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Christmas Magazine Home Tour: Holiday Decor

My home was featured on the cover and in a 10 page spread of Holiday Decor Magazine! See how I decorate for Christmas.

Probably one of the nicest compliments I hear when people step into my home is “your house should be in a magazine!” I always politely say thank you.

Inside, I’m like yeah right. Well, it happened…my home was featured in Holiday Decor Magazine this year.

WOW! What an honor and a shock when the magazine showed up and I got the cover plus a 10 page spread.

Mick my Maltese felt like he got the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover 🙂 It’s all gone to his head…

How My Home Ended Up in a Magazine

How did they find me? That’s the first thing I get asked. It was through my Instagram account.

Cottages and Bungalows found me and they are owned by the same publisher Engaged Media. I simply accepted a request to send them a bunch of pictures.

After a little while they let me know I made it into the issue (I am thinking like a half page) and was super excited.

They scheduled an interview and I didn’t think much about it after that.

Then they asked for my address to send a copy and what arrived put me in tears!


Fortunately, my blog posts have been featured online with some big names but never have I made it IN a magazine.

For this to be my first magazine and to get the cover is such a shock.  I’ll call it beginner’s luck!

The coolest part of this whole experience was my mom finding it on stands first, at her local Publix grocery store in FL.


It’s interesting that I shot all these photos and NEVER did a home tour blog post last Christmas.

I wasn’t happy with the pictures…what do I know? Now you can find this issue nationally at Publix, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, CVS and more!

Guess it’s time for that Christmas Home Tour now 🙂

Porch Daydreamer Christmas Home Tour

Because so many people have encouraged me through this blog I wanted to share those Christmas pictures with you too!

What is interesting about this past Christmas is it was magical! One of the perfect Christmases that included baking cookies in the kitchen with my mom.

I hope you see how we all felt, as you walk through my home, at the most wonderful time of the year 🙂

Christmas in the Dining Room

It’s hard to imagine that I didn’t pose Mick for this picture.

Whenever he sees my camera, he stands right in front of the lens looking his very cutest.


This was a natural moment and he probably was wondering why I was sitting on the toilet in the powder room with my camera LOL!

That’s how I was able to capture this gorgeous cover shot and the only way I could get the full room with the flocked Christmas tree.

The tree was new and put up early so we could enjoy it over Thanksgiving dinner.

Having a little sparkle in the dining room is the best!


French Country themes are at the heart of my Christmas decor.

Featuring elements found in nature and green crystal encrusted greenery.

The little wreaths were an easy and simple touch, but my favorite was the vignette on the blue credenza.


By blending a beautiful gold reindeer (I bought 2 I loved them so much), mercury glass trees, bottle brush trees and some clippings from the staircase garland I created a simple but interesting collection.

It’s all about blending textures, tones, and high with low pieces for the perfect mix.


Just a simple runner, garland, votives and varying height candles make for a pretty holiday table display that can be left out for everyday enjoyment.

Christmas in the Family Room

It’s really funny that the picture I was least happy with led the spread in the magazine!

I remember getting together with my professional photographer friend, after I shot all of these pictures, and telling her how disappointed I was with how they turned out.


Now of course I see the beauty in it and love that you can see so many angles and interesting details of the decor.

See the reindeer on the coffee table, in the bookcase, on the pillow, and the fireplace mantel?

Yes, I was a little obsessed with them and couldn’t get enough for my home.


The mantel is very simple with some garland, candle pillars, and a few little reindeer.

On Christmas Eve, we take down the white “pretty” stockings and put up our family needle point stockings.

They have our names and are in traditional Christmas colors. We just love them!


Funny story about this picture. My dad didn’t notice I had set up my tripod because the light was SO beautiful this sunny morning.

I made him stand to the right of me holding his orange juice, banana, and yogurt while I snapped two quick pictures before he sat in the chair.

He was a bit annoyed LOL, but they came out perfectly so it was worth the hassle.


Our Christmas tree is very personal and decorated with ornaments collected over a lifetime.

It gives me joy each year to pull out all of the ornaments that bring back happy memories.

This is a 9ft pre-lit artificial tree that ended a 13 year tradition of going to the NC mountains to cut down real trees.


It was time for a change because my son is now in college. Knowing I was going to be setting up a tree on my own – artificial made sense.

Do I miss the real tree? No, I really don’t. This one fools me into thinking it’s real and I use the sticks that smell like a Frasier Fir.

There are no needles to clean up, no watering, or sap on my hands and I don’t worry about a dry tree catching on fire.

Best purchase ever!

Christmas in the Kitchen

Right before Thanksgiving, I had beautiful quartz counters installed and boy what a difference they make in the kitchen.

My mom and I WANTED to bake cookies on my large island because it was so pretty!


The chair back wreaths are homemade and add the perfect touch to break up all of the whites.

A BIG reindeer commands your attention on the island and is so majestic.

He was a great find at Hobby Lobby during my lunch hour “just popping into the store”.


I didn’t grab a cart, so I carried him protectively so no one else could buy him first!

What the perfect find for a large kitchen island!

Plus a fun little detail are the snowflake ornaments hanging from the light fixtures.

It made me sing “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.”


Contains hand selected products, with affiliate marketing links where I may make a small commission if a purchase is made. {full disclosure here}

There’s Mick again chewing his turtle! He NEVER lays here accept when I have my camera set up.

Do you have a pretty holiday plate that is hiding in a cabinet? Attach a plate hanging disc to it and hang it above your cooktop with a Command adhesive hook.

Seeing this very traditional plate of Santa Claus makes me smile, as I prep the holiday meals. 

Foyer at Christmas

We definitely don’t have a grand staircase, so I made due with the little banister I had.

It’s really easy to dress up a staircase by tying some garland, bows, and interesting ornaments to it.


If you’d like to know how I hang or attach all of my Christmas decor, read How-to Hang All of Your Christmas Decor and How-To Hang Christmas Wreaths and Garland on a Railing

Place some lanterns on the staircase for interest and sparkle.

The battery operated candles are on a timer and light up at sunset for a cozy welcoming feel that lights the stairwell.


Last, but definitely not least is our Christmas Village on the foyer table.

This picture didn’t make it into the magazine, but it is a special one to me.

My son and I have been collecting buildings and pieces for 10 years. It’s definitely a family tradition he and I created.

It’s the one decoration he asks about. Before he comes home college he asks, “did you put up the village yet?”

We love looking in the little buildings and talking about how much fun the people are having skating, sitting by the fire and eating.


I sure hope YOU had fun walking through my home at Christmas time!

Now it’s time to open the presents…

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Until next time…

Porch Daydreamer


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  1. Tracey, what an incredible accomplishment! Your home is just beyond gorgeous, and your style is impeccable, yet comfortable and welcoming. I adore the handmade wreathes on the backs of your kitchen bar stools…what a great idea.

    Wishing you and your family a joyous holiday season!

  2. Tracey, your home is absolutely beautiful! Your Christmas decorating is gorgeous! Just love what you have done! That precious little Mick just knows when he has to show up for the camera! He’s so cute and reminds me of our little “Princess” who also likes to be included in pictures!

    Congratulations on having your beautiful home in the magazine! Your home definitely needed to be put into the magazine as you have done such a wonderful job of all your renos and decorating! Always enjoy seeing what you have been doing in your gorgeous home! Enjoy this wonderful time of the year!

    Hope your dear Dad is doing well. Keeping you all in our prayers!

  3. Wow, beautiful post! You can tell so much work went into it and I learned a lot. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your magazine spread and cover!

  4. Congratulations! I have to buy the issue now! Your home looks stunning as always and now I am even more inspired to decorate for Christmas. I keep my fall up until Thanksgiving – since we host but it’s so much fun to plan. Congrats once again!

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