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Pick Your Poison Halloween Bar Cart

Who doesn’t love a Halloween bar cart? How about a “Pick Your Poison” bar cart featuring alcohol or candy? Sign me up!

Last year was filled with good intentions of making a Halloween bar cart! Then many other projects got in the way and the black utility cart I purchased sat in my garage.

Well this year, finally I put that bar cart to good use and came up with a fun theme “Pick Your Poison”!

Yes, alcohol or candy – which is your poison?

I’m here to show you all of the fun ways you can set up a Halloween bar cart for a party or for trick or treating!

halloween bar cart theme pick your poison with sculls and witch spell books

Creating a Halloween Bar Cart

As I mentioned, last year I bought a great black metal rolling cart at World Market and unfortunately it sat in my garage getting dusty. I

t was the victim of my painting projects during the Man Cave makeover and got a light dusting of a variety of paints I was spraying.

I also grabbed some fun Halloween bottles at CVS last year and they sat in my garage too.

Sad, I know. That Man Cave project took my entire October to finish!

Spray painting bar cart with black rustoleum paint

This year it was game on and I was going to get my rear in gear! I gave the black cart a thorough cleaning and a fresh new coat of Rustoleum black spray paint.

Then got to thinking, what is the theme of this Halloween trick or treat cart? Well, I had the candy jars and then I found some cool skull shot glasses and poof “Pick Your Poison” was born!

It’s such a fun theme because it incorporates candy and alcohol plus witches, ravens, toxic drinks, and a box of spells to concoct that “poison”.

Yes, I had a good time with this project!

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Pick Your Poison Themed Halloween Bar Cart

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Items to Consider for a “Pick Your Poison” Bar Cart

Did you know that Halloween decorating gets bigger and earlier every year?

Wild right, but when you walk into ANY home decor and even home improvement retailer they have a ton of Halloween merchandise and that assortment keeps growing!

There are a TON of options to add to your Halloween decor and I’ve narrowed down items that are a must for a Pick Your Poison Bar Cart!


Black Rolling Cart

The rolling feature is so nice because you can load it up and roll it out the door on Halloween night or prominently feature it during a Halloween party. Here are some affordable options.

Witch Accessories

Think hats, brooms, ravens, potion books, cauldrons, and even crystal balls! Anything to set the tone that some serious magic is happening on this Halloween bar cart.

Poison and Potion Bottles

It is fun thinking about toxic concoctions and what to put on your cart. Mix jars with candy and alcohol! I even found a great potion sticker set that you can use to apply to clear bottles.

Skulls and Skeletons

Of course you need skulls to represent the toxic things going on in this bar cart! Any kind will do to set the scary vibe. 


Scary or Fun Drinkware

If someone picks the liquid poison, you need something to serve it in and I found some CUTE signs to add to the Halloween cart. They are chalkboard, so you can name your crafty cocktails!

Pick Your Poison Halloween Cart 

Now for the final reveal and all the details! Seriously, you can tell that I had the best time crafting this bar cart. 

halloween bar cart with pick your poison theme

I wrote the “Pick Your Poison” in chalk pen so it can be removed for another theme next year or maybe I’ll stick with this one 🙂

You can see my little twisted sense of humor with the witch legs sticking out of the candy bucket!

looking down on witch leg candy bucket What happened to my witch raven staring at legs

The raven is like “what happened to my witch?”…love it! I crack up every time I think about it. 

black raven staring at upside down witch leg candy bucket

Plus I finally got to use those jar I bought and fill them with fun treats like bat hearts (or mini sour patch kids)!

Then arsenic candy corn – oh the best place to hide that poison. 

bat stopper halloween bottle filled with sour patch kids

Then there is the adult “poison” section, with tequila of course!

The best poison on a bar cart at a Halloween party! On top I’ll likely have a bottle of red wine and serve it in the fun skull goblet and skeleton glasses. 

Every Halloween I dress up as a witch for the trick or treaters and will have a glass of red wine in hand.

Now I have fun themed “goblet” to use. The older kids (you know those 12 year olds with a t-shirt for a costume).

I scare them by telling them I’m drinking “children’s blood”. Ha ha. 

skull shot glasses and skull goblet with toxic halloween bottle and tequila

 A “Pick Your Poison” bar cart is such a FUN way to bring Halloween into your home.

I love this theme idea for a party or just for the night everyone is out Trick or Treating!

Can’t wait to roll mine out to the front stairs to share with the neighborhood 🙂 Shot of tequila anyone?

Only 21 and older of course and I’m checking IDs at the door! Plus it will be fun to change it up every year!

pick your poison bar cart with mum witch hat white pumpkin broom

Upside Down Witch Leg Bucket

Do you love that upside down witch candy bucket? 

Click here for the tutorial: Make an Upside Down Witch Leg Candy Bucket

Upside Down Witch Leg Candy Bucket

Are you looking for general fall decorating ideas outside of Halloween? Check out this post all about fun finds for fall home decor.

Until next time…

Porch Daydreamer



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