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Deep Mattress Bedding that Fits!

Do you love your deep mattress, but are struggling to find fitted sheets and bedding? Here is your buying guide to oversized and deep pocket bedding!

Have you been searching online for sheets or a bed spread that will fit your deep mattress?

During my own master bedroom makeover and upgrade to a king sized bed, I had the hardest time finding bedding that fit!

Sharing with you my search to find the perfect sheets, blankets, and bedspreads that fit a deep or extra deep mattress. 

What is a Deep Mattress versus Standard Mattress?

When we talk about the depth of the mattress, you are measuring how tall the mattress is excluding the box spring.

  • Standard Mattress Depth = 7 to 9 inches
  • Deep or Pillow Top Mattress Depth = 10 to 15 inches
  • Extra Deep Mattress Depth = 16 to 22 inches

Adding a thick foam topper to mattresses (even the pillow topped versions) has become increasingly popular.



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Mick the Maltese Enjoying the New Deep Mattress on Delivery Day

The new king sized mattress I purchased is approximately 14 inches thick and is considered a pillow topped mattress.

You can see from this picture my mattress with the 2 inch foam topper and mattress pad = 16 inches deep.

My new mattress qualifies as a deep mattress and with the foam topper an EXTRA deep mattress! 

16 Inch Extra Deep Mattress

Boy was I surprised (and disappointed) when the sheets and blankets I ordered didn’t fit the bed.

The fitted sheet didn’t wrap underneath the mattress and the cotton blanket I decided to use as a cover had to be STRETCHED just to cover the sheets.

Every morning it was a struggle to make the bed and make it look nice and neat plus the fitted sheet was pulling up off the mattress!


It was time to find bedding that fit properly and made it easier to make a neat and tidy bed every morning.

If you have a twin or queen deep mattress, you can order the next size up bedding.

When you have a king sized mattress, it becomes necessary to buy OVERSIZED extra-deep bedding.

How-to Measure to Make Sure Bedding Will Fit a Deep Mattress

First, let’s cover the basic mattresses sizes as our starting point.

These are the most common mattress size measurements directly from Serta’s website that I rounded up to whole numbers: 

Common Mattress Measurements: Width x Length in Inches

Twin = 38 in. x 75 in.

Full = 53 in. x 75 in. 

Queen = 60 in. x 80 in.

King = 76 in. x 80 in.

California King = 72 in. x 84 in.

The measurement that we want to focus on is different by bedding type.

How Big a Fitted Sheet Should be for a Deep Mattress

  • To calculate the pocket size: Depth of mattress + 3 inches
  • Example: If you have a 15 inch deep mattress, look for a fitted sheet or mattress pad that has pockets at least 18 inches deep or more.

How Big a Blanket, Bedspread, or Comforter Should Be for a Deep Mattress

  • To calculate overhang: Mattress WIDTH + mattress DEPTH x 2 + a minimum of 4 inches to tuck-in or hang just over the top of the box spring.
  • Example: King mattress is 72 inches wide + (depth 15 in. x 2 = 30 in.) = 102 inches + 4 inches for a total of 106 inches. 

Knowing my mattress is 16 inches deep, I needed a fitted sheets and a mattress pad that is at least 18 inches deep.

Then for the bedspread, it was important to find one that was at least 108 inches wide or MORE so it could be tucked in!

That meant reading EVERY dimension for EVERY item I considered, so I want to make sure you do that as well to make sure you get exactly what will fit.



Ta da! I found a very wide king sized light weight white quilt that easily tucks in for the look I desired.

It also could be left hanging out and there is enough length to cover the top of the box spring too. 

The blue coverlet at the end of the bed is more decorative and a standard king size, so it just hangs over the edge.


Shop the Look

You can see I wouldn’t be able to tuck in a regular sized coverlet or bedspread. 

Now I have bedding that fits perfectly and creates the look I wanted.

Plus it is SO much easier to make the bed in the morning versus stretching a poor cotton blanket.

Best Bedding to Fit Deep Mattresses

Are you ready to go shopping? Please read all dimensions before ordering!

To keep things easy I primarily am showing white bedding options, but most things listed are offered in other colors.

In general, the selection is very limited so I hope demand increases deep mattress bedding options in the future!

Deep Mattress Pads


Deep Fitted Sheets


Deep Blankets


Deep Bedspreads and Comforters


Don’t be surprised if you have to pay a little more for the larger sizes in blankets especially. 

The bedspreads I found and the one for my bed is SO affordable.

We ended up buying the same one I used  in navy blue for my Dad’s new queen bed and he loves it!

Good luck to you finding the perfect bedding for your bed and here’s to a good night of sleep 🙂

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  1. Oh, and the large white waffle blanket reaches down past the mattress and for the base I have a white quilted valence.
    From Janice in NZ

    1. Where did you buy your oversized blanket? What brand is it?
      I have to make sure one will tuck in snugly.

  2. Great timing! I am making my new bedspread and recovering throw pillows. One of my main pet peeves was that the blankets of yore never stayed tucked in at the bottom and they weren’t quite long enough to fold over at the pillows. I used a flat sheet cut on the width and made the blanket on the bottom end long enough so it was the “anchor” at the foot of the bed that got tucked in. Then I added a 2 sided satin fold back at the head. It is so much cooler when snuggling in and it adds another layer without adding a throw or other blanket.

  3. This post is so very timely. We are having the carpet removed in our master bedroom and wood look tile installed. I want to replace my comforter with something lighter and machine washable. Great tips for measuring and how to do. My mattress is tall and your tips are so very helpful. Thank you.

      1. What a good article with great photos. I used your ideas and photos for my own twist but used it as a base for what I was trying to do and achieve. Our bed is ‘Super King’ with an extra deep mattress.
        I bought a large white waffle blanket which has some elastine in it I think, as it is a little stretchy with ‘give’. I bought aqua coloured standard size pillowslips for the bed pillows, a white square flowery embroidered in aqua pillow which had aqua coloured fringe and little poms poms and an aqua waffle-like throw to drape along the width of the bed at the foot end.
        I wanted more of a pale blue rather than aqua but couldn’t find it.
        Thanks again, your article helped with my dilemma.
        From Janice in NZ.

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