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Easy to Make Fall Tissue Paper Plates

Looking for fun affordable fall plates for your Thanksgiving table? Make them!

Finding fall plates that matched my dining room decor was becoming impossible, so I set out to make my own! Using some clear glass plates, fun tissue paper, and Mod Podge you can create your own designer fall plates.

The fall tissue paper plate design options are endless!

fall tissue paper plate project table setting

Fall Plate Inspiration

Now that I’ve made over my dining room I needed to makeover my fall tablescape. How fun right? I love any chance I get to be creative.

After having success with Mod Podge and creating custom pumpkins , I decided to explore using the same technique on plates.

white pumpkin decoupage with fall leaves sitting on white sofa two orange pumpkins fall leaves

The color palette I wanted to mimic was already developed in a new piece of art I hung over my bar cart. I went on the hunt to find tissue paper that reflected the same colors. 

Rustoleum Pure Gold Spray Paint and Floater Frame

There are a TON of tissue paper options on Zazzle. Here are a few ideas to get your creative mind going!

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Shop Fall Tissue Paper

Do you see the one I chose? It reflects the colors in my artwork perfectly and can be used all year long! Now for the fun part – how to make a tissue paper decorated plate.

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Make Your Own Fall Plates

Fall Plate Made with Tissue Paper

Each plate costs around $5 dollars to make. Like I said SO affordable and it only took me about 30 minutes to make 4 plates. Easy right? It’s also a fun fall project for your kids that are 8 or older. They can make their own plates for use on the Thanksgiving table. 

Ever year pulling out the plates will start that conversation “remember when”…


Originally I planned to cover the entire plate with tissue paper, but found it was easier just to do the middle and not the edges. The option shown is using clear glass dinner plates, but clear glass salad plates would be a perfect option too!

Step 1

Find the area of the tissue paper you want to show through on the plate. I found one area in particular that had all of the colors in my artwork and used that. 

Flip the tissue paper over, with the mechanical pencil, trace the plate around the edges. I could get 4 plates out of one piece of tissue paper, if the design was identical.

trace plate on backside of tissue paper

Step 2

Cut out the traced tissue paper circle and place on plate to make sure it’s even. Trim any edges that are uneven.

cut out tissue paper to fit plate check paper on plate and trim as needed

Step 3

Using a large craft brush, apply Mod Podge from the center outward. Be very gentle and generous with application, so you don’t tear the tissue paper. 

Use your fingers to hold in place. DON’T go to the very edge. 

Apply a generous amount of mod podge from the center outward

Using a small craft brush pulling in from the outer edge, apply the Mod Podge. Try to avoid getting as much as possible on the glass plate.

apply mod podge to edges with small craft brush

Make sure all edges are fully adhered. Keep applying until secure. 

Step 4

With a damp paper towel, wipe any and ALL Mod Podge off of glass plate. Lift it up and look through to make sure you don’t see any “milky” areas.

with a damp paper towel wipe off excess mod podge from plate

Keep wiping with fresh damp paper towels until all Mod Podge is removed.

Check to make sure all mod podge is removed

Step 5

Dry for 1 hour between coats. Apply 3 to 5 coats of Mod Podge. You will be able to clean the plates with a damp sponge and soap. DON’T PUT IN THE DISHWASHER!

Fall plate made with tissue paper on clear glass and mod podge

stacked fall tissue paper plates

Set the table! Now wasn’t that easy? I really enjoyed making these fall tissue paper plates and love how they look in my dining room!

homemade fall plate made with tissue paper and mod podge

Shop the Look

I’m sorry my sweet friends, but the ticking striped pumpkins are no longer available from Hobby Lobby (I bought them in late July). Etsy had some really fun options that I linked for you instead. 

Fall Home Tour is Next!

This is just a little tease of what I’ve done in my dining room for fall 🙂 Next week I’ll be sharing a full reveal as part of a fun fall home tour with some of my other blogger friends. If you haven’t already, please consider signing up for my weekly newsletter, so you don’t miss a post!

Until next time…

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