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Strategies to Organize and Store Christmas Decor

Looking for a simple guide on how to organize your Christmas or holiday decor? How-to pack and organize everything to make it easier next year!

It’s that week where most of us tackle packing up and organizing our Christmas decor.

My goal each year is to pack and organize all of my decor to make it EASIER next year when it is time to decorate. 

Sharing my best tips for packing and organizing your Christmas decor this year. 

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How-to Think About Organizing and Storing Christmas Decor

Look around your space and think about what items you use pretty consistently from year to year. 

Those are the items to get organized and packed away for easier installation next year.

You can group them in a variety of ways and it’s really how your mind works. 

Here are some easy ways to think about how to pack up your Christmas decor:

  1. Area or Room
  2. Project
  3. Type
  4. As Is

What is important about going through this process is so you can pre-plan the storage tools you will need.

We will go through each type of packing project, but first let’s cover the where to store everything first.

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Places to Store Christmas and Holiday Decor

Hopefully, you have space dedicated in a closet, attic or garage that can safely house all of your Christmas storage containers.

In my home, I’ve worked on two specific areas which are my attic and an un-used linen closet in a hall.

Project: Creating a Home Decor Closet


To make this space work for me, I added an adjustable closet shelving and door system.

Not only does this space store things, but it’s also a wrapping station! 

We use it all year long to wrap presents. The other space I worked really hard on last year was my attic.

By adding peg board as a wall to push items against and shelving to store items.

Project: Creative Ways to Add Attic Storage


Then I added hanging storage for my wreaths as well.

Can I tell you how much time and money this organization saved me!!!


All of my wreaths, garlands, and cords are stored in one location that I can see!

Plus seeing what I had stopped me from buying new wreaths this year.

If you don’t have an attic or closet, maybe you have unused space in the upper third of your garage?

Hanging from ceiling garage storage shelves

Why not install shelving in the ceiling? A great option to used unused space!

Now that you have thought through where to store we can talk how to store all that Christmas stuff!

Packing, Organizing, and Storing Christmas Decor 

We will walk through the various ways to think through organizing and packing your Christmas decor.

Area or Room

When I say area or room, think about an area such as the fireplace mantel or a room could be everything for your kitchen.

For my Christmas mantel, I pack that area all together for easy installment.

The garland, lights, extension cord, and candle sticks get packed in one clear tote.


The main thing is TO LABEL the project bin, once you fill it, so you know exactly what is inside.

From lights, garlands, tree skirt, and neutral decor all of them are organized and labeled in the attic so I see EXACTLY what I have.


Each year if needed, I just peel off the label and add a new one with the updated contents.

Here is my favorite labeler

Everyone who wants to be organized needs a label maker I think!

I used it for EVERYTHING, not just my Christmas decor.

The stockings, hangers and candles I want stored where the climate is controlled.

So I store them in a cabinet right next to the fireplace.


Due to how organized the decor pieces are the mantel goes up in 15 minutes!

Everything is right where I need it.

The breakable glass trees are stored in my home decor closet.

I do this because every year I like to see what I have and repurpose it. 


Some other areas to consider packing this way: staircase, kitchen counters or powder room.

By Project

Exterior Christmas decor is a nice project to organize all of the pieces together.

I typically do just about the same thing each year and have an organization station.

My exterior decor consists of wreaths, garland, and lights.

In my attic everything is grouped together in one location in the attic.

The Pottery Barn boxes house my wreaths and garland.


The green crate houses everything for hanging the wreaths and garland plus it’s labeled too!

Crates are a great option for items you just want to throw in and don’t need to be protected.

Plus they have handles, so they are easy to carry.


What is in my exterior Christmas decor crate:

  1. Extension cords
  2. Timers
  3. Wreath hangers
  4. Plastic ties

It takes me 30 minutes to hang my wreaths and garland because I have all that I need together for the project.

The other thing I pack together as a project is a Christmas Village I place each year on my foyer table.


All of the buildings are grouped together and the brown box contains everything I need for set up: extension cords, surge protector, lighting, extra light bulbs, and mini-accessories for the village.

It sits on a shelf under my stairs and right by where I will set up the village versus in the attic. 

That way it is in close proximity to the project and is climate controlled. 

Think about what items you use over and over and store them together so it’s easy to access and portable.

By Type of Decor

Your Christmas tree ornaments are the most obvious choice for organizing by type. 

Every year you put ornament on trees, so why not organize as much of that together as possible?

Since I change up things, it works for me to organize my ornaments by color.


Each divided storage bin is labeled with what colored ornaments are inside.

Then I try to keep the layers a consistent color, which isn’t always possible.

This method works so perfectly for the dining room tree because it’s always decorated with the same gold and pink ornaments. 

The solid red and blue totes have been with me forever and house my family ornaments, with the blue one having the most precious ones!


You can see how easy it is for me to grab each tote bin as I need it, for the trees that I decorate.

Downstairs I have two Christmas trees, so it is important to keep the ornaments separated or it would be chaos!

Another type of decor is my faux trees and collars. I store them in one area of my attic.


The main tree is stored under my closet stairs, so I can wheel it out when it’s time to decorate. 

In this space, I have the flocked dining room tree and collar, the small office tree, and mini pre-lit trees that I use in random locations each year.


Other things to pack and organize by type: string lights, garland, ribbon, and small wreaths.

That tree you saw wrapped in a garbage bag takes us to our final packing type!

Pack Decor As Is

Yes, pack it so you can pull it out next year and place it! This truly is the easy button of packing and organizing Christmas decor.

A couple of things I pack like this are mini-trees and arrangements.

My blue and white themed Christmas tree is always packed with ALL of the lights and ornaments on it.

Keep Ornaments on Mini Trees for Next Year_Porch Daydreamer

Yep, I just tie a big black garbage bag under the tree and put it in the attic just like that!

Another item I pack up like this is a pretty reindeer and sleigh.

The sleigh portion is filled with greens and ornaments and place it in different locations each year. 


It’s nice to have such a substantial piece of decor ready to go each year!

The only thing I have to figure out is where I want to put it.

To protect the antlers I wrap them in tissue paper and tie a grocery bag around the sleigh to keep everything in place.


Then I place it in an oversized Pottery Barn shopping bag.

To keep it save, I store it on a shelf in the attic.

Takes me just a few minutes to pack and un-pack this pretty piece each year. 

Products to Organize Christmas Decor

Think about the different types of containers you will need based on how you plan to pack and organize your Christmas decor.

Many of these items you will have seen throughout this post.

I’d like to invest in the clear wreath bags…maybe next year!

  1. Large clear tote bins
  2. Divided clear tote bins
  3. Wreath bags
  4. Tree bags
  5. Clear shoe boxes
  6. Clear boot boxes

My suggestion is to buy in bulk to save money.

The clear shoe boxes and boot boxes are the best and can be used to organize your closet too 🙂 

My hope is to inspire some new ideas and help get you organized this holiday season!

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  2. This post came at the perfect time for me. I’ve said it before but this year I’m really going to organize the Christmas decor! First I will have to thin it out! Thank you!

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