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Rotten Fence Post Cap? Cheap and Easy Repair!

Are you looking at your rotten deck or fence post cap and dreading the time and expense it takes to repair it? Luckily, I found a no-paint 5 minute fix that you can install yourself!

Sad but true a rotten fence post cap became my obsession at the start of the outdoor season. Every time I let out my dog Mick the rotting post caps stared back at me demanding my attention. I had avoided dealing with them for too long. 


The straw that broke the camel’s back? I went to close the fence door and bam one the sides of a post cap came off. At first I thought, darn I’m going to have to hire a contractor because I’ve let them get so weather worn. Then…I blew my budget on my front porch update making hiring someone anytime soon no longer an option.

It was time to search for an easy inexpensive solution. By easy I mean NO PAINTING, DIY, and FAST! Yep, I found the Fountain of Youth for my fence post caps 🙂

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removing fence post cap with hammer

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Post Cap Options

Luckily, in my past I worked in the composite decking industry. I KNEW there had to be something I could buy and pop on to replace my rotten fence post caps. The main issue? Where would I find what I needed and HOW was it going to work?

Of course I started with the place I go for everything – Google! However, there were a TON of choices so let me breakdown what I was looking for first:

  • The actual fence post measured 3.5 x 3.5 inches, so I was looking for a 4 x 4 inch post cap.
  • After pulling off the first broken post cap, I could see it needed to cover 1.5 inched down.
  • It needed to be white and no-maintenance, so vinyl was my preferred option.


Then I landed on the Atlanta Post Caps company and they had exactly what I was looking to buy! They had so many beautiful options, but I was going for cheap and something in bulk because 11 needed to be replaced.

Score! Case of 12 post caps, vinyl, white, had a depth of 1.5 inches, and fit a 4 x 4 in post with 3.5 x 3.5 inch true measurement. Yes, the wood manufacturers use “nominal” measurements which means they round up most of the time. The cost? $100!

Click the Picture for Details

white vinyl post cap

Inside of the box they had this handy guide because to a normal consumer the post measurements don’t make sense 🙂 I thought I’d share this BEFORE you buy.


Here is how the post caps look, before you assemble them on the post.


How-to Replace a Rotten Fence or Deck Post Cap

Now on to the “How hard is this Tracey?” It’s SO easy.  The biggest challenge in my mind was how to take off the OLD post cap, but that turned out to be much easier than I anticipated. My fence builder used adhesive, so removal was straight forward in my situation. I pray you find it just as easy too and don’t curse me later.

Useful Tools

An optional step is spraying the post with a 1/3 bleach 2/3 water combination to remove dirt, mold, and mildew. Let it sit a couple of minutes, scrub if needed for stubborn stains, and then rinse off with water (especially the surrounding plants).

This is what I do to all of my white painted areas like the porch railing to refresh the paint each spring.

Spray-with-a-bleach-an-water-mixture-to-remove-moldStep 1:

Using the claw of a hammer, pull up 2 to 3 sides to expose just the cap portion. Because my fence post caps were so rotten this took very little effort at all.

using-the-hammer-claw-pry-off-sides-of-deck-or-fence-post-coverStep 2:

Using a hammer and with some force (I’m 5′ 4″ and on a stool, so it’s not THAT much force), hit up on the underside of the top of the post cap to knock it off. This part is FUN 🙂 Do it after work, when you need to “hammer” out some stress. I crack myself up…

You can see it was just glued on and came off without having to remove nails or staples.


Fence-post-cap-removed-and-glue-remainsStep 3:

Place the bottom section on first. You know it is the bottom because it has the open holes to attach the wood screws. Make sure it’s flush and straight (and covering the non-painted area).

Place-first-post-cap-with-the-smooth-side-down-firstPush-down-piece-as-far-as-possible-to-cover-unpainted-area-and-screws-making-contactStep 4:

Using 2 wood screws, power drill, and hex bit – screw in the screws.  They have a sharp tip, so no pre-drilling is required. The screws easily went through the adhesive on top as well.

A fun fact about wood screws is the top doesn’t have threads, so you can hold onto them as you get started screwing them into the wood. Yes, I did this right after my manicure appointment…

outdoor-wood-screws screw-outdoor-screws-into-wood-fence-postsbottom-fence-post-cover-attachedStep 5:

Snap on the decorative cover. Make sure all four sides have completely snapped into place. I noticed that on one side I usually had to push in the first section a bit, while pushing on the top to get it to fully engage.


Fence and Deck Post Cap Repaired

This was one of the easiest DIY jobs I’ve ever completed! I did each post cap removal and replacement in a matter of 5 minutes. The new post caps make SUCH a big difference. See for yourself and they have a 10 Year Warranty.

Come on birds poop away 😉 The rain will wash it right off!


Good luck on your post cap adventure and if you have the budget there are so many options with solar lights and metal tops.  You can create the look of your dreams! For more project tips and to keep up with my weekly posts please consider signing up for my once a week email!

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Until next time…

Porch Daydreamer


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  1. I love your blog so much, Tracey! Your writing is easy breezy to read (I even hear your sunshiney voice in my head) and you motivate me so much! We totally need to replace the caps on our deck railing because they’re falling apart, and this is so easy that I’m going to order the post caps now.

    Thank you so much for sharing. Your house and your style is my dream! xoxo DDB

    1. Dawn, thank you for taking the time to say HI and let me know that you like my blog! That means a ton coming from you and I am so glad the information is helpful – that’s my goal 😘 Let me know how it goes!

  2. They look beautiful! Well done! I am not very good with a drill so I am impressed with th our skills👌Do you need to caulk where the cap meets the fence post?

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