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Cabinet Hardware to Match Your Kitchen Style

A perfect pair in the kitchen: knobs and pulls! Discover cabinet hardware for your kitchen style.

Are you searching for the perfect cabinet hardware for your kitchen style, but aren’t quite sure what will look best?

After working as a Marketing Vice President in the cabinet hardware industry and launching over 200 products, I know a thing or two about this subject 😉 

In this guide, I’m helping you narrow down the big wide world of cabinet hardware options to the perfect knob and pull pairs including some appliance pulls. 

They’re not just for kitchens either…just find what you love for any cabinets in your home. 

Plus I’m going to dish some behind the scenes information about the images I’m sharing too. See what famous designers I’ve met along the way!

General Kitchen Styles for Cabinet Hardware

First, let’s talk about some general kitchen styles not the trends.

There are some basic core styles that most kitchens will typically fit into.

I am a fan of “bucketizing” things to help you understand general concepts. 

Yes, I made up that word LOL!

4 Basic Kitchen Design Styles

  1. Traditional
  2. Transitional
  3. Modern
  4. Industrial

Four easy buckets to think about when defining your own or planned kitchen style.

Of course there are off shoots of all of these design styles like:

But at their core they all stem from the four basic style buckets.

Transitional is a catchall between traditional and modern where you mix the two seamlessly. 

It’s important to keep things simple when you aren’t an interior designer, so you don’t get overwhelmed by all of the options.

These are not style RULES, but instead a style GUIDE. When it comes to interior design, everything is subjective. 

I’ll be sharing pictures with the cabinet hardware pairings, so YOU can decide your design aesthetic.

What design style feels right to you?

Step out and be bold…don’t play it safe with all knobs or bar pulls. Mix and match knobs, pulls and cup pulls for lots of visual interest. 

PIN the pictures you love to your design mood boards, so you can find them later!

Cabinet Hardware Knobs and Pulls by Design Style

Something I want you to pay CLOSE attention to are the “feet” of the cabinet hardware.

That’s the little area that attaches to the cabinet drawer or door.

If you are going to mix two cabinet hardware collections together, you’ll need either the feet or a design element to coordinate.

How to Match Knobs and Pulls

Here are two examples pairing hardware from two different collections.

I found similarities between the knob and the pull.

how-to-match-cabinet-hardware-knobs-pullsNow that you are armed with this design tip you’ll notice these details and chose the best cabinet hardware combos!

I’m sharing 3 different options for each design style.

That’s 12 different ideas my friends!


Contains hand selected products, with affiliate marketing links where I may make a small commission if a purchase is made. {full disclosure here}

Traditional Cabinet Hardware 

First let’s cover traditional because it’s a long time interior design style and never goes out of style.

You will see a picture or two from my own home because that is typically the style I gravitate toward.

Here is my kitchen after a recent remodel that you can read about here: Kitchen Remodel Facelift REVEAL!

The knobs and pulls I chose are very simple in style that have lived with me for years.


Sea Grass Oversized Knob | Sea Grass Pull | Ashby Cup Pull

The channeled details go with a wide variety of styles…especially coastal.

In this collection, I chose the oversized knobs for greater impact.

What’s an oversized knob? One that is approaching 2 inches diameter.

Tip: Knobs and pulls can be installed vertically or horizontally based on the look and location

The knobs can be installed vertically or horizontally, which I’ve done: drawers are horizontal and doors are vertical.

FYI, all collections I’m sharing come in a variety of finishes so if you like the style find the finish you love. 

This next collection is a classic and been around forever!

It looks fresh and updated in the polished nickel finish.

The center bead design works with a variety of cabinet styles too and will dress up a simple shaker front cabinet.

What’s great about this collection is that it comes in the larger appliance size as well. 


Grace Knob | Revitalize Pull | Revitalize Appliance Pull (limited finishes)

These pretty knobs and pulls are in my laundry room!

They work perfectly with the beadboard detail of my cabinets.

The quatrefoil design of the knob is oh so french country and would look pretty in a cottage style.

Plus many of the finishes come in the larger appliance size too. 

Transitional Cabinet Hardware

Oh the faceted angles be still my heart!

I love this collection SO much that I used it in my office.

Plus swapped out the plain pulls of some Ikea furniture to totally trade up the look.


St. Vincent Knobs | St. Vincent Pulls

Isn’t this kitchen so pretty? This photoshoot was in a gorgeous Charlotte home that had been totally updated.

The facets in this collection reflect a ton of light in the polished nickel finish.

Such a versatile knob and pull combo to take a traditional kitchen and move it toward a more modern look. 

Here’s a true transitional look mixing a more traditional pull with a modern pull.


Glacio Square Knob | Cyprus Pull | Cyprus Appliance Pull

If you are looking at bar pulls, consider the Cyprus pull instead.

It’s a nice updated alternative with an arched design for a new look.

This also comes in an appliance pull too! 

Does this bathroom look familiar? That’s because it is mine!

If you’d like to see my bathroom remodel, read this post: Master Bathroom Remodel Luxury Hotel: REVEAL


Oberon Solid Knob | Glacio Pull

Instead of doing a completely traditional knob and pull, I decided to push the design boundaries a bit.

The master bathroom is definitely more on the traditional side, but this hardware is complementary.

With the pull being clear it works with so many styles that I used it in a matte black finish in my Modern Coastal Powder Room Makeover. 

What is cool about the knob is it also comes with a frosted disc insert for a more modern feel.

I’ll show you that next!

Modern Cabinet Hardware

This is the hardware I selected for my son’s bathroom.

He wanted a more modern and masculine look for sure!


Oberon Frosted Knob | Davenport Pull

You can see here where I mixed two styles by keeping a keen eye toward the design elements in the knob and pull.

The raised ridge details on the pull are the perfect complement to the two channels around the knob edges.

They are subtle things that make them work together.

Again I went for an oversized knob for a bigger statement on the dark stained cabinets. 

Do you want to see me install this cabinet hardware and teach you how too? 

Here is a link to the cabinet hardware installation template I used, which will help you a ton!

I’m not going to lie I am kinda of obsessed with this next collection!

The bar pull with the two toned finish, with white, looks INCREDIBLE on a dark painted finish. 

It’s such an unusual look that stands out in the crowd. 


Urbanite Knob | Urbanite Pull

The knobs and pulls come in so many cool finish combinations!

It’s worth a look if you want a more sophisticated bar pull look.

Plus if you are mixing two different metallic finishes in your kitchen this may be nice way to coordinate the two. 

Here is another multi-finish option that is sleek and oh so cool.


Mulino Knob | Mulino Pull

Click through to see the other color options like gold and sliver together!

If you are looking for a super contemporary look, this is your answer.

Especially on flat face cabinet drawers and doors. 

Industrial Cabinet Hardware

Last, but not least is the Industrial style.

It is particularly popular due to the the surge in modern farmhouse style…thanks to Joanna Gaines!

If you are looking for lighting that coordinates with this style, read this post: Farmhouse Lighting Finds

I seriously love this picture because it has a fun story behind it.

In my VP of marketing role, I had the pleasure of sponsoring the cabinet hardware in a Traditional Home Napa showhouse.


Highland Ridge Knob | Highland Ridge Cup Pull | Highland Ridge Appliance Pull

Oh yes, I got to go to Napa and brought my mom along for the fun as well. Guess who the kitchen designer is?

None other than Marie Flanigan and YES, I got to meet her along with Alexa Hampton.

Both are kind, humble, and generous people and are so talented!

Not a bad perk right? So I snapped this picture of the kitchen and this was back in 2016 so Marie was WELL ahead of her time.

Especially since she chose the the matte black finish. This is how trends get started my friends.


Esquire Knob | Esquire Pull

This wet bar is off the kitchen of the Charlotte, NC house featuring St. Vincent.

It goes to show you that you can mix finishes and styles in the same home. 

Here we mixed 3 different sizes of pulls for more visual interest versus doing everything the same size.

We worked with the sizes of the doors to make everything work seamlessly. 

The finish on this collection has lots of texture due to the cross-hatch pattern.

Esquire comes in a variety of two-toned finishes as well. It feels so good in your hand!


Ashby Cup Pull | Davenport Pull

If you are a lover of cup pulls and modern farmhouse, then this Ashby cup pull is for you.

If you aren’t a fan of matte black, this gunmetal finish is a nice compromise and works with stainless steel finishes seamlessly. 

We designed it with women in mind and there is a little gripper underneath, so you won’t break your nails pulling!

It’s also cool because it can be installed on existing 3 inch center to center drill holes, but has a much wider feel.


Yes, now it is time to talk about sizes now that you’ve found some pretty cabinet hardware!

How to Measure for Cabinet Hardware Pulls

YES! I have a full post to help you understand what size pulls you need on cabinet drawers and doors.

The Right Length Cabinet Pulls for Doors and Drawers


It is VERY detailed and walks you through ALL  technical terms.

Then when you shop online or in a store, you’ll know exactly what size you need to buy to fit existing holes.

Length is a preference, but in this pos I give you a general guide on what to choose.

Read this next, BEFORE you buy something new! The Right Length Cabinet Pulls for Doors and Drawers

I sure hope you found all of this information helpful and that I made a somewhat daunting choice easier.

Good luck on your cabinet hardware adventure.

Every single piece of hardware has been changed out in my home, so it’s truly a passion of mine.

Want more helpful posts on updating your kitchen?

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Until next time…



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