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Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Trends

Looking for the kitchen cabinet paint color trends? I’ve got nine of the hottest colors you’ll want to try plus coordinating whites too!

Yes, paint color trends are definitely an area of expertise for me and the most requested post each year.

After sharing the top 2021 Cabinet Color Trends, everyone has been asking for the matching paint colors.

Well, of course I am here to help with those 2021 kitchen cabinet paint colors too!

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2021 Cabinet Color Trends

If you haven’t see the post where I detail the manufactured cabinet paint color trends, then I’ll give you a quick summary here so you see where the trends are headed in the coming year. 

There are some definite trends emerging with regard to both stain and colors in kitchen cabinets.

Trends are trends, but you need to choose the colors you want to live with…it is your house.


Top Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

  1. Grayed green blue
  2. Greige to Beige
  3. Forest and yellowed greens
  4. Grayed blue
  5. Deep bronze
  6. Coffee stains

All of these colors are so pretty and yes, I’m sorry to say the cabinet manufacturers are not focused on gray cabinet colors in 2021.

If you LOVE gray, go for it! 

Luckily, there are some CLASSIC kitchen paint combinations that never go out of style.

If you are looking for more cabinet paint colors or more CLASSIC colors:

If you are going to paint your cabinets yourself, DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

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Now onto the paint colors that match the 2021 cabinet color trends!

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2021 Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Trends

So you know…I’ve got ALL of the major paint brands fan decks.

For the matches, I found the best one I could but understand you MUST go to the store and check them out for yourself!

Computer monitors change colors pretty drastically.

Before you commit to a paint color, please buy a tester sample to try out in your own home.

Porch Daydreamer’s Stash of Paint Decks

Some of the cabinet color trends are actually stain colors and I won’t be covering that in this post.

Stain colors are unpredictable changing with the undertone and species of the wood, so they are too hard to recommend!

I’ll be sharing my paint color picks for the top 9 color trends, with coordinating white paint colors as a BONUS!

Here is the key to the colors by manufacturer: 

  • B = Behr
  • V = Valspar
  • BM = Benjamin Moore
  • SW = Sherwin Williams

2021 Neutral Cabinet Paint Colors

Goodbye gray and hello greige! 

Each color brand and name are listed and linked to the actual manufacturer’s paint under each “paint dots”.


B Gallery White PPU12-12 | B Broadway PPU18-20

Are you considering black cabinets, but are wanting something a little softer?

Your answer is a deep bronze like Behr’s Broadway.

I love how this gives a deep rich feeling, without being harsh like black. 

Next up my favorite!

2021 Blue-Green and Blue Cabinet Paint Colors


V Swiss Coffee 7002-16 | V Taiga Spruce 5003-4B


BM Decorator’s WH OC 149 | BM Silver Spring 2120-50


SW Pure White SW 7005 | SW Foggy Day SW 6235

The blues have definitely shifted to feature more gray and are very cool.

Then the blue-gray green in Valspar Taiga Spruce is the newest and in my opinion the prettiest color in 2021!

It is very close to my Porch Daydreamer brand color 🙂

2021 Green Cabinet Paint Colors

The greens have really shifted this year from blue based emerald green to more of a forest green.

There is a lot more yellow in the new greens.


BM Atrium White OC-145 | BM Backwoods 469


B Polar Behr 75 | B Sustainable S350-4

Behr Sustainable color reminds me of a khaki pair of pants, which is really new when it comes to cabinet colors.

What do you think of all of the new 2021 Kitchen Cabinet Paint colors??

In my own kitchen, I did lean into the new shade of blues but in a pastel.


Yes, I played it safe with white as the main color, but used Valspar’s Pelican Blue on the island and pantry area for a fun pop!

So if you don’t want to go with the darkest colors, you can always find a pastel version of the same color for a lighter feel.

General Paint Color Trends

Didn’t see a color you love?

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  1. I am loving the Blue-green colors for cabinets, but I am wondering what would work well for an offsetting or contrasting color for my bar. I am painting my entire LR and kitchen area (one big room) soon and was considering white for cabinets until I saw your website. Now, I’m thinking about maybe a color for the cabinets instead, but I don’t know what to do with the bar. Any suggestions??

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