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Spray Paint Makeovers! 4 Money Saving DIY Ideas

Spray paint is a great budget saver helping you transform SO many things in your home for very little money!

A spray paint makeover is a beautiful thing! 

Anyone can learn to spray paint and get easy transformative results for very little money.

Here I share with you 4 SUPER money saving tutorials of spray paint makeovers to consider for your home.

Why Spray Paint is a Great Option

I’ve never met a can of spray paint that I didn’t like!

Spray paint makeovers go WAY back in my life.

Not only have I moved a lot, but I just get tired of things and want to update them quickly and inexpensively. 

Typically I gravitate to spray paint versus a brush/roll on latex paint for smaller projects.

Or if I am painting a surface that has details or is metal.

Spray painting bar cart with black rustoleum paint

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Spray paint is a great option for many reasons:

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to apply
  • Dries quickly
  • Sticks to most surfaces

Want to see all of the things I’ve spray painted around my house?

You may be surprised that I’ve even spray painted black plugs and cords to hide them in my white kitchen.

I even spray painted my knife block so it fit better in the kitchen.

Taking it from a dark charcoal to an off-white. 


10 spray paint makeovers to consider: 

  1. Mail organizer
  2. Knife block
  3. Terracotta pots
  4. Serving trays
  5. Electric plugs 
  6. Metal furniture
  7. Resin and real wicker furniture
  8. Picture frames
  9. Drapery rods
  10. Cabinet hardware

Oh yes! I have spray painted all of these things and loved the results.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have to properly prepare the surface, but seriously you can spray paint almost anything!

If the surface is sound, no peeling or flaking you can spray paint it.

Now that the paint manufacturers have developed metallic and textured finishes you can achieve a wide variety of looks. 


I’ve even spray painted a BRAND NEW picture frame to tone down the gold and match the other accessories in the dining room.

The color I used can be found here: Pure Gold Spray Paint

Shop My Favorite Spray Paints

4 Money Saving Spray Paint Makeovers

Fortunately, I’ve written tutorials on 4 of my recent spray paint makeovers that you can follow.

Or you may just learn some spray tips or tricks and possibly get inspired to change something in your home.

With us all being in lockdown, all spray paint can be ordered ONLINE.

Wooo hooo you can buy it in your PJs and start your project in a matter of days. 

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Spray Paint Grip

This is #1 tool you need when spray painting!

It makes you paint like a pro by controlling the spray so it’s smoother plus keeps your index finger from going numb 🙂

I’ve got two Rust-Oleum Comfort Grips at my house just because I love it SO much.



After trying one, you’ll never use your finger to press the trigger again!


Now let’s walk through the spray paint tutorials!

I’ve SAVED some SERIOUS money by spray painting some big projects. 

Like a gallery wall full of frames and an outdoor sofa.

Reveal: Front Porch Summer Ready!


This outdoor resin wicker sofa used to be dark brown and now is a beautiful driftwood color. 

All with some cans of spray paint a makeover is born.

Yes, honey!

Money Saving Spray Paint Makeovers

I HOPE you’ve found this post not only inspirational, but educational!

There are a ton of paint makeover tutorials on this blog, so feel free to look around:

Paint Project Guide

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You will know the right sheen for every project…


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Until next time…

Porch Daydreamer



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  1. I have a set of three glass-topped tables w/wrought iron bases in my living room. The original color was dark red with black rubbings; it just looked dirty to me. I spray-painted them copper (Rustoleum brand) and they are gorgeous now! The copper color is muted, not super-shiny. I’m always on the lookout for something else I can spray paint copper . . . could be a nice alternative to the color you used on frames.

    BTW, I will definitely get one of those comfort grips! Great suggestion.

  2. I’ve been spray painting things around the house forever! I have black pots by my front door. I can’t remember if that is their original color or not, but every year, I get out the wire brush, clean them up and apply new spray paint. Same goes for my outdoor iron furniture. Spray paint is great for a quick fresh new look!

  3. Can you please share with me the color you used in the new picture frame in your dining room? I have a very similar problem with a new piece of artwork I purchased for my dining room. The painting is perfect but the frame is too brassy gold. The color in yours appears to be perfect for what I need. Thanks in advance for your help!

  4. Hi Tracey!

    Last summer I painted our outdoor patio furniture using Rustoleum Universal in Black Satin. The set looks brand new and still looks great after sitting out this past winter. After reading your post about painting your resin porch furniture, I got the courage to paint our brown resin chairs black. They look great and I only wish I had done it sooner! Thanks so much for all your informative and inspiring posts. 🙂

  5. Luv how you have spray painted so many items. The metal cart that I luv. What did you do to prep it & what black paint did u use after wards. Did you have to seal it also to use everyday. I have a old one painted yellow with metal handles. Would luv to redo it someday when it cools off here in Az. Luv to hear your advice & I look to see your blog everyday / thks

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