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A Solution for That Odd Bedroom Corner

Do you have an odd area of your bedroom that you don’t know what to do with in your home? Me too!

If you are like me when you move into a home, you make what you have work.  That’s exactly what I did when I moved into my home 7 years ago.

But there was this ODD corner of my bedroom that has been driving me crazy ever since.

I had other areas that needed more help than this space so I just bought a table for next to my chair and called it done.

After living with it for years, I finally found a better use of the space by adding a daybed!

History of My Odd Bedroom Corner

Over the years I’ve tried to make it look better. After several different pieces of art, Home Goods lamps, and pillows this one section of my master bedroom felt “off”.

It wasn’t cohesive, felt cluttered, the plant always died and truthfully symmetry is my preference.

Former Bedroom Corner

As you can see in the picture it’s three things plunked together, but they really aren’t relating to each other and feel like they are in prison a line up in trouble.

I loved sitting in the chair and reading or even curling up for a nap. 

Yep, I love to nap on the weekends and don’t want to mess up my bed, which I make everyday – call me crazy. 

Curling up in the chair despite being only 5’ 4” just wasn’t comfortable.

White Napping Chair and Ottoman
White Napping Chair and Ottoman

So I started to think about what layouts would be better in that space.

Options for the Odd Wall / Corner

  • Two chairs and an ottoman
  • Settee or love seat
  • Desk and chair

Did I mention I like to nap? Those options just didn’t work.

Why I Chose a Daybed

That brought me to a daybed, yes!  A daybed would be best for a variety of reasons. 

I can stretch out and work on my laptop, curl up with a cup of coffee and good book, surf the Internet on my iPhone, watch TV in my armoire, and nap!

It would even be overflow for house guests, so they could use my son’s room

Good idea but real daybeds are huge and I only had a specific space to work with in my room. 

A great tip my mom taught me is to cut wrapping paper to lay on the floor, in the exact measurements of the furniture, to figure out if it fits.

Then you get a sense of scale and can test if you can walk between two pieces of furniture.

white daybed in blue room with blush pillows and white maltese

I needed no less than 2 feet between the daybed and the end of my bed for easy passage.

Finding a daybed that was going to fit was becoming impossible and expensive because they require a twin mattress.

Then I found a modified daybed that was large enough to lounge on at Crate and Barrel pictured below, but curses it was too big yet again!

Pottery Barn Lewis Daybed
West Elm Parsons Daybed
Crate and Barrel Marlowe

Pottery Barn Lewis Day Bed | West Elm Parsons Daybed| Crate and Barrel Marlowe

Not one to give up easily, I went to my go-to catalog Ballard Designs and there was the Jane Daybed (my mom’s name is Jane) so this must have been a sign!

Ballard Designs Jane Daybed
Ballard Designs Jane Daybed

It was PERFECT.  I laid out my tape measure and paper to make sure the walking clearance was there, along with being able to open my armoire. 

This was important for not only being able to see the TV, but also because I use the space between the end of my bed and the armoire to exercise when I might exercise.

It all worked! Ballard Designs even gave the option of using Sunbrella fabric, so I don’t have to worry about cleaning up coffee spills because I really wanted white!

Carved Detail Armoire

Then Home Goods, my favorite place to shop, had the best inexpensive little champagne gold table to hold my coffee cup, book, and iPhone. 

It’s turned out to even be the right height that I can put my laptop on it and work.  

The lamp has been sitting in my attic unused and was perfect in this space.  Joy and happiness!

It turned out better than I expected and makes the room feel so peaceful and serene. I would imagine it even has better Feng Shui being the SW corner of my bedroom.

Fall bedroom daybed with edge of armoire

My dog Mick and I hang out here during downtimes. Its great because he can sit on my lap and look out the window as he loves to do.

Plus I have a great place to sit and put on shoes and for my many pillows from my bed at bedtime. Yes, I nap here too!

Then, with some simple pillow and accessory changes I’ll update the look each season.

Then to help off-set the expense of the new furniture the chair, ottoman and table are at a local consignment shop. Cha ching! 

Why a Daybed May Be Right for your Bedroom

  • It’s a great solution for a long wall versus buying multiple pieces to fill the space.
  • Daybeds are ideal for when you have an overflow of house guests.
  • It’s the perfect place to stretch out and nap.
  • Add a lamp and you now have a quiet place to work and read away from the rest of the family.
  • Need a place to put on clothes and shoes? Daybeds provide enough space to layout your clothes for the next day.

Hopefully, this inspired a makeover in your home and a daybed can be tucked in any room in your home.

Just make sure to measure and you will find the perfect companion to an otherwise odd corner in a room!

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