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Creative Solution to Store Christmas Wreaths

Are you looking for a better way to store your Christmas wreaths? Here is a smart new solution to store your wreaths in an attic, closet, garage or basement that YOU can install!

Where and how to store wreaths has been a long standing issue at my house.

Yes, I’ve laid awake at night trying to come up with a smart solution to store my wreaths! Sad, but true. 

Stacking them in my attic wasn’t working and flattening the greens. 

Instead I came up with a hanging solution anyone can use in a closet, garage, basement or attic!

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Smart Solution to Store Christmas Wreaths

For over 10 years and 2 houses, a closet system I’ve been a huge fan of is the Rubbermaid® Configurations / FastTrack closet kits.

They are inexpensive, easy to install, and are flexible. If you want an in-depth look at how I’ve used them in my home, click here.

Years ago I worked at Rubbermaid and was the first person to sell this closet system to a retailer.

So you can say I have a little expertise on this 🙂 It was an easy sale!

How the closet system is configured: 

  • Track system is installed horizontally
  • Upright rails are installed vertically to track
  • Brackets attach to vertical rails
  • Shelving attaches to brackets
  • Rod hangers attach to brackets

This means the closet system can be installed anywhere! On drywall or into wood studs. 

It turned out to be the perfect solution to store Christmas wreaths in an unfinished attic!

Here is the before, and yes I am lucky I have a floored walk in attic:


A messy mess that I started to clean up right after Christmas.

Yes, like many people I would open the door and toss in things – close the door and think “I’ll deal with that later!”

After purging an entire SUV full of stuff, I went straight into closet installation mode in the attic!

This is how it looks now…


What a big difference!

Now each year the task of knowing what wreaths I have will take a 5 second look.

With just a few tools, a little patience, and a couple of hours you too can organize your wreaths in your garage, attic or extra closet. 

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Create Hanging Wreath Storage

Remember, this system can go anywhere so think about where you have a blank wall in the garage, basement, attic, or small closet.

It only needs a space 2 feet wide and about 20 inches deep to hang small to medium sized wreaths.

The total space I used is larger at 4 feet by 4 feet and can comfortably hang 8 wreaths.

You could hang 2 rods and hang 8 wreaths in a 2 ft wide by 4 ft tall space. 


Something that I did to wall off the space in my attic is to install peg board.

Numerous things have been pushed off of the floor and into the insulation below.

It was time to fix that too!

  1. 3ft to 6ft Closet System
  2. Peg board and wood screws (if needed)
  3. Power Drill and drill bits
  4. Level (for drywall)
  5. Heavy duty hangers (the ones I use are from Home Goods)
  6. Ribbon or wire

If installing peg board, make SURE to get a #10 wood screw so the head of the screw is larger than the peg board hole.

Yes, a couple of swear words and a 2nd trip to the store made me understand how important that is 🙂 

Shop Supplies

I’m linking a similar peg board so you get an idea of what I used, but bought them in-store.

The sheets were about $7 each and 24 inches x 48 inches.

The studs were 24 inch apart center to center (standard), so I was able to install 2 sheets of peg board in a 4 foot space.

You can see I kept going and plan to create a wall of 16 feet in the attic!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am NOT going to cover the directions that come with the closet kit because the way I installed it is different. 

If you are installing into drywall, please follow the kit instructions and a stud finder may come in handy. 

Step 1: Install Peg Board into Wood Studs

We will cover the basic installation directly into wood studs in an unfinished room like a garage, attic, or basement.

That means I didn’t need to use the “track” portion of the kit for this project. 

Using wood screws, screw peg board into wood studs. Attach to wood studs at the top and bottom of the board. 


ONE side of the board on the right is not attached to a stud, but is slightly on top of it to hold in place. 


The section I created is 4 feet wide, by 4 feet tall.

Step 2: Install Upright Rails

Next, attach an upright rail to each wood stud.

In this space, I used 3 rails. The kit comes with 4 total.

Use the long wood screws that come with the kit. 

Measure and decided how high you would like the shelf.

This height will be used to determine the height of the upright rails.


In my case, I wanted to store a few things on the top shelf, so it worked to place the rail as shown above.

Plus it gave me a clear mark to use, so everything lined up.

If you decided to do something different, measure and use a level to make sure all uprights are at the same height. 


I held up the upright where I wanted it and drilled through the hole into the wood for screw placement.

Drilling a pilot hole, with a small drill bit, for installing the screw that comes with the kit was VERY helpful.

You can see the uprights sit at exactly the same height. This is CRITICAL so the shelf is level.


Also, the rail on the right is now securing the far edge of the peg board. 

Step 3: Attach Brackets to Uprights

Attach brackets at the height you would like the shelf to sit and the rod to hang.

NOTE: the rod holder will drop 2 inches from the bracket, so factor that in for placement. 


Place shelves on brackets. PAY ATTENTION: there are little labels on the shelf pieces.

A goes on first and B goes on second. 


LOCK shelves into place on brackets, by sliding the small plastic pieces. 

Step 4: Attach Rod Holders and Install Rod

Attached rod holders to bracket and install rod.

Make sure they are secure in the end of the bracket!

Attach-rod-hanger-into-bracket Place-rod-in-hanger

Step 5: Hang Wreaths

Attach wreaths to hangers.

I found ribbon that I used to wrap packages (the ribbon you curl) worked perfectly!

This year when I took out my wreaths to hang them I just cut the ribbon to release the wreath.

Since the ribbon is so inexpensive, it didn’t bother me to cut and discard. 


It’s so nice to see all of my wreaths hanging together in one location.

Now they will keep their shape and have a longer life because they are hanging so neatly!


The metal wreath was easy to slip directly on the pole itself.

That is also another option for hanging your wreaths or even garland.

You could clip stocking or tree skirts to pant/skirt hangers too, so you can easily access them each year. 


Your own creativity can be used to make this space maximize your Christmas decor storage. 

Christmas Wreaths Hanging and Organized

What I love about this wreath storage set up is I can SEE everything!

This literally is my wreath organization station:


The crate holds all hangers, timers and extension cords for my outdoor garland and wreaths.

The boxes hold the outdoor garland and wreaths.

I literally can pull the crate and boxes out to the porch and have my wreaths and garlands hung and 30 minutes!

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It’s exciting  to know that next year this will be siting here organized and ready to use, so I can be more efficient!

Anything I can do to organize and simplify a process is one I will embrace.

Because the closet system is SO flexible set it up the way that works for you!

Install 2 rods to hang more wreaths or install a shelf. It’s up to you 🙂


Ever one to over achieve (or as my friend George says “move the finish line”) I added another closet section for more storage.

Now the ornaments and interior garland is organized into easy to carry totes, with labels of exactly what is inside!

One tote remains empty waiting for me to take down the main tree 🙂

Other posts you may find helpful to organize your christmas decor and other areas in your home:

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You will know the right sheen for every project…


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Until next time…

Porch Daydreamer



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  1. Wow, nice. I love these ideas. I never thought about putting all my wreaths together. I put my wreaths together in a plastic bin, according to each holiday. Example: Christmas wreaths with Christmas decorations. Thanksgiving wreaths with thanksgiving decorations. Fall with fall decorations. I think you get the idea. However, I am loving your way of putting away your decorations. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. It does my heart good to see such organization in the attic for Christmas decorations. The best I have in my attic is a “side” dedicated to bins and boxes. Just a tiny suggestion: throw some kind of cover over your wreaths to cut down on dust accumulating among the branches. Couldn’t hurt; might help with allergies when bringing into the house.

    1. Hey, Theresa! I installed this after Christmas last year and have been pleasantly surprised that they didn’t get dusty. I’ll look for an old sheet for this year to help, since I do have allergies 🙂

  3. I love this idea! You could also use inexpensive “S” hooks to hang the wreaths. My cousin has hers hung like that so I can’t take credit for the idea, however, it inspired me to go out and buy “S” hooks at the hardware store and hang my wreaths like that. BTW, make sure you buy the right size hooks. I made the mistake of buying ones that were too small to fit over the bar I was using. Duh

  4. Love the idea for wreaths. Can you not put the wreath over the bar instead of on a hanger? When I started putting my wreaths away after Christmas, my helper friend commented on how many I have. Unfortunately they are scattered all over and not in one place where they could be accessed quickly. I would probably have to have many more bars to hang them all. 🙂

    1. Arrilla,

      That is definitely an option, but remember you would need to take every wreath off the bar to get to the wreaths placed in the middle. The end “metal wreath” I hung on the bar because I can pull it off easily. Good luck getting them all organized 🙂 If felt good to get mine in one spot, so I know what I have before I buy more 🙂


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