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Master Bedroom Mini-Makeover: Peaceful Retreat

It’s time for a new mattress in the master bedroom, so I am planning a mini-makeover on a budget to create a peaceful retreat. 

Looking for some easy and inexpensive ways to update your master bedroom? Follow along the mini-makeover of my master bedroom this fall!

Since I am investing in a new king sized mattress, I am keeping the budget small for updating the decor. Come along on the month long journey of making the decorating decisions.

Everything from the mood board, to choosing a paint color, and deciding what bedding looks best!

Master Bedroom Today

Here is my bedroom before the mini-makeover…I updated it last fall and it has a queen sized bed.

The most expensive part of this makeover is moving up to a king sized bed and all the linens that go with that change!

This blue paint is beautiful, but getting dated after living with it for close to 10 years.

Blush Gray Fall Master Bedroom Update with Pale Blue Walls

I’m ready for a softer and paler more grayed blue to update the space.

When I moved into this home 9 years ago I brought the curtains with me, since they were only a year old.

So I lived with the drapes being mounted above the window due to the 96 inch length.

They’ve always felt too short for my 10 ft ceilings.

drapery rods painted the same color as picture frames in master bedroom

My preference is to hang them as high as possible to extend the height of the room. 

The gallery wall is DEFINITELY staying as is because I love it!

If you want to know how I updated the frames with spray paint and hung the wall design, check out these posts:

  1. Create a Gallery Wall That Looks Like a Designer Did It!
  2. Easily Update Picture Frames with Spray Paint!

The artwork above the daybed is forcing me to stay with pink, so I want a more neutral option for future re-decorating adventures.

The current piece of artwork will pop right out of the frame, so I can re-use the frame with a new 36″ x 36″ canvas. EASY!

daybed in with pale gray pillows

There is also a large armoire that literally can’t be moved and was painted in the past two years, so I’ll be keeping that as-is!

Then just recently, I’ve become completely obsessed with canopy beds and decided that is what I am getting in this makeover. 

Maybe it was my birthday trip to Charleston, SC in an historic hotel that triggered the new love?

Goals for the bedroom makeover:

  1. Buy a new king sized bed and mattress
  2. Update the paint to a softer “newer” blue
  3. Use as much of my existing decorative bedding as possible
  4. Change out the artwork over the daybed to move away from pink as a core color
  5. New curtains that are longer and white
  6. Possibly installing woven shades in place of blinds
  7. Change out to acrylic rods to match the master bathroom
  8. Buy basic bedding in white, as a neutral base for decorating
  9. Keep existing furniture other than the bed and headboard
  10. Thinking about painting the nightstands

Master Bedroom Mini-Makeover Mood Board

When you are planning  a makeover of any space, make a mood board! This can be digital or physical, but do it.

It will help you see how all of the pieces relate, BEFORE you buy or paint anything.

The process has saved me many times from making mistakes and the times I haven’t started with a mood board many “do-overs” have occurred.

Guess what I am calling this master bedroom mood board?


Yes, when I pulled this all together it made me say ahhh…and feel more peaceful! 

The new blue paint color is from Benjamin Moore and the perfect shade called Quiet Moments, but it still feels too dark. 

I’ll likely take it down 50% to make it lighter like I did in my master bathroom makeover.

I find Ben Moore paint colors to be very saturated in general and end up cutting them in half.

Contains hand selected products, with affiliate marketing links where I may make a small commission if a purchase is made. {full disclosure here}

Shop the Peaceful Retreat Mood Board

You aren’t going to believe the price of the king sized canopy bed!

The bed sells out fast, so sign up for email stock alerts if you are interested in it.

The pink bedding linked is similar to my current bedding because it is no longer available. 

If I go with woven shades, they are from Blinds.com and are Bali in Color Spree Studio.

Ballard Designs is not part of my affiliate network, but is where I found the white stripe and tassel euro shams. 

Then, as I was assembling the paint chips and digging through my old bedding I found another option for shams that looks nice too.

If I’d like a darker moodier look in the winter, I can just change out two shams and poof different look!

The shams are a popular Pottery Barn pattern McKenna Paisley:

So maybe I’ll use those at some point down the line.

Here is the look with the current bedding…


Tell me in the comments which look you like the best?

The off-white paint color is the current color of my bedroom furniture and the tan is representing the basic color of the the upholstered foot and head board.

I do that a lot when I can’t take something with me to shop, I’ll instead find a paint color that is close enough!

Master Bedroom Makeover Schedule

Since this is a mini-makeover, I plan to update you mid-month with my progress and a the full reveal by the end of October!

This is the first time in two years I haven’t done the One Room Challenge, so this will be my own Porch Daydreamer challenge 🙂

It was grueling to post so late at night for the link up and my day job work schedule gets crazy this time of year. I am taking a more relaxed approach this fall. 

So you don’t miss the progress, please consider signing up for my weekly email newsletter below.

Or click the picture to download my paint colors, as my free gift for subscribing!

free download of porch daydreamer paint colors

Want to get social? I’ll be sharing updates on Facebook and Instagram , so follow along if you’d like!

Until next time…

Porch Daydreamer


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  1. You’ve achieved your goal of a calm master retreat. Love your updates. Are the PB drapes a clean white or do they have an undertone? I find so many of PB whites to have a strong yellow undertone.

    1. Shari, Thank you! I agree with you on PB whites. Luckily, these are pretty white but are not a bright white. The blanket on the bed is bright white and from PB, so you can compare the two. I’ve been really happy with the drapes and they do have a texture making them look more expensive.

  2. I like the McKenna Paisley, but most of my house has blues and tans. I look at pinks and I see photos of rooms with a whole lot of green and think they are beautiful! But they just aren’t me. Can’t wait to see photos of your finished bedroom!

  3. It’s as if you’re tackling my bedroom do-over!! Our existing bedroom schemes are very similar, minus the pink accents. I’ve been searching for the right, new toned-down blue wall color too and had to laugh when I pulled out my notebook and there was “Quiet Moments” … with an asterisk! And, you’ve saved me a step in the re-do process, your Mood Board is very similar to the Inspiration Picture I’ve kept in my dresser to refer to and keep on track. I’ve been waiting for these hot temps to realize it’s October (Huntsville, Alabama) so I can get started on the painting and today I do believe we’ve broken through. Gonna be with you every step of the way … PS – I’m voting for the Pottery Barn shams. Going to check those out for myself!

    1. Hey, Deb! Awesome we are decorating soul sisters. I’ll be posting this, but I sampled Quiet Moments at full strength and then knocked down by 50%. It looks amazing and is still a lot of color, so I am going with the lighter version. It’s just slightly lighter than my original wall color.

      1. Look forward to seeing your wall paint samples. Still think I’ll be going full strength.

        Bought those white drapes at Pottery Barn yesterday while they were on sale! Sure hope the blackout lining is effective.

  4. Looks like it’s going to be a great new look for the bedroom, very peaceful and serene. I like the McKenna paisley, that’s beautiful close up!

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