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3 Quick Spring Bedroom Updates

Spring is right around the corner starting March 19th. It’s time for some quick spring bedroom updates to transition out of ole man winter!

If you are like me, you are ready to say good-bye to winter! I call it the days of gray, where the sky and trees all look so bland.

Before the beautiful buds of spring appear, why not take the time to quickly update your bedroom for spring?

I’m sharing some quick and budget friendly ideas for a spring bedroom update.

Affordable Ways to Update a Bedroom 

Luckily, bedding in general is very budget friendly and easy to update as the seasons change.

First I’ll share my winter bedroom, so you get an idea of where I started.

It reflected the season moving from Christmas to winter and I loved it during those seasons.


I kept the colors tone on tone with pops of white and cozy fabrics. 

It’s very blue and gray, with snowflake pillows and faux fur that capture that winter feel. 

This is a bed for snuggling during the cold months of winter…trust me there are days it’s VERY hard to get out of this comfortable bed.

Read all about my recent master bedroom makeover this past fall. 

There are three easy updates that I can make to bring in spring in the bedroom.

Easy Seasonal Updates for the Bedroom

Spring is a time of renewal, buds of flowers beginning to open, trees leaves emerge in shades of pale green.

When you think about the colors and mood as spring arrives, it’s brighter and colorful…a perfect place to start mentally on your bedroom updates.

So what are those three easy updates?

3 Quick Bedroom Updates for Spring

  1. Bring in colors of spring and floral patterns
  2. Use lighter weight fabrics
  3. Update accessories to match the season

See how easy it is to make a change?

It literally only took me 15 minutes to make the changes you are about to see in my bedroom.

The little quick changes made a BIG impact to make it feel and smell like spring.

Contains hand selected products, with affiliate marketing links where I may make a small commission if a purchase is made. {full disclosure here}


Love the look of the painted nightstand? 

French Blue Paint Nightstand Makeover

Shop the Spring Bedroom

The woven shades, mirror, and shams are outside of my normal affiliate network so I’ll link them here without pictures. 

Unfortunately, the blue pillows and blanket at the end of the bed came from Home Goods, so I linked similar items.

White stripe and tassel euro shams

Convex oval mirror over bed

Woven window shades Bali in color Spree Studio

If you have a deep mattress like I do and want an extra-large bedspread to tuck-in, I’ve sourced a ton of deep bedding in this post. 

Pin It for Later!


It’s hard to believe I only updated three small things to make the room look like spring.

The first small change I made was to update the accessories on the nightstand.

Using the same vase and some of the white roses that were in place, I added a mixed bouquet of pink peonies.




Then I added one of my favorite candles, which is the Capri Blue candle. 

It smells like spring and summer! I burn a candle in my bedroom all of the time, so it always smells fresh. 

Next, I updated the bedding to shift from the heavy faux fur Euro shams and changed them out to white cotton shams, with a small tan stripe. 



Then I found the most AMAZING floral shams that were on clearance and the perfect inexpensive update to bring in the colors of spring.

Watercolor floral prints are a big trend this spring and this is an easy way to incorporate it into your home.


I used the smaller lumbar blue pillows that were on the daybed on the other side of the room, so the floral print was more exposed.

To pick up the pink of the flowers in the room, I added a lighter weight simple pink and white cotton throw.



Some simple spring updates to think about for your bedroom:

  • Add a lightweight throw at the end of the bed in a pretty spring color.
  • Change out your current shams for bright colors, simple stripes, or a floral pattern.
  • Use throw pillows to coordinate colors in the room.
  • Place pretty faux flowers in a small vase on your nightstand.
  • Keep fresh smelling candles on the nightstand to bring in the smell of spring.
  • Lighten up your quilt or duvet for the warmer weather.
Now it’s time to shop for fun spring bedroom finds!
I hope you found something you love and are inspired to makeover your bedroom. 
Don’t forget to Daylight Savings is March 8th, so longer days are upon us and I can’t wait!
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  1. Tracey, I love the Spring touches you have added to your bedroom — so pretty!

    Spring seems to be a long way off here where we live! We are in the midst of a 3-day snowstorm! Our snow should be gone by April! In the meantime, we will just enjoy seeing what others are doing with spring decor in their home!

    Have a great week!


    1. Thank you! Yes, I grew up part of my life in Orchard Park, NY just over the boarder from Toronto. I remember one time it snowed on my birthday May 11th! Enjoy the pretty pictures for now 🙂

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