Mirror_H

The mirror is out of the frame for this tutorial, so I can show you more detailed instructions.

The truth is my brand new mirror arrived with the glue dried out and the mirror wasn’t attached to the back.  So while that piece was drying, I thought I’d create the instructions because it IS easier to see 🙂

Here it is in it’s full glory…

Ania Mirror, Hayneedle

Round Mirror

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How to Hang a Heavy Mirror or Artwork - Porch Daydreamer

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Supplies to Gather for Hanging a Mirror

Tools to Install Closet System

  1. Hammer
  2. Power Drill
  3. Level
  4. Tape Measure
  5. Drywall Anchors (65 lbs)
  6. 1/16 Drill Bit
  7. Pencil
  8. Frog Tape

Seriously, these are the tools I use ALL of the time. I keep them handy in a tool drawer in my laundry room.  It seems I am always hanging or assembling something 🙂

If you are new to DIY, check out my guide to your first tool box. CLICK HERE.

Step 1:

Place a strip of frog tape between the holes and end to end on the frame.

Place Frog Tape Between Holes

Step 2:

Poke through tape to expose holes on either side. I used a letter opener, but you can use a pencil too!

Holes Punched Through Close Up

Step 3:

Measure the total distance from the bottom of the frame to the holes.

Step 4:

Record distance to hole and add the number of inches you want the frame or mirror to hang above a couch or table. This will be the height the screws are placed on the wall.

TIP: Add between 8 inches and 10 inches for the perfect height above an object.  Mine will hang 9 inches above the credenza to allow for taller accessories and to balance with two lamps. 36 inches + 9 inches = 45 inches.

Record the Height From the Bottom of the Frame to the Holes

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Step 5:

Mark the center of where you want the mirror to hang on the wall and mark the center between the two holes on the tape.

Measure Between Holes

Place tape on the wall and align those two marks (I did mine in pencil, but to show you made them bold in editing).

Align Center Marks on the Wall

Step 6:

Level tape on the wall. I found it helpful to draw a level line with my pencil on the wall, so I could line up the tape. MAKE SURE your two center lines are still lined up!

Level Tape

Step 7:

Drill 1/16″ pilot holes to see if you are hanging on drywall or if there is a wood stud.  If it is just drywall, you MUST use drywall anchors.

NOTE: Make sure you are drilling at the top part of the “keyhole” because that is where it will hang off of the screws.

Using 1:16 Drill Bit Drill Pilot Holes

Step 8:

Using your hammer, making sure the anchor is level GENTLY pound just the tip of  the anchors into the wall on each side. Where my fingers are is how far you tap them into place.

Then SLOWLY screw them into wall so they are flush.

Step 9:

Peel off tape and screw in screws to the anchors.  Leave about 1/4 inch of the threads exposed, so you have enough clearance to hang the mirror. You will hear a little “pop” as the anchor expands to hold it into the wall.

Screwing in Screws to Anchor

Step 10:

Hang the mirror! Do you see why it’s nice the mirror isn’t in place, so you can actually see how it’s hanging 🙂

Mirror Hanging on the Wall

Final Results

Seriously, this whole process took 10 minutes and that was with me taking pictures. Want to see how it looks on the wall? Follow along with my Dining Room Makeover for the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge. The final REVEAL is May 10th and to start from the beginning CLICK HERE!

I hope you’ve found this tutorial empowering – you can do it! Always ask for help when hanging heavy objects. My friend George will be helping me hang this heavy beast.

Off to make sure my mirror is properly adhered to the backer board and ready to go back in the frame! I can’t wait to see it on the wall 🙂

Porch Daydreamer


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  1. The tape “trick is so easy and works well. I am hanging a very large mirror and want to “angle” it at the top, to take advantage of the ocean view from the window opposite and 17 feet away.
    Do you happen to know how to calculate how much of an angle I would need to tip the mirror? The top of the window starts 12″ from the ceiling.
    Thanks so much!!!

    1. Nancy, I’m so glad you like the trick! Honestly, I’ve never angled a mirror before so I don’t have any tips on that. My first idea is to play with the wire on the back and stand back to see if you see what you want in the mirror? Good luck and share if you find a trick!

  2. Tracey, great tutorial. I have to admit that I hate those double hooks. Very frustrating to hang, but your tips are very clear. Granted, when we bought our new sunburst mirror in March, I hired hangers to come out to do it. OUr king bed would have to be moved and that was a task we couldn’t do by ourselves. I was thinking, where did she get those pink shoes and then you gave the link. Thanks so much. Before I order, how was the sizing? They can hold them at my Target down the street and I want them TODAY!

  3. I was JUST telling my husband he needs to show me how to screw anchors in the wall! I need to (re) hang a towel bar the right way. This is perfect! Love the mirror and shoes by the way!!

    1. Toni, Hi! So glad it’s helpful 🙂 Yes, this whole technique works for tons of stuff! I hung ALL of my towel bars in the past two houses, so you can too. Thanks, the shoes are SO comfy.

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