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Review of Pottery Barn York Slipcovered Sofa

Are you thinking about buying the Pottery Barn York Sofa? Here is my honest review of the slope arm slipcovered sofa, the delivery experience, plus tips for the best deal.

I’m sure you are like me and get a little frustrated that Pottery Barn doesn’t have product reviews on their web site. The cost of a sofa is a MAJOR purchase and it would be reassuring to know how well they are built and hold up. 

Not only am I going to share my honest review of the Pottery Barn York Slope Arm Sofa, but also walk you through the timeline from ordering to the delivery experience.

Then, I’ve compiled 3 other bloggers reviews built with different fabrics or features, so you will have as much information as possible to decide if this sofa is for you!

Wait for a Sale to Buy from Pottery Barn

Fortunately, Pottery Barn typically will have a sale where you can purchase an item up to 25% off and if you buy more 30% off.  You just have to WAIT!

During the shopping process, I learned a little trick that by leaving the sofa in my cart, Pottery Barn ended up emailing me with a motivational coupon to buy.

At the end of the day, I saved 25% off the York Slope Arm Sofa.

Post contains hand selected products, with affiliate marketing links throughout {full disclosure here} 

Pottery Barn York Slope Arm Slipcovered Sofa 80.5″

Exactly what I purchased:

  • York Slope Arm Slipcovered Sofa
  • Fabric and Color: Performance Everydaylinen™ by Crypton® Home, Oatmeal
  • Length: 80.5″
  • Depth: 38.5″
  • Height: 35″
  • Cushions: Double

I waited 2 months until I felt comfortable with spending the money and got the best deal possible. In the end, for the version I purchased, it was delivered for under $2,000.

Yes, I realize that is a ton of money but the quality you will see is worth it. Why did I need a new sofa?

My current sofa I’ve NEVER liked from the day it arrived. It’s been in my home for about 4 or 5 years and sheds feathers like it’s a real goose! 

For comparison, this sofa is from Stickley and was $2,700 and I never loved it plus felt ripped off. 


To add to that, my son one Christmas Eve spilled egg nog on one of the seat cushions. I washed it in the washing machine, dried it, and at 1am (exhausted) crammed the cushion back in (when it was still damp) and tore out the zipper.

I’ve never have liked the color (my mom talked me into it LOL). Camel was just too dark.  Pottery Barn offers FREE swatches, which I took full advantage to make my final selection. 

Obviously, the egg nog spill made me go for the Oatmeal, Performance Everydaylinen™ by Crypton® Home fabric – even though it is a little pricier.

If you haven’t heard of Crypton, then please head on over to see how amazing this fabric is! Red wine drinker? No problem 🙂

Pottery Barn Sofa Order and Delivery Timeline

After reading some other reviews, I had a much better order to delivery timeline than many.  

  • Order placed: January 25th
  • Order shipped from manufacturing facility: February 21st 
  • Delivered to my house: March 6th

 6.5 weeks from order to delivery is CRAZY fast for a custom made sofa! Please don’t get your hopes up yours will go this quickly.

I had a couple of factors on my side: the frame was made in North Carolina and the slipcover in Georgia. My home is in the Charlotte, NC area so I was close to all of the manufacturing facilities. 

It’s been a very long time, since I had something delivered from Pottery Barn. Boy was the delivery experience amazing! They called a half hour before delivery and showed up right on time. It was like Christmas morning for me!


Plus they entered my home with a rose – yes! Sorry, sweet delivery man – your eyes are closed in this picture. He looks like a knight in shining armor to me!

They were very polite, neat, clean and made sure the sofa was perfectly placed before they left. They even tolerated my 1/2 inch moves with a smile.

All in all a great 5 star experience and I made sure to follow-up with a nice review too, so the men who delivered the sofa got some praise.

Pottery Barn York Slope Arm Slipcovered Sofa Review

Why I picked the sofa is for its clean lines and how it was going to fit in the space. I couldn’t make too big of a change and this sofa has such a transitional feel that it can be incorporated into many styles of decorating in the coming years. 


Luckily, as soon as they put it in the room I knew it was the perfect fabric and size. It mixed well with the other chairs in the room. Notice the new coffee table too?

I happened to get lucky that the French grain sack pillow matched the sofa like I’d had it made for it!

Plus the blue Pottery Barn pillows look beautiful on the oatmeal fabric as well (they don’t carry the pillow covers at this time). 


Remember a slipcover is always going to be more rumpled looking than an upholstered piece of furniture. I like the relaxed look and wanted to show you in real life how the slipcover looks a week later, after day-to-day use.

Many people would live with it this way, but I plan to steam out the remaining wrinkles.

If you are looking for an amazing steamer for these projects, here is my favorite! I’ve even used it to steam my velvet chairs in the dining room and the duvet cover on my bed.

Here is a close-up of the fabric. You can see it isn’t completely solid, with a little heather effect.  That makes the neutral fabric work with both creams and grays in a room.


The arm is nice and boxy, so it is comfortable to rest both your arm, feet, and head on it! The skirt of the slipcover slouches slightly, as all slipcovers do.

It’s hasn’t been an issue nor have I tripped on the skirt and it hasn’t gotten caught in the vacuum cleaner either. 


Again, I will steam out the wrinkles at some point to smooth out the fabric. I decided to go with the double seat cushion, so I could flip and move them around for more even wear.

The look of the bench / single cushion is so streamlined, but I was too concerned to go with just one cushion.


One of my favorite features is the fact that the back of the sofa is completely straight. This means you get the full depth of the sofa in the seat cushion.

My old sofa had a curved back like the slipper chairs, so the seat cushion was not as deep. 

How Comfortable is the Pottery Barn York Sofa?

Remember I mentioned that my last sofa popped out feathers to the point of nuisance and also it was very soft? I was really concerned about getting down wrapped cushions again.

To my surprise, not ONE feather has appeared. My son has been home and sat on it, I’ve binged some Netflix, and snuggled up with the new man in my life to watch movies.


The length of the sofa is 80.5 inches and I can comfortably lie down completely outstretched, but I am of average height at 5 ft. 4 inches.

My son who is closer to 6 ft could lie down, with his heels just hanging over the arm. This is considered a standard length sofa, so it’s good to know it can accommodate a taller person.


Shop the Room

The cushions at first felt really firm, but they are REALLY comfortable. It’s like you sink into them even though they are firm. I absolutely love how they feel!


Something to be really mindful of when you measure is how DEEP the sofa is and realize that Pottery Barn offers and extra deep version.

The regular depth sofa that I purchased is 38.5 inches deep and the extra deep is 44 inches deep, so you really do need a lot of room to accommodate that large of a sofa.

Of note, at my height, I can sit back into the sofa against a pillow and my feet are still on the floor. 

Pros and Cons of the Pottery Barn York Slipcovered Sofa

After reading this, I really haven’t said much that was negative, right? But, I always like to really make sure I’ve given you all of the facts!


  • Very comfortable firm cushions, but loosens as you sit
  • No feather shedding
  • Full depth cushions, but my feet still touch the floor
  • Enough interior room for most people to be able to lie down
  • Slipcover is removable and washable
  • Structure is well made
  • Available in fabrics that can handle wine, food, kids, and pets


  • The price may be too high for many in the performance fabric
  • Delivery can take from 10 to 12 weeks, since it is custom-made for you
  • Slipcovers are not as tailored and won’t be as taut on the arms and skirt
  • Had a few loose threads I had to trim at the seams
  • The sofa fabric arrives wrinkled and if you don’t want to steam, then an upholstered version may be better

The pros definitely outweigh the cons in my view and this is the best looking and most comfortable sofa I have ever owned!

It’s also the first slipcovered sofa for my family and I’m really excited about it being washable and that when I redecorate, I can buy a whole new slipcover!

GUESS WHAT? I bought a 2nd duplicate sofa in March 2020, so a year later. That’s how much I LOVE it!

Here is the family room makeover and you can see more of it here: Whole Home Paint Colors: Soothing Palette


But…jean stains happen so read below how I got rid of them and how the cushion covers washed.

Washing the York Sofa Cushion Slipcovers

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Don’t just take my opinion and feel free to peruse the other blogger’s reviews below. They all helped me make my decision to purchase the Pottery Barn York Slope Arm Slipcovered sofa!

4 Pottery Barn York Sofa Reviews

Multiple honest reviews of the Pottery Barn York Slipcovered sofa. Bloggers provide feedback on several models including single bench cushion, double cushion, three cushion, regular seat and deep seat cushions, grand and regular lengths. See the fabrics they chose!

Hopefully, you have found this helpful in your own hunt for finding the perfect sofa!

If you do decide to buy, I would appreciate you using my affiliate link to help support my work!

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  1. I’m looking at getting the York couch. Curious. Yiu said you purchased another one. Did you change the fabric on the second one? Thanks for your review. So helpful!

  2. Hey Tracey! I love your style! I actually ordered the York slipcover sectional in pebble and I can’t wait to see it. I noticed your rug is from Pottery Barn as well. it looks a little lighter in your photos than it does on their website. Would you say your photos are a true depiction of the color? Do you love it? Is it soft? I’m thinking about purchasing it, but rugs can be tricky if you don’t see them in person so any input I would appreciate. I just want to make sure it’s not too dark, but not too light to where it shows stains. If I do order, is their an affiliate link for you?

    1. Hi, Kat! Yes, I love it and had it for 10 years (just recently updated to a new one a few weeks ago). It’s super soft and has held up extremely well…even training a puppy! I think the color on the PB site is darker than it actually is. My photos are lightened a bit, but I’d still say it’s a nice cream/neutral. I have the runner between my kitchen and sitting area too (look at my Instagram) and again it’s been amazing and hides everything. The runner gets a ton of traffic between the front and back of my home. Here is the affiliate link and I really appreciate you buying through it 🙂 https://rstyle.me/+hUOBy6us-nsYQwxWZ2xDvA

  3. Thank you so much for such a thorough review. Has this fabric piled? I love The look of linen and will be ordering this sofa soon, but in the grand size.
    Are you still enjoying it?

    1. Still love it! The fabric is perfect and just recently my dog bled on it and I was able to wipe clean with a baby wipe 😁 New old Navy jeans just left some blue behind, so I will be cleaning that next and will update my post.

  4. Hi there! I’m looking to purchase this sofa in one of the Performance Everydaylinen by Crypton fabrics and was wondering how your fabric choice has held up. I know the care instructions says that it should be dry cleaned, but have you tried putting it in the washing machine? If so, did the slipcover fit perfectly after it dried?

    1. Hey, Robbin! I haven’t had the sofa all that long, but it’s held up really well and hasn’t needed to be cleaned yet. I’ve just spot cleaned with water and soap to this point and even taco seasoned meat came out. My previous sofa with similar fabric I washed the cushion fabric and dried in the dryer without it shrinking. The reason they want you to dry clean is so the protective coating remains in tact.

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