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Master Bedroom Makeover Update: Peaceful Retreat

 Two weeks into the master bedroom makeover. It’s getting to be a more peaceful retreat every day!

If this is your first time hearing about my master bedroom mini-makeover, feel free to start at the beginning by clicking here.

Lots of progress has been made, with some of the bigger items delivered and complete.

On to my mid-makeover progress update! COMPLETE: Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal.

Master Bedroom Mini-Makeover Plan

Just as a quick refresher, here is the mood board for the Peaceful Retreat Master Bedroom:


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So much has happened in a couple of weeks and the room is looking really good.

It’s amazing what a change in paint color will do, a new bed, artwork, and drapes!

The artwork arrived and has been framed!

I’m still playing with pillows to see what will look best.

Shop the Peaceful Retreat Mood Board

The pink bedding linked is similar to my current bedding because it is no longer available. 

Ballard Designs is not part of my affiliate network, but is where I found the white stripe and tassel euro shams. 

Coordinating Contractors

All I can tell you is coordinating contractors has been a real mess. I had issues with the king mattress delivery coming from Wayfair, so that got cancelled and I bought a mattress locally.

Definitely more expensive, but WOW it’s an amazing mattress that helps me get a great night of sleep. 

That whole mattress delay pushed out assembling the new canopy bed, but allowed time to get a painter in before the bed was in the room:)

My painter certainly appreciated not having to move it! I didn’t tackle this room myself, since I the ceiling is painted and there is heavy furniture to move. 

Then there was my own labor of hanging the drapery rods and drapes!

Phew…more projects are planned.

New Canopy Bed and Drapes

Seriously, everywhere I look in catalogs and online tailored straight line canopy beds are the hot bed!

There is something so grown up about them. After living with an upholstered headboard the past couple of years, I wanted to keep the softness of that look.

This new canopy bed doesn’t disappoint and for the bargain price of just over $500 for a king it’s an amazing value!


Mick is a HUGE fan of the new mattress too 🙂 I just had to snap this picture with my iPhone because he looked so cute.

Of note, choosing a bedskirt that works with a four poster bed was important. I love how this one is split at the corner and can drape around the posts. 

It’s not perfect and will always stick out a bit, but it gives me the tailored look I desired.

Notice the drapes are hung on the new clear acrylic rods. I love the longer length and the height they give the room.

This is the new paint color, so let’s talk about that next!

Paint Color Decision

After sampling Benjamin Moore’s, Quiet Moments at 100% and 50%, I’ve decided the full strength was too dark.

Here are what the paint samples looked like up against the original bedroom color.

I realize in the picture they all look so similar, but in person they are not!


The one on the right was the clear winner to match the look I had in my mind.

Plus the pillows and bedding look absolutely perfect with this color.

Quiet Moments is the best name for this paint and just right for a bedroom on walls and the ceiling too!

To Paint the Nightstands or Not?

After seeing the off-white nightstands with the bed and plain white drapes, well they looked plain too!

The idea of painting them made me nervous because I need to leave the matching armoire off-white.

Then I found this amazing VERY EXPENSIVE nightstand, that inspired an idea.


Since my nightstands are off-white, the idea of leaving the drawer frames white looks really nice!

I’ve decided to update the hardware to match the color of the bed, paint the nightstand a gray, and slightly antique the finish.


Here is the color I selected Valspar, Polished Silver and I plan to spray paint the hardware a dark bronze color.

Notice I ALWAYS sample the paint first to make sure I LOVE it! Here is my process:

The Best Way to Test a Paint Color Before Painting Furniture

The blued gray is very tone on tone with the walls, but between the white drapes and dark bed it really stands out!


The green taped areas will remain the original color. Taping was NOT a fun project.

Spraying the hardware was a 5 minute project, so I got a break on that front!

I’ll be painting for days , so wish me luck 🙂

Detail at the Windows

To break up the color at the windows a bit more I will be installing woven shades and remove the white wood blinds.

Since this is a bedroom, the woven shades will have a blackout liner to keep the room dark and private.

I think the color and texture of the shades will look really nice and compliment the bed too!

The woven shades are from Blinds.com and are Bali in Color Spree Studio.

Since the woven shades are custom, they take about 2 weeks to make. That will push out my timeline by one week.

I’ve decided to coordinate with the One Room Challenge Reveal day – old habits die hard!

COME BACK November, 2nd to see the FULL REVEAL. 

Because I LOVE my Porch Daydreamer fans I’m going to give you a sneak peak of how things are starting to look!


See how all of the colors are blending for a very soothing peaceful feel? It looks beautiful with the sun streaming through the windows.

The gallery wall looks so beautiful against the new paint color. Ahhh.

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Thanks for following along and to keep you entertained before the full reveal, here are a few of my other room makeovers:

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Until next time…

Porch Daydreamer


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