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2021 Paint Color Trends: Best of the Best Picks!

2021 Paint Colors of the Year have been announced and I’m sharing my best of the best color picks!

It’s so fun to see the new paint color picks every year!

Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, PPG, Behr and Valspar have all announced their 2021 paint colors of the year.

Paint colors are my expertise, so I love weeding through all of the major paint color picks and narrow it down to the best options, 

This year not only am I sharing each of the 2021 Paint Colors of the Year, but also my top 21 best of the best PLUS the best cool, neutral and warm colors too!

Past Best of the Best Paint Color Trends

The good news is if you don’t find the right color in the 2021 paint color picks I have some other paint color trend posts you can comb through.

Then I’ve announced my 2021 cabinet color pick ahead of all of the colors of the year announced.

I’m happy to share I called blue-green gray as THE COLOR OF THE YEAR!

Benjamin Moore agrees and I will be going into detail below!

Let’s dig into the 2021 best of the best paint colors!

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2021 Paint Color Trends

Let’s start with getting familiar with the major paint manufacturers that announce either a single color or a full color palette for 2021.

Of note, I worked for Valspar for 5 years and have always been surprised they don’t just pick a single color…oh well!

Neither does Behr, so it may be that they like the variety since both are carried at home improvement retailers. 

In 2020, there was a clear pick for a single color that was going to be trending and that was a deep or navy blue.

This year is VERY different, but what I like is the colors are definitely complementary.

These are the general 2021 paint color trends I see:

  1. Colors are getting deeper and more saturated.
  2. Gray is OUT and greige to beige are the new warm neutrals.
  3. Warmer colors are the new standout this year.
  4. Bronze is now the new neutral replacing black. 
  5. Blush is moving to deep warm rose.
  6. Blues and greens are still popular, now with mainly gray or yellow undertones. 

2021 Paint Color of the Year

Now let’s look the paint manufacturers 2021 Colors of the Year.

First up is Benjamin Moore and I am OBSESSED with this color

Probably because it is almost a dead match to the Porch Daydreamer brand 🙂

Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal 2136-40

Image courtesy of Benjamin Moore

It is the perfect blue-green gray that coordinates so well with the new neutrals!

I love it with the rich coffee tones that are emerging in cabinets and it coordinates perfectly with the new Sherwin Williams color of year.

Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze 7048 (245-C7)

Image courtesy of Sherwin Williams

Now most of us likely wouldn’t paint an entire room in this deep of a brown, but it is beautiful mixed with warm whites as an accent.

I LOVE this color as an option for cabinets too as a softer alternative to black paint.

Last up is PPG’s 2021 paint color of the year.

PPG Transcend PPG 1079-4

Image courtesy of PPG Paints

Beige is BAAACK! Yes, it is and I’m liking this pretty hue.

Transcend is a nice neutral backdrop to mix with a variety of mid-tone colors. 

Plus it will cast a beautiful glow around the room making everyone look a little prettier.

Behr and Valspar took a different approach and announced their 2021 Paint Color Trend Palettes instead: 

There are 32 new paint color picks you can search through or keep scrolling to see my selections instead. 

2021 Paint Color Trends: Best of the Best Picks!

I’ve gone through ALL of the paint manufacturers colors and am sharing my favorite picks by color category and the overall 21 BEST OF THE BEST Paint color picks.

That way if you are trying to choose a color for your home it’s easier to navigate through the large variety of choices!

If you are specifically looking for a great white or neutral: Best White and Neutral Paint Colors: Walls, Cabinets and Trim

Best Neutral Paint Colors


1. PG Delicate White | 2. BM Atrium White | 3. B Smoky White | 4. BM Foggy Morning | 5. PG Stone Quarry | 6. PG Wheat Sheaf | 7. B Almond Wisp | 8. V Gray Gallery | 9. BM Kingsport Gray | 10. PG Transcend | 11. SW Urbane Bronze | 12. B Broadway

Best Cool Paint Colors2021-paint-color-trends-best-cool-colors-blue-green

1. B Dayflower | 2. BM Aegean Teal | 3. V Academy Gray | 4. B Wishful Green | 5. PG Silver Leaf | 6. PG Salal Leaves | 7. BM Gray Cashmere | 8. B Jojoba | 9. B Royal Orchard | 10. V Blissful Blue | 11. B Jean Jacket Blue | 12. B Nocturne Blue


Best Warm Paint Colors


1.V Soft Candle | 2. BM Chestertown Buff | 3. PG Autumn Glow | 4. V Maple Leaf | 5. B Cellini Gold | 6. B Saffron Strands | 7. V Arizona Dust | 8. BM Potters Clay | 9. B Maple Glaze | 10. PG Big Cypress | 11. BM Rosy Peach | 12. B Kalahari Sunset

Top 21: 2021 Best of the Best Paint Color Picks


1. B Dayflower | 2. BM Aegean Teal | 3. V Academy Gray | 4. V Blissful Blue | 5. B Jean Jacket Blue | 6. B Nocturne Blue | 7. BM Gray Cashmere | 8. B Jojoba | 9. B Royal Orchard | 10. V Maple Leaf | 11. B Cellini Gold | 12. B Saffron Strands | 13. V Arizona Dust | 14. BM Potters Clay | 15. B Maple Glaze | 16. B Almond Wisp | 17. V Gallery Gray| 18. BM Kingsport Gray | 19. PG Transcend | 20. SW Urbane Bronze | 21. B Broadway

Click through and explore ALL of the great new colors.

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to update a space with a new paint color.

“I truly believe PAINT IS MAGIC!”

It is the most affordable way to update a room, cabinets or a piece of furniture.

If you are struggling with how to approach choosing a paint color read: Stop Worrying and Pick a Paint Color.

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  1. Just rereading this and was wondering where SW Sea-salt falls in the color spectrum this time. I was planning sea salt walls and upper white with sea serpent lower kitchen cabinets.

  2. I am having such a hard time picking a paint color to go in an open floor plan with natural cherry wood cabinets? I had the earthy greens and golds and want something different. Grays seem to be out. What colors would you suggest to modernize?

  3. I am so glad that gray is out and beiges are back in. The gray trend left me cold – literally. We have a variety of beige hues in our house and I like them so much better. I’m glad my house is on trend again

  4. Question: my wife and I have looked at Urbane Bronze and are considering it for one wall of our bedroom. However, our bedroom furniture is cherry wood. Not sure how that paint color would look with cherry furniture (the headboard would be against this color). Would like your thoughts. The other walls are builders paint which we would change anyway.

  5. Love your site! I do have a question. If I was to paint an accent wall a blue (like Blissful Blue), what color would you paint the reminder of the walls? Not white.

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