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Classic Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Looking for classic kitchen cabinet paint colors that will never go out of style? You’ve come to the right place!

With kitchen remodels at an all time high, finding a classic kitchen cabinet paint color is even more important.

Painting cabinets is both time consuming if you are DIY painting and expensive if you hire a professional.

So choosing a classic color is your safest bet, so you love and can live with the color for many years to come.

What is a Classic Paint Color?

How I like to define classic colors is they are timeless even living through centuries.

Many classic paint colors for kitchen cabinets are often historic too being used again and again because they are easy to live with and decorate around.

To help you start narrowing paint color options, let’s think about kitchen cabinet paint colors in major color “buckets”.

Classic kitchen cabinet paint color Groups:

  1. White
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Black

Doesn’t simplifying the colors into 4 buckets make it easier to digest?

I’m leaving out brown because many people, if they want a shade of brown, will choose a stained wood instead.

If you want to see the latest stain trends and trend paint colors for cabinets:


There is a GREAT dark brown that I think is new and interesting called Peppercorn, by Sherwin Williams.

Paint Color Value

Cabinet paint colors will run the spectrum in value…light to dark.

Mixing white into any color (hue) will lighten the value.

Tan would be a lighter value of a brown and gray would be a lighter value of black.

Here is an image of what paint value actually is to help you see what I mean:

Light to Dark on a Paint Chip

The dark and moody paint colors are the darkest value and the light and airy paint colors are the lightest value.

Knowing how much light a paint is going to reflect or absorb is important when choosing paint colors in general.

If you need help choosing paint colors in general, you may find this post helpful:

How-to Pick a Paint Color: Step by Step Guide

Now pay attention to the cabinet paint colors I DIDN’T mention specifically.

Here is a list of colors that would be non-classic kitchen cabinet paint colors:

  • Reds
  • Oranges
  • Yellows
  • Purples

While these colors can make a major statement in a kitchen, they are definitely trendier and harder to live with for more than a few years.

Photo credit: Better Homes & Gardens Pinterest Worthy Kitchens

Hey, you came to this post for the classics right?

I’m keeping you honed in on those ideas and help you stay away from colors that look fun now, but you may regret later.

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12 classic kitchens and cabinet paint color ideas

White Cabinet Paint Colors

White is tried and true plus a safe bet. We are going to do a deeper dive on white versus colors because there is SO much variety.

Any color can be used to tint white and why sometimes white paints can be so hard to choose.

Here is an example of what I mean of how white can change depending on what color is added.


All of these paint colors are considered “white”, so always place your paint chip against something truly white to see if there is an undertone of another color.

If you want to know my favorite picks for whites and neutrals:

Best White and Neutral Paint Colors: Walls, Cabinets and Trim

Because this isn’t my forever home or at least I don’t think it is!

During my recent kitchen remodel, I chose to paint my kitchen cabinets white for resale value.

Most people are fine or prefer a white kitchen, so it won’t stop a buyer.

Here are some easy to use white paint options by undertone.

Cool Whites

Cooler whites will have undertones of gray or blue.

This is my kitchen! Remodel Details
three cool paint colors
  1. Benjamin Moore, Distant Gray OC-68
  2. Benjamin Moore, Decorator’s White OC-149
  3. Valspar, Summer Gray 7006-17

You can see the little bit of the gray in all of these colors making them feel more cool in tone.


Warmer whites will have undertones of yellow or brown.

three warm paint colors
  1. Behr, Smoky White BWC-13
  2. Valspar, String of Pearls CI-198
  3. Ben Moore Cloud White CC-40

Here is a picture of my kitchen with a warmer paint color and you can see how the undertone of a white can make such a big difference.


It’s definitely a warmer look, so make sure you are clear if you want a cooler or warmer look before choosing a paint color for you kitchen cabinet.

Classic Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Now let’s talk about the best options in the other color buckets: blue, green, brown and black.

Doing your cabinets in a color versus white creates so much visual impact and can be so beautiful.

It’s also a classic that will never go out of style.

Blue Cabinet Paint Colors

Let’s start with pretty blues because seriously in fashion and home blue NEVER goes out of style.

It’s more do you want a light look or a darker look.

Making sure the blue has a little gray is important to keep the color timeless.

Plus an undertone of gray makes the blue feel softer and less of a baby nursery blue.

Here are a couple of options you will love!

Valspar, Lighthouse Shadows 4008-3B

Original image courtesy of Don Pedro + Home Design

Benjamin Moore, Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20

Original image courtesy of Domino

Whether it’s a classic navy or a pale soft blue you can live with either color for a long time.

Think about it…all colors go with blue like all colors in nature go with a blue sky!

Green Cabinet Paint Colors

Now let’s go to the cousin of blue and look at greens.

Greens with an undertone of gray are also a good option or even a hint of blue.

Anything that has an undertone of yellow will be quicker to go out of fashion,

Sherwin Williams, Billiard Green 0016

Original image courtesy of House Beautiful / Emily Henderson Kitchen

Sherwin Williams, Rainwashed 6211

Original image courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens

Can’t decide between shades of blue or green?

Why not find something that has both.

Here’s the hottest color of 2021 which is a pretty blue green!

Benjamin Moore, Aegean Teal 2136-40

Original image courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Black Cabinet Paint Colors

Last, but of course not least is good old black!

Black has come into fashion again, in modern farmhouse and industrial kitchen designs.

Check out: Farmhouse Lighting Finds!

Using a softer black that has some gray to soften it makes it feel cozier.

Plus black cabinets look so beautiful mixed with stained wood and white walls for a more dramatic feel that is still classic.

Benjamin Moore, French Beret 1610

Original image courtesy of House and Home

If you are looking for a really DARK and deep black, my favorite is:

Valspar, Dark Kettle Black 4011-2

Phew! That was a lot of paint colors to consider right?

I hope you found this post helpful, as you choose that perfect color for your kitchen cabinets.

PLEASE always buy samples and test them on 8 x 10 foam boards.

Here are some other helpful posts about cabinets!

Do 3 versions of each option you are considering and place them in various parts of your kitchen to make sure it looks good in all lights and angles.

You kitchen cabinet color is THE central color, so make sure you love and can live with color for years.

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Until next time…



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