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Neutral Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Home!

Looking for neutral Christmas decor because red and green is not your thing? There is beautiful neutral holiday decor and I’ll teach you some simple ways to decorate your home this year!

When thinking about decorating for Christmas, I’m all about the easy button. With the pale blue color scheme, my home would NEVER look good decorated in red and green traditional decor.

Instead, I’ve found other colors that work with EVERY type of home decor.

I’ll teach you which neutral colors to use, so  you can incorporate them into your Christmas decorating this year.

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Neutral Colors for Christmas

Want to know my secret go to colors for decorating my home at Christmas time?

Since my home is primarily in shades of white, cream, and pale blue you can imagine red and green would NEVER WORK for me.

I’m SO surprised that even Pottery Barn has fully committed to traditional red and green…so many of us can’t use it!

Luckily, I’ve found a color formula that helps me choose my holiday decor every season.

Just recently my home was featured on the cover and in a 10 page spread of Holiday Decor magazine. 


Guess what? The colors I lean into for my Christmas decor are colors that will work in your home too – no matter what your current everyday color scheme is today.

So whether I am shopping online, Michael’s, or Home Goods my eye is trained to hone in on specific colored decor because I KNOW it will work in my home. 

Core Neutral Christmas Color Palette

What are the colors I look for when shopping for Christmas decorations?

These are my go to colors year after year and readily available:

  1. Champagne gold
  2. Gold
  3. Silver
  4. Pearlized whites
  5. Sage green

So simple, right? You can imagine how these colors will work with any color because the ARE neutral.

In my home, I can get away with adding rose gold, blush, and pale blue too.

I’m seriously a fan of sage green accents because they are so much softer than a pure pine green!

Neutral Christmas Finishes and Textures

There are other neutral finishes that can worked into your holiday decor. They support a winter vibe. 

  1. Mercury glass votives, candle holders, and vases
  2. Faux fur throws and pillows
  3. Birch or grapevine home decor or wreaths

These elements add a cozy holiday feel that can be left up for months!

Now let’s look at specific items you can use around your own home that will work with your current color scheme.

Happy Christmas decorating!

Neutral Christmas Decor Ideas

First up are throw pillows! They are the easiest and most inexpensive way to decorate for the season.

The cream and white background fabrics go with everything!

Neutral Christmas Pillows


Noel | Similar Three Trees | Silver Holly | Sequin Tree | Tassel Tree | Cream Poinsettia | Silver Poinsettia | Gold Snowflake | Cream Faux Fur

You can use neutral Christmas throw pillows in a wide variety of places including:

  • Dining room chairs
  • Kitchen bar stools
  • Accent chairs
  • On the bed
  • Living room and family room sofa

Each year I keep adding to my collection and store the covers rolled up in a drawer or in space saver bags under beds. 


I literally wanted to buy everything I found for neutral Christmas decor!

There are a few things shipping to me that I’m so excited to incorporate into my home.

Neutral Christmas Decor


Footed Bowl | White Wreath | Faux Fur ThrowWhite Glass Tree | Faux Fur Presents | Gold and White Glass Tree | Crystal Encrusted Trees | Birch Wreath | Gold Trees | Woven Package | Champagne Reindeer | White Crystal Tree

The faux fur and woven presents are such a cute idea to place under a tree or by the fireplace for a fun touch of Christmas.

You don’t have to decorate with faux green trees or wreaths if you don’t want to! 

Use glass trees on the mantel, kitchen counters, on the coffee table, by your bedside, on the sideboard in the dining room or even on the kitchen table.


Mix them with other Christmas decor for a cute vignette just about anywhere!

A neutral colored wreath can be left up to enjoy from Thanksgiving through Christmas. 

The faux fur throw can be used all winter on the sofa, in a chair or basket, or on your bed. 

Now it’s time to get really adventurous and talk about wall art for Christmas.

This year I ordered a piece of artwork to hang above my mantel to change up the look for the winter season.

Can’t wait for it to arrive and hang it 🙂

Neutral Christmas Wall Decor


Merry Christmas Black | Merry Circle | Merry Christmas Gold | Snowy House Scene | Christmas Wreath | White ChristmasWonderful Time | Be Joyful

Of course above a mantel is the perfect spot for artwork, but also a bedroom, a stairwell, in the kitchen or dining room too.

I love this little snowflake piece of art that glitters in the light. Sorry, I couldn’t find a similar one to share with you. 

You can see how a simple neutral piece of holiday artwork adds a ton of personality to a space and can be left up into January.


Hopefully, I’ve provided you with some easy and new ideas on how to decorate your home for Christmas using neutral colors.

You can still have a very festive and welcoming look for the holidays never using typical red and green Christmas decor : )

Have fun decorating this year!

Neutral Christmas Shop

Beyond the items I listed above, I added more to this Christmas boutique.

Just about everything is under $50!!!

The larger art sizes go up in price and I threw a couple of splurges too. 

Watch my Instagram feed to see how I use some of these neutral decor items in my own Christmas decor this year 🙂 

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