/ / End of Summer Home Tour with PAINT COLORS!

End of Summer Home Tour with PAINT COLORS!

All of the paint colors you have been asking about! Plus a fun end of summer home tour.

Now that my blog is just over one year old I thought it was time to add a home tour! Plus answer the question I always get asked “Can you please share that paint color?” 

Finally I am supplying one post with pictures of the main rooms, along with the paint colors in each! Can I get a happy dance?

Who is Porch Daydreamer?

I thought I’d reintroduce myself because so many of you are new to this blog. My name is Tracey the Master of Chaos at Porch Daydreamer, in Charlotte, NC! Yes, that is my official title 😉

This blog and website started in June 2017, when I was faced with some big life changes.

In just a few months I lost my job, my son left for his first year in college, my mom needed emergency surgery on her back, and my dad’s mental health started to decline.

While launching the blog I was unemployed, became an empty nester, and was a part-time caretaker.

I’ve learned I can handle A LOT! Oh and I must mention I’ve been a single working mom for over 15 years, so yep I’m tough!

It seems odd I would start a blog during this stressful time, but it was the one thing that helped me survive and move forward.

Having a creative outlet became my happy place and learning new skills kept my mind busy.

Welcome to Porch Daydreamer's House

Porch Daydreamer is where I get to express a variety of passions from home decor, to painting, home improvement, and general things that make life better.

As my tagline says, “Creating a Beautiful Life” one project at a time!

Post contains hand selected products, with some affiliate marketing links {full disclosure here} 

Porch Daydreaming

The blog’s name goes WAY back and if you want to know what inspired it please read Get to Know Me, for the full story.

Porches are also a love of mine and I’ve been lucky enough to have a front porch on the past few homes I’ve owned. 

My current home has three! Two up front and one in the back, so truly I am a “Porch Daydreamer”!

This is a spec home with lots of builder upgrades that have been well worth the money.

Exterior of home in Valspar Iron Frost and White_Porch Daydreamer

Paint Colors

Home Siding: Valspar 4007-2B, Iron Frost

Front Door Color: Valspar 5011-2, Very Black

Exterior Trim: Valspar 7006-2, Ultra White

This spring I gave my front porch a brand new update and sit out here ALL of the time.

Mick, who is a Maltese, loves to enjoy this space too and keeps me protected at all times from intruders.

The front porch makeover became all about escape and getting that “sand in my toes” beach house feel.

I was inspired by sea grass, sand, and bleached out blues!

mick guarding the coastal front porch

Not only did I get creative with maximizing this space, but also tackling a porch swing makeover wrapping the chain in rope and transforming the finish from black to a driftwood gray.

Painting projects are a must for me and transforming something so inexpensively just makes me happy!

I push the limits on what I can do with paint and even have learned how to use an airless paint sprayer!

Shop the Look

Back “Screened” Porch

The other porch where I lounge is at the back of the house right off the kitchen. 

It’s a little more private, so I can be out there in my PJ’s if I’d like.

This is my “football” room where I watch both my Clemson Tigers and my son’s college team play as the cooler weather of fall approaches.

Screened Porch in Valspar Country Charm_Porch Daydreamer

Paint Colors

Siding: Valspar 3007-10B, Country Charm 

Notice something? The back porch is a different color than the exterior of my home. I wrote a whole blog post about why I made that decision and have never regretted it!

I put screened in quotes because it also has the Eze-Breeze windows as well. 

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This is the best spot for entertaining because it is right off of my kitchen with two large double doors.

So my family and friends will sit out here with me for a glass of wine and a chat.

The other place we hang out is in my kitchen around the HUGE island! 

Kitchen Life

I’ll give my mom credit for the design. She realized I had a ton of unused space and could maximize it with an island that seats 5.

This is a huge bonus considering there isn’t room for a kitchen table, so this truly is the main hub of my home.

Kitchen Open to Screened Porch

To unite the kitchen and family room notice I painted the ceiling blue!

I’ve never regretted the decision and I think no one really notices when they walk in my home because it is so subtle.

It gives the whole downstairs a peaceful and serene vibe. 

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Over the years I’ve changed the counter stools, added little things to the island and updated the pendants. It’s served this home and it’s guests well!

Kitchen in Valspar Winter in Paris and Courtyard Tan_Porch Daydreamer

Paint Colors

Wall and Ceiling Color: Valspar 5002-1A, Winter in Paris

Close Match to Cabinets: Valspar 7002-13, Courtyard Tan

Open Family Room and Sitting Area

Just recently I added a sitting area behind the family room sofa and love the conversation area the two little slipper chairs create, with a mirror console to hold a drink!

It was a great solution to divide the kitchen and family room, which is always a challenge in an open concept home.

Now people can sit at the kitchen island and face the sitting are, so a group of 7 fit in this space for a little conversation.

Family Room in Valspar Malted Milk and Winter in Paris_Porch Daydreamer

Paint Colors

Ceiling Color: Valspar 5002-1A, Winter in Paris

Wall Color: Valspar 7003-9, Malted Milk

Inside of the Cabinet: Valspar CI 13, Feeling Blue

Someone recently asked me what my home style was and I decided its French inspired with coastal colors! What do you think? I have fun mixing different fabrics to create texture and dimension in a room.

Family Room Porch Daydreamer

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In order to have a small desk area, I just recently made over the cabinet in the family room and updated the look of the books by wrapping them in white paper.

It was an easy update to old furniture!


Another fun paint makeover was this table in the foyer that used to be ugly brown!

It now ties into the entire downstairs of the home.

Foyer in Valspar Malted Milk and Sea Foam Storm_Porch Daydreamer

Paint Colors

Table Color: Valspar 5002-1C, Seafoam Storm

Wall Color: Valspar 7003-9, Malted Milk, with Gold Brilliant Metals Stripe

Blushing Master Bedroom

Then there is my master bedroom that I decided I would make girly and soft. So blush pink it was!

What is really nice is that I’ve had the same white duvet, dust ruffle, drapes, and wall color for more years than I’d like to admit!

I’ve been able to redecorate around all of it with ease. Here is a fun shot from Valentines Day…

Notorious Pink Wine by the Bed_Porch Daydreamer

Then there is the other side of the room, where I did a complete overhaul.

It was such an odd space in my room, so I decided a small format daybed would be perfect!

This is where I lounge, play on social media, fold laundry and even nap. 

Daybed_Mick Done_Porch Daydreamer

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Yep, Mick likes it too 😉 Shhhh, a secret – the artwork above the daybed has been modified from the original and the artist would probably not like that.

I ordered a canvas online and decided it was too vibrant. What did I do? White washed it of course.

There isn’t much I won’t paint! Including the ceiling blue LOL.

Master Bedroom in Valspar Feeling Blue and Light Raffia_Porch Daydreamer

Paint Colors

Ceiling and Wall Color: Valspar CI 13, Feeling Blue

Armoire Color: Valspar 3008-10B, Light Raffia

Speaking of paint.

See that LARGE carved French armoire? I actually used an airless sprayer INSIDE OF THE BEDROOM to transform the mahogany stain to the light color you see above!

Painting this armoire and my nightstands a lighter color helps brighten the room so much. 

Check out my recent bedroom makeover here: Master Bedroom Mini-Makeover REVEAL

Spa-Like Master Bathroom

Learning to live with my granite counters is a top priority because until I find the money they will be living with me. 

What I did to help love my bathroom more is paint the cabinets a soft aqua color. It unifies the entire room and gives it a spa like atmosphere.

Color really changes everything and the granite looks so much better!

Shop the Look

Plus adding new hardware was a major upgrade in gold versus what the builder had put in originally. I am a big fan of mixing cabinet hardware geometries!

Bathroom in Valspar Garden Flower and Cream in my Coffee_Porch Daydreamer

Paint Colors

Cabinet Color: Valspar 5004-3B, Garden Flower 

Wall Color: Valspar 3003-10C, Cream in My Coffee

Want to see my bathroom today?

It’s been through a MAJOR remodel and looks very different.

You can find all of the details here: Master Bathroom Remodel Luxury Hotel: REVEAL

Dream Dining Room

After living in my home for 8 years, redecorating and refreshing has become important too me.

This past fall I decided to participate as a guest in the One Room Challenge, where I had 6 weeks to makeover a space. It about killed me!

Fortunately, the results came out beautifully but know that it came with many challenges – including painting the room three times.

blue-dining-room-identical-plate-arrangements-on-wall-woman in pink shirt-dog in chair

It’s so soft and serene. The whole family loves it!

The biggest change was taking that credenza from a dark brown stain to a beautiful blue. 

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Another “fun” project was to add artwork on either side of the mirror by using a variety of plate sizes.

t’s an inexpensive way to add interest to the walls!

Dining Room in Valspar Sea Salt Blue and Shark Fin_Porch Daydreamer

Paint Colors

Wall Color: Valspar CI191, Sea Salt Blue

Credenza Color: Valspar 34007-2A, Sharkfin

Work, Blog, Work, Blog

That leaves us with the one last space I’ll share with you. This was also a One Room Challenge makeover space last fall.

I painted EVERYTHING because I had the time being unemployed and strapped for cash.

My hard work paid off and now I have an office I LOVE to sit in everyday. 

Part of the makeover also included a loft area and my son’s “man cave”. 

Sitting Area Table in Valspar Woodland Clay_Porch Daydreamer

Paint Colors

Wall Color: Valspar 3007-10A, Wetland Clay

Chair Color: Valspar 7002-16, Swiss Coffee

Table Custom DIY Finish: Click Here

Literally, I set up two work stations.

One houses the computer for the blog and the other for my sales job working from home.

This is where I am as I type this home tour and Mick is sleeping in his bed.

Shop the Look 


The office was an extreme makeover painting the cabinets and applying a marble contact paper to the counters.

Yes, they are not real marble and have held up beautifully!

Office in Valspar Indigo Streamer and Swiss Coffee_Porch Daydreamer

Paint Colors

Wall and Upper Cabinet Color: Valspar 7002-16, Swiss Coffee

Lower Cabinet Color: Valspar 4010-4, Indigo Streamer

NOTE: Valspar has changed the color names overtime, so always rely on the paint NUMBER

I’ve provided because that hasn’t changed.

Ya’ll know I worked for Valspar for 5 years in the Lowe’s group, right? I know these things LOL.

If you enjoyed this home tour and would like download all of my paint colors, click here!

Pin it for Later!

alspar Paint Colors for Each Room_Porch Daydreamer

Now you have a little glimpse into who and what Porch Daydreamer is all about 🙂 Come, sit on the porch with me and daydream about creating a beautiful life.

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As my FREE GIFT to you, with email sign-up a detailed paint sheen project guide! 

You will know the right sheen for every project…


Please consider following me on Pinterest and Instagram for daily inspiration.

Until next time…

Porch Daydreamer



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  1. THANK YOU so much for tagging the colour room in each picture the way you do. I find that SO helpful and very considerate of you. Makes it so easy right away to know which colour we’re viewing and how it looks. I really appreciate it.

  2. Hello! Found your blog because I am desperately trying to update my master bath. It has pretty terrible tan tiles with pink veining. I am doing a neutral paint on walls but was hoping to get away with a fun cabinet color. Not sure if I can pull it off but going to get some samples. I wanted to clarify, in your master bath post you said the color is Carolina inn aqua and here I believe you said garden flower. Just wanted to clarify because I love it…but it may be a stretch with my tile…

  3. Hi! So I literally just stumbled on your blog and I’m wondering HOW I haven’t come across you sooner!!? Your home is just beautiful and it’s clear all the love you’ve put into it- the hard work is an absolute given!
    I’d love to know what sprayer you’d recommend,whether for furniture or cabinets. You would be exponentially making my life easier☺️!
    I have a question for you as well. I adore ceilings being painted,not always left plain white if it works. When you get the paints for your ceilings, what type of finish do you get them that they’ll dry with? Do you happen to get an eggshell, satin or other type finish that would help reflect light around? I know this has been up for a while, but I do hope you seenthis. I don’t see too many people paint ceilings a color and I’d love to know your thoughts on it since you’ve done it.
    Again, your home, inside and out is just stunning. Thank you for putting yourself out there so others of us can see the beauty in what you’ve done and help inspire others.

  4. I am so happy to have found your blog via Pinterest! I just bought a new (to me) home in which nothing has been done since it was built in 1985. Paint colors have been so challenging and yours are what I had in mind. Absolutely gorgeous! You are obviously a very strong and talented woman, even during the most challenging times! I admire your courage and your design sense;-)

    Sending positive energy your way,


  5. Absolutely love your country French home with your own twist. Would you kindly tell me the drum style light pendants over your kitchen island. I’ve looked & can’t locate them. Many thanks. Keep blogging, we are all enjoying you! My best pam

  6. Hello
    I just found your blog about 5 minutes ago. Your home is absolutely beautiful and the colors compliment it well. Do you have any advice for beginning bloggers? Your site seems so creative and professionally done. I have zero graphic design knowledge….. Any advice you can provide is greatly appreciated.

    1. Oh thank you and I am so glad you found me! Starting a blog is not for the faint at heart! I’ve had to learn WordPress, theme desgin, web hosting, security, coding, graphic design, social media marketing, hex key codes, photography, photo editing, photo optimization, search engine optimization (SEO)etc. This is my passion and when I first started would work on the site until 2am and wake up at 6am excited to do it again.

      You don’t have to be a graphic designer, but I’d highly recommend Canva as a place to design graphics – it’s free! Also, I went to a couple of blogging conferences before, right at the beginning, and since to help grow my contacts and skill set. The conference that has been the most educational and affordable is Haven.

      I HOPE that helps, but it’s a lot of work that you don’t get paid for, so you really have to LOVE what you are writing about and publishing 🙂

  7. Hi!! I was lucky to find your website, I didn’t know what color to use for my new dining set, which is off white stress wood French countryside style. I follow the color Sea Salt Blue, and I love it!!! It really look super nice and my husband didn’t know I was changing everything so was a surprise and he loved it too!!! Just have a question where did you get the curtains for the windows, which material is and color please.
    Thank you.

  8. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home. I have been struggling for months on paint colors for my home. I have a small living area and my furniture is neutral colors. I have a collected the blue and white porcelain ginger jars and pieces over the years, and have beautiful blush curtains. Everyone keeps telling me I have to pick a neutral wall color if I plan to sell my home in the next few years. I am trying to find a paint color that will compliment my blush, blue and gold accent pieces. I love the navy blue paint colors, but everyone keeps telling me it’s a bad idea. Any advice for a frazzled southern girl?

    1. Sorry, I have to agree with your well meaning friends:) Maybe one wall in a navy and the rest white? If the light furniture is against the navy that may be nice, but not the blush curtains. Hard for me to do remotely! Good luck.

  9. Tracey, I am so impressed you started this blog at such a challenging time in your life. You are so talented and have such a gorgeous home! By the way I don’t know how you are an empty nester you look way to young to be an empty nester!

  10. You have a beautiful home! How long do you let your pieces cure before you put anything on top? We spray painted a chest last Friday with a Wagner Sprayer (first time users) and are letting it cure. I read wait two to theee weeks? That seems like a long time. Love your blog!

    1. Awesome! I love to hear you used a sprayer for the first time. It speeds up the process SO much. When I sprayed my night stands with cabinet enamel, I let them drive for about a day and a half before putting my stuff back. Cure and dry are different. Cure means it’s fully set and dry is you can reuse it and place objects. Curing is usually only 7 days for a latex paint. Thanks for reading my blog!

  11. I recently found your blog and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Your home is gorgeous, inside and out! I am interested in the wood frame chair in your family room with the cushions…when I click on the link it shows a distressed painted frame. Is there an option to order the chair with the wood instead of painted?

    You are one industrial lady! I’m very impressed in all you have done around your beautiful home.

    1. Judy, thank you! I really don’t like to sit around and love to be creative, so busy is my thing 🙂 The chair you are referring to is 20 years old! I love it too. Ballard Designs has one that is similar (I can’t link to it because they aren’t part of an affiliate network for bloggers). Try there!

  12. I think I’ve been with you since the beginning, but enjoyed the tour so much. You have accomplished A LOT in a year! I still can’t believe that you sprayed your armoire INSIDE. I went back and re-read it. Is this something you really recommend? I have a TV console that would be a bear to move, and don’t love the thought of hand painting it, even though I’d love for it to be painted. Advice please. Also, I love your blue front-tied top in the first picture. Do you mind telling where you bought it? Congrats on your 1 year anniversary!

    1. Linda, awww thank you!

      I am still amazed that people find and read my blog, so it’s nice to know you’ve been with me from the beginning and watched my growth 🙂 With regard to that armoire…if it is in a room where you can close it off and really protect everything from overspray (plus open windows and turn off the HVAC) it is possible. For instance, I’ll likely be painting the large armoire in my family room, but by hand. There is no good way for me to close in where I will be spraying. My bedroom had the perfect set up, so I could create a corner to spray in. Even then I covered EVERYTHING!

      I love that tie top too and it’s from Express. It comes in other colors, but I’m thinking the pale blue was for summer. They have great sales and I’ve been buying my clothes there a lot now that I work from home!

      Hope that helps and GOOD luck!

  13. Love your home…..colors are spot on.I love creating a warm,cheery,loving home as well.I was suddenly widowed 28 years ago and threw myself into my home as well.I have been named The Project Queen…So happy to of met u.Something to look forward to……I find Valspar paint is a great paint..No need to pay high prices can feel free to change more often….

    1. Theresa, wow I love that “The Project Queen”. Yes, keeping busy helps get through the tough times doesn’t it! Gives the mind and heart something else to focus on for a bit. Nice to meet you too!

  14. Love your home and blog, so many ideas! Would you mind sharing what product you use to clean wood pieces before priming and painting?

  15. I love your blog especially using chalk paint. I am going to tackle my kitchen cupboards with it. Will be a project for sure but the end result will be worth it. Thank you for your expertise.

  16. Beautiful! I just started reading your blog and thought “I wish she had her colors in one post”! You explain your design process really well. I love your home, especially the porches!

  17. Love how beautiful and inviting your home is. All of the colors work together so beautifully to create a very cohesive mix of blues, creams and white. Very well done.

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