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20 Helpful Kitchen Products: Storage and More!

Are you looking for new ways to organize your kitchen or for helpful products that make life easier? I’ve got lots of innovative and fun ideas for you!

I’m always on the hunt for helpful kitchen products…especially on Amazon.

Literally you can find anything online that will solve a problem or help organize and store lots of products.

Many of the products I’m sharing are also in use in my kitchen or are new additions.

Plus I’ve been moving to more sustainable products and moving from plastic to glass storage. 

Come along as I share my favorite finds! Plus you can shop the full list here: Helpful Kitchen Products

Contains hand selected products, with affiliate marketing links where I may make a small commission if a purchase is made. {full disclosure here}

Helpful Kitchen Products: Storage and Organization

In the recent years, I’ve been deciding to get rid of plastic storage.

It just feels off microwaving food in plastic, so I’m limiting it as much as possible.

Plus glass is just more practical, is dishwasher safe, doesn’t stain, and can be heated without issue.

Read about the KITCHEN REMODEL

In the last couple of years, I took all of pantry items in the cabinets and put them in large glass jars on the counter.

Not only is it keeping the products more tightly sealed, but also looks nice too!

I love how creating a glass jar pantry on the counter keeps things so organized and pretty.

The jars can hold anything from rice, cereals, ground coffee, K-cups, sugar packs, flours, sugars, candy, tea, pastas, protein powder, collagen supplements, dog food, laundry supplies.

Literally, the possibilities are endless and you can use them any way you wish!


The project immediately following pulling stuff out of the cabinets was installing new pull out drawers (tutorial) and soft close hinges (tutorial)!

So if you are looking for an easy solution to organize everything from food to pots and pans, try out cabinet pull out drawers!

If you are interested in how I organized the lids to my pots and pans, I used this wire lid organizer stand

I made sure to use the cabinet adjacent to my cooktop and below my coffee maker.

It makes things so convenient when I am cooking or need to grab collagen powder for my coffee. 


The next step in converting to glass is glass food storage for leftovers!

My love for these started when a friend sent me home with some leftovers in a glass container with a snap on lid.

There are SO many affordable options, so if you are ready to donate your old plastic storage do it!

Glass won’t stain, you can use it in the oven, and store it in the refrigerator or freezer.

The sealed snap on lids are way more leak resistant that my old plastic containers plus the snap on lid glass containers come in really pretty colors too!


Another great option that is reusable for food storage are silicone zipper bags.

I found I was throwing away so many plastic bags after marinating food or sending Mick’s food to the kennel.

These solve that problem and are top dishwasher safe too!


I’m loving the new lazy susan to spin my cans of soup!

Yes, I lose a little space in the cabinet but I love I don’t have to pull out everything to see what is in the back.

The clear lazy susan I purchased is perfect for a narrow depth cabinets.

If you have more depth, here is a really larger clear lazy susan one with dividers. I had to return because it just didn’t fit.

Both are a two pack option and for the price you can’t beat it!

Make sure to measure first and make sure the cabinet door will still close too. 


Another great organization project is to organize your spices! 

Last spring I cleared out the clutter and put all of my spices into labeled glass jars (tutorial).

It’s so easy to read the labels and find exactly what I need.

If you want to keep track of the expiration, just add some labels at the bottom and mark the date.

To tier the bottles and maximize the space in the drawer I use for spices, I added these great clear expandable trays. 

You can use these not only for spices, but also for medicines, vitamins and make-up too!

Want more ideas? Shop the picture below!

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Acacia Lid Canisters | Reusable Storage Bags | Glass Pantry Jars | Clear Lazy Susan | Cork Ball Jars | Glass Food Storage | Packet Organizer | Rainbow Vitamin Organizer

I have the fun rainbow vitamin organizer too and it comes in a 2 pack. 

It is making taking my supplements much easier because I put two weeks worth in at a time.

Then when I travel I just grab and go! That’s making me much more consistent in taking my vitamins!

Helpful Kitchen Products: Problem Solvers

I LOVE to find new products that help solve issues everyone has in the kitchen.

Companies are really getting innovative in their designs to help make our lives much easier.

Many of these products you wouldn’t even think you need, but once you will wonder how you lived without them.

Image Courtesy of the Manufacturer

First up are silicone baking mats! Yes, I own an entire set and use them EVERY week.

They aren’t just for cookies or baking either, but yes I do use them for baking like I would parchment paper.

It’s an easy reusable non-stick solution for a variety of needs. 

You can place the large mat on the counter to pound chicken or roll out dough.

My favorite is using them when baking meatballs because the grease is contained and they cook perfectly.


Another use is making parmesan chips with shaved parmesan. The come out crisp and ready to eat!

To clean, all I do is rinse them off and toss them into the  top rack of the dishwasher.

The set I bought above has every imaginable size for every dish or pan you have. 


Another product I LOVE and use literally every day is a battery operated milk frother!

Surprise, this is a product that you probably never knew how many uses it has.

Use it to whip cream, scramble eggs, and mix your supplements into liquid.

The battery use life is LONG! I think I’ve used it 8 months without changing the battery.

Just rinse the mixer end in soap and water after every use.

Here are other problem solver products to shop!

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Hands-Free Soap Dispenser | Under Cabinet Organizer | Snap-On Strainer | Small Towel Bar | Pull-Out Cabinet Organizer | Tiered Adjustable Drawer Organizer | Milk Frother | Silicone Baking Mats | Avocado Slicer

If you like avocados as much as I do, then I’m sure you are on a quest to keep them fresh after cutting.

Or maybe it’s a struggle to cut slices safely and neatly.

Check out the avocado slicer and avocado keeper too.

Other helpful products I love or own:

  1. Tiered cabinet organizer. I use this under my bathroom cabinet to raise my little trash can and store products on the shelf.
  2. 12″ towel bar. No place for dish towels? This is easily installed in small areas. I’ve added it to my kitchen island. 
  3. Snap-on Strainer is PERFECT for any pot or pan plus is dishwasher safe. My favorite use is straining hot grease safely.
  4. Automatic soap dispenser. We are all washing our hands often and this is a pretty and convenient option.I have this one in stainless, but LOVE the gold option. 
  5. Pull-out Cabinet Organizer. Great to organize lids and cookie sheets. I wish I had a spot for this!

I’m full of ideas and to help you have added everything in one spot to shop.

There are even more ideas that can be found here:

Porch daydreamer amazon kitchen shop

Thank you for visiting my shop! Check back often because I add to it every week.

Another post you may find helpful: 18 Helpful Products that Maximize Storage

SO MANY options that I hope you found something that may help you around the kitchen.

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Until next time…



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