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Make Your House Smell Great! 6 Easy Solutions

Is your home getting a little musty smelling now that you are staying home more? Here are some easy ways to make your house smell great!

Is your home starting to smell a little stale with all of the bodies in it lately?

Let’s figure out how to make your house smell great all of the time.

My son recently mentioned the house smelled “funky” and I thought well I’m going to fix that!

Maybe it is his messy room and towels on the floor LOL!

There are easy and inexpensive ways to freshen your home environment…even if your kids are turning your home into a college dorm room.

6 Solutions to Make Your House Smell Great

Seriously, I have been using all of these together and my house is smelling amazing these days.

My son came into the house today and said how great it smells.

So these items really work and don’t take a lot of time or money!


Contains hand selected products, with affiliate marketing links where I may make a small commission if a purchase is made. {full disclosure here}

Here are some ideas that make my house smell great:

  1. Read diffuser
  2. Laundry booster beads
  3. Dryer sheets
  4. Vapor diffuser
  5. Essential oils
  6. Candles

We will go into great detail piece by piece, so you can decide what you’d like to try or commit to doing.

Yes, I have candles on the list because I LOVE the ambiance and smell they deliver.

Some of the other ideas you may not have thought of, so I hope to inspire something new!

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Diffuse the Scent into Your Home

There are several ways to diffuse a scent into your home to make it smell divine!

What do I mean by diffuse?

It’s using smaller particles to consistently release scent into the air.

Diffusers can be active or passive…I know I am getting nerdy on you!

5 Ways to Diffuse Scents Quickly

  1. Vapor Diffuser
  2. Toilet Paper Rolls
  3. Air Filters
  4. Reed Diffuser
  5. Candles

These five methods will make your house smell great really quickly!

Can I tell you how much I LOVE my little vapor diffuser.

Vapor Diffuser

small-white-essential-oil-diffuser-make-house-smell-greatNot only is it pretty it’s so easy to use.

Vapor diffusers FAR LESS expensive than candles in the long run and it’s adding a bit of humidity to the room.

They just require distilled water and a little bit of essential oil to create a SERIOUS scent.


Using distilled water helps to keep the unit clean and mold/bacteria free. 

The one I use has a timer from 1 to 5 hours and within minutes the room it’s in smells amazing!

I only have to fill it up once every couple of days at the 5 hour setting.

It has an automatic shut-off, once the water is gone so it is safe too.

Shop Vapor Diffusers

I’m sharing neutral options, but there are a TON to explore once you click the pictures you can search for other ideas.

There are larger more expensive options too, but I like that these are nice for a counter, nightstand, or desk. 

Now you need to fill them with scents that smell great!

The Fresh Summer essential oil set is what I have been using lately and Fresh Cotton smells so good as it is diffusing.

Shop Essential Oils


Mix and match the scents to make a custom fragrance!

Change your set to match the seasons too: Shop Essential Oil Sets

I’m loving the sound of the Holly Jolly essential oil set and plan to purchase it for the fall and winter months. 

Toilet Paper Rolls


Now that you have a set of essential oils use them in a new way!

A very EASY way to diffuse the scent is to pour a few drops into the cardboard section of the toilet paper roll.

Every time someone spins a roll the scent is released into the air.

I’ve added the Fresh Cotton Summer Fresh oil in all of my bathroom toilet paper rolls. 

Air Filters


Another great way to use your essential oils is to sprinkle them on your home air filters.

As the air is pulled through the filter, it will pick up the scent and push it through your home.

Change out your air filters every three months and sprinkle the scent directly onto the filter for a whole home effect!

Reed Diffuser


Who knew a little bottle and some wood reeds could deliver such a powerful aroma in a room!

Plus they last a LONG time! This pink reed diffuser bottle has been in my home 6 months and smells SO good.

To keep the scent in the room, you need to flip over the reeds at least every week. 

A trick to get even more of the fragrance in the space is to take the reeds out, and flick the oil on the bottom of the reeds on your rug.

I’ve never gotten a stain doing this because it evaporates and leaves the scent behind.

To my surprise, the bottle fell off and spilled when the vacuum cleaner cord caught it.

It got all over the skirt of my sofa and DIDN’T stain.

So please test in a small inconspicuous area first!

Shop Reed Diffusers


NEST brand is a little pricier, but from the reviews is the BEST option.

I’ve linked some less expensive diffusers too, if you just want to test out the concept.

My assumption is the higher priced diffusers have more fragrant essential oils.



This tray is asked about a LOT…it goes out of stock often, so sign up for the alerts!

Shop the Family Room

The last way to diffuse scent and make your house smell great is the basic candle!

I’ve become OBSESSED with the Capri Blue candles that I originally discovered at Anthropologie.

However, they are EXPENSIVE so I went hunting for smaller more affordable options.

If you are interested in buying this pretty iridescent candle, click here to shop.

The price has definitely gone UP! You can buy one of the smaller options instead.

Shop Capri Blue Candles

Here is how the scent is described, and literally it is the best scent ever!

  • Volcano: Tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens. (FRESH)

If you want to shop the ENTIRE Capri Blue Candle Collection, CLICK HERE. 

Laundry Options Make Your Home Smell Great

We are going to think outside of the box now and reach for products that are typically used to wash clothes.

To say I am obsessed with the smell of Gain Original is an understatement!

It smells so fresh and clean plus it is a powerful scent.


I buy this simple Gain Set for what I am about to share with you.

2 Ways to Use Laundry Scents Around the Home

  1. Dryer sheets 
  2. Booster beads

Dryer Sheets


Have you ever thought to wipe down fabrics with dryer sheets?

Seriously, this works so well and makes all of your furniture smell like it has just been laundered!

Get the kids involved to wipe down the sofa as a fun break in the day.

I wipe down the pillows too, so when you lean against them they release the scent.

Use any dryer sheet brand you like or have handy!


Don’t throw the sheet away after you wipe down the sofa!

Instead, there is plenty of scent left in the sheet.

I’ve been tucking them inside of the pillow shams on the beds in my home.

So as you collect them, tuck them around the house to keep the smell fragrant!

Booster Beads


If you have some faux flower arrangements or decorative jars, add a scent!

This small floral arrangement sits in the powder room.

So the bathroom always smells great for guests, I placed a handful of the Gain Booster beads in the bottom of the woven basket.

Then I added some into a ceramic vase on the floor too. 

Leave the bathroom door closed to keep the scent in the room and make it always smell clean!

Of course CLEANING the bathroom and scrubbing the toilet is the most practical way to make it smell great too 🙂

Now YOUR Home Smells Amazing!

Banish those musty and stale odors forever with these easy solutions.

I hope you found some new ideas that you can implement.

Get the family involved to help spread those wonderful scents around your home.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Looking for other helpful tips for around your home?

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Until next time…

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  1. I always love your posts and have learned so much from you. Not long ago I was on a quest to find the right ‘beige/tan/cream’ color for my bathroom, was having trouble finding what I wanted, and then stumbled upon it in the pictures of the small back porch in your home…”Country Charm”. It was perfect, I bought it and my bathroom looks just like I wanted it to, so thank you! I really appreciate your always giving the names of the colors you use, as well as adding links to the products pictured. Some bloggers don’t do that and it’s SO frustrating to see a color or product you like and then don’t get any actual information about them on the blog. I enjoyed reading this recent post about making your home smell wonderful, but want to tell you about a bad experience I had with reed diffusers several years ago when I used them for awhile. One was placed in a bathroom, was accidentally knocked over, and the diffuser oil spilled down the painted wall. It almost immediately took the satin-finished paint off the wall and woodwork. It can also damage the finish on wood furniture, if the diffuser oil is spilled on it. Just wanted you to be aware of that, especially after you mentioned flicking the oil on the reeds onto your carpets. The drops could possibly go flying and hit your beautiful walls or furniture! It might not stain fabrics, but it can surely do damage to paint or wood finishes.

  2. I absolutely love essential oils! My concern is, my pup. I know you have a small dog too. Right after I bought my first diffuser someone mentioned that certain oils can make dogs ill. I immediately put my diffuser away and haven’t taken it out since. I am so happy to hear that you aren’t having problems with your pup and the oils. I am going to buy the same scents you are using just to be safe. Thanks so much for all of your wonderful ideas. I really enjoy all of your posts!

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