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Before & After Photo Home Tour with PAINT COLORS

Love a good before and after room makeover? Enjoy this photo tour of my major room updates, including paint colors!

Seeing before and after photos of room makeovers inspires me. You can see what is possible for any room in your home! 

This year was a big year of home decor updates around my house and a few major room makeovers. As a year in review, I thought I’d share all of the before and after photos of each room in a fun home tour!

The best part? It includes all of the paint colors too! See the best blue and white paint colors in real rooms. 

Post contains hand selected products, with some affiliate marketing links {full disclosure here} 

Before & After Photo Home Tour

Included are all of the paint colors I used to create the look, along with links to product sources. My hope is to inspire you to take on your own room makeover in the coming year!

It’s so satisfying to look back and see your progress.

This year the room makeover that has gotten the most attention is my dining room. To be more specific, what got the most attention was the paint makeover of the stained credenza! 

Dining Room Before


Dining Room After


Paint Colors

Wall Color: Valspar CI191, Sea Salt Blue

Credenza Color: Valspar 34007-2A, Sharkfin, with custom wash

Painting a stained piece of furniture makes a HUGE impact, but needs to be carefully considered. In this room, it was an almost complete overhaul with custom drapes, new wall paint, new furniture and accessories. 

It’s the first room you see when you enter my home and I couldn’t be more proud of it! The dining room has a modern french country style that appeals to so many people. Even men love the pretty new look!

Makeover Projects to Explore

Many products I used were custom or are no longer available, but I’ve linked some options that will help you create the look!

Click here to see the FULL REVEAL of the dining room. 

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Next up is the powder room! Seriously, the makeover of the dining room inspired many additional makeovers. The powder room is exactly opposite of the dining room and was looking tired having never been truly decorated. 

Big mistake because many times it is the first room people use in your home 😉 Renovation is not something I’ve tackled before because I’ve always bought new construction. So starting in a small space felt right!

This room also explored modern coastal style. I love the fresh take many designers in California take on coastal and decided this was the perfect room for it. 

Powder Room Before

owder Room Before Makeover of a Misfit Powder Room

Powder Room After


Paint Colors

Wall Color: Behr S470-5, Blueprint

Board and Batten Color: Behr 75, Polar Bear

Vanity Color: Custom, Tutorial Below 

This power room makeover was a bit out of my comfort zone, but love how a dramatic paint color, updating the tile, adding board and batten, and new fixtures changed the whole look!

Since buying a new vanity wasn’t in the budget, I created a faux Seadrift/Driftwood finish. Yes, that is the SAME vanity with some paint! It really is amazing what paint can do to completely change the look of anything.

Makeover Projects to Explore

When people come over and see the room, the first thing they love is the mirror. Online it’s been more polarizing, with some people having some negative things to say.

Like my mom says, “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all!” 

If you would like to see all of the details of this room, click here for the full room reveal!

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After painting the powder room, the next weekend I tackled a makeover of the foyer. It is the room just outside of the powder room. The metallic gold stripes had yellowed over time and looked even worse up against that bright white tile and trim.

Then the color of the furniture piece in the foyer looked too green against the deep blue of the the powder room walls, so I painted that too!

Foyer Before

Foyer Staircase with Striped Walls

Foyer After


Paint Colors

Wall Color: Valspar CI198, String of Pearls

Foyer Sideboard: Valspar 5001-1C, Blue Twilight 

Wow! What a difference AND I ended up finding the most perfect rug for the foyer. It had all of the colors found downstairs in my open concept home. The perfect find at 50% off – meant to be 🙂

The entire look is cleaner, brighter and more unified. Luckily other than painting, no major projects were tackled in this makeover!

I see one coming however and want to paint the stair treads white and maybe add a stair runner too. We will see…

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Let’s move outside to my namesake “Porch Daydreamer”. The front porch is truly my happy place and where I go, when the weather allows,  to relax and unwind.

It’s my dog Mick’s favorite place too and I’ve learned to embrace his “watching the world” go by feeling when we sit on the porch. It truly is magical!

Last year I went bright on the porch – pink and green were hot. I couldn’t stand the bright colors nor could I relax out here!

For this porch makeover, I went back to my favorite coastal style.

Front Porch Before

The view from above on my front porch

Front Porch After

mick guarding the coastal front porch

Paint Colors

Home Siding Color: Valspar 4007-2B, Iron Frost

Exterior Trim Color: Valspar White (just ask for it!)

Swing Color: Custom, tutorial below

What a difference! Calming down the colors and adding some softer elements changed everything on the porch. It has bleached out blues and that sand in your toes vibe even though I live no where near the coast!

Loving to make over things with paint, updating the swing to a driftwood finish made all the difference to soften the look. It really was an easy update, along with adding rope to cover the swing chain.

Little details matter in a makeover. My favorite change was planting palms in containers, for behind the swing. They rustle in the wind and if you close your eyes think you are at the beach!

FYI they lasted until December and next spring I’ll plant them in March. Good investment 🙂

For all of the details of this front porch makeover, click here for the reveal. If you would like to see the porch in the fall, click here!

Makeover Projects to Explore

If you don’t have a porch, the outdoor driftwood finish can be used on furniture too! Need to refresh an old Adirondack chair? This would be a beautiful option. 

Depending on when you shop for these items, they may be out of season. So if you land on a search page, type in the name again and hopefully it will come up!

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You are going to find a reoccurring theme here and that is one change leads to another pretty rapidly around my home! After updating the front porch, I started staring at my front door.

After living in my home 8 years, things are starting to get data and tired looking. The sconces on either side of my door were faded and getting rusty.

Front Entry Before


Front Entry After


Paint Colors

Home Siding Color: Valspar 4007-2B, Iron Frost

Front Door Color: Valspar PN1090, Pantone Jet Black

Exterior Trim Color: Valspar White (just ask for it!)

Never one to shy away from DIY projects I decided to tackle replacing the lights myself and refresh the paint. This minor update has major curb appeal!

What I haven’t done is written a tutorial on how to install exterior lights, so look for one in the spring!

After updating the exterior lighting and paint, the door handle and lock set needed to be updated too. See…one thing leads to another in most makeover projects!

To see how to maximize curb appeal at your front entry, click here.

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The master bedroom makeover has happened over a couple of years, but the current version I completed in the fall has been my FAVORITE. Our master bedrooms are our retreat, so having calm colors and pale walls is always my approach.

I’d been living with my “divorce” bedroom furniture for too long. Not being able to afford to replace the nightstands and armoire, paint was my best option!

Plus I got rid of the headboard 😉

Master Bedroom Before


Master Bedroom After


Paint Colors

Ceiling and Wall Color: Valspar CI 13, Feeling Blue

Armoire and Nightstand Color: Valspar 3008-10B, Light Raffia

Paint is the major player in this makeover! The furniture, picture frames, and drapery rods all got a  fresh new coat of paint in light colors. It’s amazing what lighter furniture did to help reflect light and brighten the room!

Plus the updated bedding is my new favorite, with a soft blush tone. I keep reusing the base items: bedskirt, white duvet, white shams, and drapery panels.

Updating a bedroom is easier if you have a neutral backdrop. It’s more affordable and easy to just change the bedding and accessories.

Makeover Projects to Explore

The item I get asked about the most in this room are the drapes. I’ve had them for 10 years and were purchased at Pottery Barn. Unfortunately, they have been discontinued but you can still buy the matching bedskirt 🙂

To read about all of the details of this room and the fall makeover, click here. 

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The office technically was completed at the end of last year, but it’s where I am sitting now and wanted to share. This was a MASSIVE makeover involving a lot of projects, but at the time I was unemployed and had time, but not money!

My office is a favorite on Pinterest and also on my Instagram accounts because it was such a dramatic change from dark to light.

Plus it’s affordable and achievable office before and after!

Office Before

Office Area Before

Office After


Paint Colors

Wall and Upper Cabinet Color: Valspar 7002-16, Swiss Coffee

Lower Cabinet Color: Valspar 4010-4, Indigo Streamer

Mick loves this space and the dog bed I added. Every morning I grab a cup of coffee and say to him “Ready to go to work?” and he hops on his back legs ready to be carried up the stairs. Yeah, he’s 5 lbs and can’t make it on his own.

The space is SO inviting and inspires creativity. It was SUCH a major change and I am so proud of this space.

The updates were at my own hand, so that feels very satisfying. The office is where I built this website and blog. 

Makeover Projects to Explore

Yes, those are not real marble counters! They cost under $50!!! This is a project you too can tackle especially if you are in a rental and don’t love the counters 🙂

If you want to read all about this makeover and see the sitting area plus man cave I made over simultaneously, click here.

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If you enjoyed this home tour and would like download all of my paint colors, click here!

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Happy New Year!

Do you think I will stop there? Nope. Other big makeovers coming in 2019 are the kitchen (started in December), master bathroom, and MAYBE the family room (likely I’ll run out of money, ha, ha – kidding, not kidding).

I’ll definitely be tackling some paint makeovers and will share more tutorials in the coming months.

If you want to see more of my home and paint colors, check out the End of Summer Home Tour  or 10 Year Before and After Home Tour with PAINT COLORS!

As my FREE GIFT to you, with email sign-up a detailed paint sheen project guide! 

You will know the right sheen for every project…


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Until next time…

Porch Daydreamer


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  1. Hope you don’t mind finding this out for me but what is the color of your neighbor’s shutters? Looking for a color like that and wondered what the front of that house looks like. I think it will suit mind.

    1. There will be no way to know…she moved in the same time I did and the house was finished, so she didn’t pick the color. I have a GREAT one to look at for you: Benjamin Moore Water’s Edge

  2. I just love to see all your beautiful
    rooms! It is all inspiring and so helpful! I would appreciate if I could know the wall color of the bedroom before you painted it Feeling Blue. I came across it on Pinterest, and knew I found just the right one,
    Thank you!

  3. Hi Tracey,
    I just came across your blog originally from Pinterest when searching how to refinish kitchen cabinets. I appreciate your advice and break down of instructions. I am going to paint over my previously stained oak island. It has laminate on 3 sides which I attempted to stain, but has scratched off easily. It also has a poly topcoat. So I have a few questions: 1) Should I use a deglosser or chemical cleaner? 2) Need to sand because of laminate? 3) Would like to fill in grain with a wood filler. Would that be my priming coat or do I need to prime over that? 4) I love bright whites in kitchen, but do not want that white color that looks like you need sunglasses- nor do I want a cream or off white. Would you suggest Valspar Swiss coffee or a different one? I like your bathroom vanity color in the BM white paint. Is there a Valspar equivalent color I could get in the cabinet enamel?
    Thank you for your knowledge and expertise!! I really appreciate the advice!

    1. Dana, I’m so sorry it’s taken me some time to respond! I’ve been traveling. Glad you found me 🙂 Have you read any of my cabinet paint tutorials? Just search for them on my site. You have me a little confused with staining the laminate vs. painting. But if you want to paint, I would use a cleaner/deglosser to remove common kitchen grease. Then I would rough up the laminate, with a medium grit sandpaper, to make sure a bonding primer adheres before you paint. I’ve never filled grain or had too, so unfortunately I can advise you on that piece. You may want to start with this tutorial: https://porchdaydreamer.com/hand-painting-or-spraying-cabinets-what-is-better/

      Here is another post with some whites to look at: https://porchdaydreamer.com/20-cabinet-paint-color-combos-kitchen/
      Swiss Coffee in my office is quite bright, so the other whites in this article are a bit softer.

      Hope it all helps!

      1. Thank you for getting back to me!! I definitely looked at the tutorial- I will let you know how it goes! Thank you again- I love your redos and color choices as my whole house is blue, teal, grey and white!!

  4. Hi! I just came across your blog. You have some serious and impressive makeovers!! They all look great! I am currently redoing my dining room and wanted to ask where you sourced your dining room chandelier. It is gorgeous!

    1. Arti, thank you! I appreciate that so much. The chandelier is from Ballard Designs, but they not longer carry it. In my shop I’ve tried to link an option that is similar, but I’ve never found an exact match. Sorry!

  5. Tracy-wow! You rock! Love all the makeovers. I too have done several makeovers this year and was wondering what to do with my old “stuff” (pillows, rugs, drapes, etc). I know I can donate it but….
    Wondering what you did with yours? Thanks!

    1. Lana, thank you! Anything of value I will try to sell locally through Facebook marketplace or at a really nice consignment store by my home. Old faucets, sinks, etc I donate to Habit ReStore.

      Hope that helps!

  6. Holy cow! You sure did tackle a lot!! I bet it is so satisfying to write this with all photos in one place!! Great work!

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