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Simple and Elegant Fall Home Tour

Looking for LOTS of ideas on how to decorate for fall? Walk through my home and visit 5 of my friend’s homes for a Simple and Elegant fall home tour!

Simple and Elegant Fall Decor. Doesn’t that sound nice? What about a fall home tour with 5 of my other blogger friends?

Fall Home Tours are so much fun to peruse. Seeing how creative people get with their fall vignettes inspires me each year.

I’m so excited to share the simple elegance of my own home during the fall months.

But the best part it is doesn’t stop with me, but instead you get to follow along and see 5 of my friend’s homes this fall!

Simple and Elegant Fall Home Tour

If this is your first time visiting Porch Daydreamer, welcome! My name is Tracey, a single mom the past 16 years who’s had a crazy career in home improvement.

My son plays college football and that is where you will find me most fall weekends. 

Paint makeovers are my specialty and color memory is my super power!

I love all things home decor and design plus enjoy teaching what I’ve learned along the way.

Porch Daydreamer Pumpkin Spice is my Favorite Season

Porch Daydreamer is all about “Creating a Beautiful Life, One Project at a Time” and I hope you enjoy your time here with me.

French Country decor is at the core of my home’s design. It lends its self so nicely to creating an elegant and cozy vibe during the fall months.

It’s the feeling of sitting by the fire with friends enjoying seasonal Fig Moscow Mules, with cheese and crackers for an easy but elegant evening. 

A French Country vibe is all about mixing fine with rustic, soft elements with textures, and bringing in nature.


I hope you see how I’ve done this all throughout my home’s fall decor. 

Family Room Fall Decor

Or living room fall decor! My home doesn’t have a formal living room, so we call this the family room and it is connected to the kitchen as one long room.


As a matter of fact, to connect the two rooms, the ceiling is painted blue to visually unite them.

Just recently I updated the fireplace surround, so it was fun to work from a new base of white while decorating the mantel!

What is more French than wheat? For height I found these great wrapped sheaves of wheat for the mantel.


Then stacked a WIDE variety of pumpkins in front of the fireplace.

My favorite are the German Glitter pumpkins 🙂

It’s a simple and easy update around any fireplace large or small.


To change up the heights of the pumpkins and create a base for the layers is an easy trick!

Under the pumpkins are wide mouthed glasses and cupcake holders. Or you can use plastic bowls instead.

It’s a designer secret that is easy to use in your own home.


Then to soften the edges in between are some simple green leaves, for an additional touch of nature. 

They were clipped from a large pomegranate stem that is being used in various ways around my home.

To save money, don’t be scared to cut up larger faux stems and repurpose them!

I love how the mantel looks adjacent china cabinet updated with fall decor. 

To pick up the yellow in the cabinet, I snuck in a pillow from the back porch that yet again reflects the wheat!


An easy way to display your pumpkins is to group them in a tray. 

That’s what I did throughout my downstairs and love the mix of three pumpkins or things of varying height. 

Then placed a glass pumpkin for a pop of color inside of the china cabinet.


See the new pumpkin plates from this year’s fall table inside of the cabinet?

It’s the perfect place to store them when not in use!

The colors are so perfect in all of the rooms on the lower level of my home.

These plates were a great budget find that I can use in a variety of ways. Plus use them on our Thanksgiving table!

Now let’s look at the backside of the family room sofa.


For fun, place fabric pumpkins with pillows on chairs! 

These two were left over from the fireplace fall decor, so I plopped them on the chairs for a pop of fall.


Again you can see I used a rustic wood tray and mixed in glass pumpkins of varying heights, with a small arrangement of white hydrangeas.

It’s an easy way to decorate a small table in a hallway too!

Don’t like the idea of pumpkins on chairs, then maybe try pumpkin pillows 🙂


It’s all about mixing and matching using what you have on hand. 

These pumpkin pillow covers were a super cheap find from last year that I ended up putting in the kitchen.


You can see in my pictures how I try different items in different rooms.

It’s part of being a designer trying new looks and “staging” things until you are happy!

Plus I just love to snap pictures of each look to share how to mix and match items. 

Sunroom Fall Decor

This is just a simple little update that wasn’t planned! When walking Home Goods, I found these amazing pillows.

The gold and navy plaid was the perfect update for the back sunroom to work with the current color scheme.


The wheat pillow is the best! I love how it adds a simple touch of gold.

Again, I used the tray that is currently on the coffee table and filled it with fall decor.

Such a simple update that brings an elegant touch to the sunroom.

More Rooms with Simple and Elegant Fall Decor

If you’d like to see other rooms around my home, I have two additional features for fall this year.

Check out my Dining Room: 15 Minute French Country Fall table.

It was so easy to pull together with my everyday items and a few fall updates. 

Just mix and match what you have for a simple elegance.

Combine colors that are opposite on the color wheel for a complementary look that pops.


Then another room to visit is the Kitchen!

Check out 6 Affordable Fall Decorating Ideas for a Cozy Kitchen

You’ll see how easily I updated the counters and island with just a few pops of fall.


It is amazing how simply mixing a few pumpkins with flowers and a pretty throw changes the whole look of the room.

Not only do I use that oversized scarf to wear, but also for decorating 🙂


I love the galvanized tray on the island for more of a rustic farmhouse look.

Create elegance by mixing in glass pumpkins of various sizes and colors. 

The scarf adds a nice touch of fall color on the white kitchen island to pull in the fall foliage in the wide mouth vase. 

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5 More Blogger’s Fall Decor: Simple and Elegant Fall Home Tour

These are some of the best homes to see with lots of beautiful fall decor. They are women you will want to follow!

Visit each home for new unique fall decorating ideas, using the links below:

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To spice things up, we added our friend Julie who doesn’t have a blog but has an amazing Instagram account!

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Until next time…

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