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When It’s Time to Buy a Paint Sprayer

Considering a large paint project in the near future? When you should buy a paint sprayer and the 5 reasons why!

Yes, it seems like to buy a paint sprayer is a big investment. BUT there are some clear times you need a paint sprayer to help speed up your projects.

This woman has painted a lot of things and boy do I love a paint sprayer!

The truth is I love using a sprayer so much, I’ve used one to death and am now on my 2nd paint sprayer.

Let’s review based on my real life experience why you may need a paint sprayer in your life.

My Own Painting Expertise

Well, it feels like I have painted EVERYTHING! My Instagram feed is filled with items I’ve made over with paint and frankly those get the most likes.

People love a great paint makeover!

So you know my paint background, I worked for Valspar for close to 5 years in the group that trains Lowe’s Home Improvement store staff.

We literally were trained to use all products: latex and oil paint, primer, enamels, chalk paint, polyurethanes, epoxies, and good old spray paint!

Mick supervising porch daydreamer using handy paint pail lr
Mick is so used to me painting he supervises!

Can I tell you I was TERRIFIED of using a paint sprayer even after all of that experience? Then I got to TRY one 🙂

Wagner Spray Tech had a booth at a blogger conference a couple of years ago.

They put a simple sprayer in my hand to paint a terracotta pot. I’m like this isn’t so bad. I can do this!

They provided me a sprayer free of charge to try and now I can’t live without a paint sprayer in my home!

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When It Is Time to Buy a Paint Sprayer for Painting Cabinets Furniture

Benefits of Applying Paint with a Sprayer

I’ve truly been blown away by how fast I’ve been able to paint so many items and how quickly the paint dries.

Plus the finish is so smooth and many times I able to get by with just one coat of paint. 

That is impossible with hand painting using a brush and roller. 

A paint sprayer can cut project time by 50% to put more time back in your life!

Here is what one coat of paint looks like hand applied over primer that literally took an hour…not good.

One Coat Hand Painted in Indigo Streamer

Here’s one coat applied with a paint sprayer over primer in 4 minutes…perfection!


Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Paint Sprayer

  • Do you want to cut application down to minutes versus hours?
  • Is a fine smooth finish important to the project?
  • Are weekends the only time you have to paint?
  • Could areas that need to be painted be difficult to reach with your hand?
  • Are there intricate carved details on the item?
  • Do you have a lot of small items to paint?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then a paint sprayer is a GREAT investment for you!

5 Reasons to Buy a Paint Sprayer

If you haven’t been convinced by seeing my true love of a paint sprayer and real life results, here are the key reasons:

Porch Daydreamer Painting Cabinets+Wagner Studio Pro Sprayer

  1. Paint application time is reduced by 50%
  2. You get a smooth professional finish that doesn’t show brush or roller marks
  3. Dry time is dramatically reduced because the layers of paint are thinner
  4. Intricate details are easily coated with paint
  5. You can paint multiple items (like cabinet doors) at the same time

Real Life Projects Using a Paint Sprayer

The times and places I’ve used a paint sprayer may surprise you!

I’ve even sprayed a large armoire in my home…yes, IN my master bedroom no less.

If you read the post on this below, it will tell you exactly how I achieved this beautiful finish and why I HAD to spray paint the armoire. 


Here is a run down of the major paint sprayer projects in my home. You’ll see I’m working during the spring and fall for both. 

In general, the best times of the year to use a paint sprayer is in moderate temperature months: May/June or Sept/Oct depending where you live in the world.

Never paint below 50F because paint is made with water and doesn’t perform as well when it’s cold.

Try not to paint when it is super humid either because it slows dry time of the paint.

Main Items Painted with a Sprayer

  1. Cabinets
  2. Large furniture
  3. Smaller furniture 

I’ve also used a paint sprayer on smaller items too! Things like chairs, coffee tables, and trays.

What I haven’t tried is spraying wall, but with the proper prep that is another option. Especially if to want to paint around intricate moulding. 

Once you get the hang of using a sprayer, it really is easy.

The hardest part of using a paint sprayer? Setting up a room or spray tent. THAT’S IT!

Contains hand selected products, with affiliate marketing links where I may make a small commission if a purchase is made. {full disclosure here}

There are a few extra tools you need in order to use a paint sprayer:

Having these handy make deciding to spray paint a project easy.

Set up of the room or spray shelter usually takes about 30 minutes.

Spray Shelter Assembled
Spray Shelter Assembled

Cleaning the paint sprayer is a process, but NOT hard!

It takes about 5 minutes to rinse everything and clean out the sprayer.

About the same amount of time to clean up, after hand painting.

I’m a stickler for protective wear, so please wear a mask and eye projection every time!

Don’t Be Scared of Paint Sprayers

Because I love to teach and show you how things work I’ve recorded a video showing you how easy it is to use the paint sprayer, as I spray the cabinets blue.

There are deeper tutorials in the project posts I’d encourage you to review. I talk about paint sprayer settings too.

What is funny is the state of my “painting pants”.

Spraying is MUCH cleaner than hand painting.  That mess on my pants is from the hand painting work I’ve done.

Ready to Buy a Paint Sprayer?

The only two sprayers I’ve used are from Wagner, but I’ve heard great things about the HomeRight sprayers from my DIY blogger buddies.

From a terminology perspective, the HVLP = High Velocity Low Pressure

Wagner FLEXiO 5000 HVLP Paint Sprayer

This one is the most similar to the Studio Pro Painter – they rebranded.


Wagner PaintReady Station HVLP Paint Sprayer

This is the new sprayer I own and love it!

HomeRight Power Painter, HVLP Spray Gun for Painting Projects

If you are new to paint sprayers, buying the smaller more affordable option is the way to go!

I hope this has been helpful in making your decision on whether you need a paint sprayer or not.

Painting cabinets? A paint sprayer will save you SO much time and they will look like a pro painted them 🙂

Want more tips on painting? Visit this resource.

Good luck in all of your painting adventures!

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You will know the right sheen for every project…


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Until next time…

Porch Daydreamer


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  1. You say to never thin the Valspar enamel, however the sprayers I’m looking at say they will clog if not thinned. I’m looking at the homeright sprayers. How would I go about this?

    1. Armando, I have painted multiple projects and professionals painting cabinets in my home have never thinned the Valspar Cabinet Enamel. I’ve linked the sprayers that I am familiar with and have no experience with HomeRight and can’t advise. The method I use to make sure the tip doesn’t clog on my Wagner sprayer is to wipe it often with a damp paper towel. Please practice on cardboard until you get comfortable with the sprayer and how it performs.

  2. Your tutorials have been WILDLY helpful. I bought the sprayer you recommended and have had a great results painting my kitchen cabinets with your help. Thank you!! My question is: do you use your sprayer to apply Valspar bonding primer? The directions on the product say if you use a sprayer that you need to back brush the primer to get it into the wood. Is that what you do?

    Thank you!

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