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Girl Meets Garage Makeover REVEAL!

Want to see what a garage looks like when a woman designs the makeover? It’s time for “Girl Meets Garage” makeover reveal!

With all of us staying home ALL of the time, a garage makeover is a perfect project to tackle!

That’s how I felt and wanted to clean up my messy and unorganized garage after 10 full years of total neglect.

It’s time to share all of the details of my garage makeover and help get you thinking about yours.

When a Girl Meets a Garage

Seriously, this isn’t your basic “dude/man” garage maxed out tool storage makeover for sure!

Pretty and visually pleasing were at the core of this change, with organization being par for the course.

Instead, I thought through how I wanted it to look when I pulled in and how I USED the garage.

Now that I have a blog and am doing more projects than ever!

I even thought about filming in the garage and added some personal touches.

Let’s review my garage makeover plans: 

  1. Hang the pegboard and all of my tools
  2. Change out the utility sink and add towel bar
  3. Add peel and stick tile to the back wall
  4. Cover the work bench counter in contact paper
  5. Paint the “garden shed” armoire
  6. Add shelves for more storage
  7. Clean out and donate paint
  8. Add lighting over work bench
  9. Install shelves over utility sink

You can read the entire garage plan here. 

Contains hand selected products, with affiliate marketing links where I may make a small commission if a purchase is made. {full disclosure here}

Can I tell you HOW MUCH WORK this was and how many weeks it took?

It was ALL WORTH IT! Plus to clean the floor I had to spray Easy-Off Oven Cleaner and scrub LOL (great hack if you need it on your epoxy floor).

My son was wowed by the before and after and I hope you are too 🙂

A reminder of the before…


Close-Up of the Damaged Workbench Counter

Did you know I have a LOT of tools?

You are going to see many of them in the reveal.

If you need help knowing what tools you need I’ve got a great post you may enjoy: Single Mom’s Guide to a Basic Tool Box

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Garage Makeover Reveal

Are you read for the reveal?

I’ll have all of the links to the sources along the way. 

It was definitely Merry Christmas to me…



I almost can’t believe it is the same garage!

It feels neat, fresh, and clean plus everything has a home with organization galore.

Pegboard and Tool Organization

Just hanging the silver pegboard was a huge help and why it took 10 years to hang I have no idea LOL.


Now all of my tools are in easy reach. I can tell you that wasn’t the case before.

When my friend was helping me install the sink, I was reminded how unorganized I really was.

Plus I had a little fun by adding a sign in the center #paintismagic as a personal touch.


The BEST part of the pegboard are the bins that run along the bottom.

All of my screws, nails, picture hangers, Command hooks and adhesive are now all easy to see.

Most of this stuff was in clear bags or boxes, so it’s a huge benefit to grab and go…especially as I have been hanging my Christmas decor. 


As I searched for pegboard organizing products, I was happy to find the cup holders that came with the full set of hangers. 

They are perfect for holding pens/pencils, small brushes and paint tools where I can see them.

Again all of this was tucked in multiple drawers and hard to find.

Do you like the paper towel holder too?

So organized and functional now!

New Lights and Counter Makeover

Seriously, adding the caged hanging lights is a game changer!

Not only do they look perfect in the space, but to light up the work bench and tools is such a benefit.

They tie to the light switch with the overhead lights, so it was a simple update for my electrician.


Then covering the very disfigured counters with white wood grain contact paper made a huge difference!

I may regret choosing a white wood finish, BUT it’s temporary and removable so easily changed.

The white counter helps to tie in the new white utility sink, which is a HUGE upgrade from the old tub sink. utility-sink-garage-shelving-peel-stick-tile


It’s the best looking and most affordable utility sink too, with a deep oversized stainless steel sink!

The pull down goose neck faucet works so well!

I’ve already cleaned out paint brushes in the sink and it is so much easier with a sprayer.

Then I can wash my hands too and dry them easily now that I have a towel handy. 

These are the most inexpensive hand towels in a pack of 15, but look nice too!


Plus having a little storage underneath the sink is an added bonus.

It’s now where I am keeping my step stool and “painting shoes”. 

Then a couple of conveniences I added:  attaching a towel bar to the sink and adding an inexpensive trash can with a foot pedal for when my hands are a mess!

Peel and Stick Tile Plus Storage

Apparently, I can’t do math and WAY over ordered tile.

In reality, I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to install and if I would be any good at it.

So I ordered a TON of this gorgeous turquoise peel and stick tile.

I am so happy I did, so I could tile the whole wall for color!

Here is the FULL tutorial with video too on how I applied it to the wall. 

Peel and Stick Tile: How-to Install on a Wall


What a nice change when I pull in and see this bright shiny tile.

It’s going to be easier to keep clean also because I can easily wipe off any messes.

The flat white paint on this wall was unforgiving!

Did you see the armoire and its new coats of paint?

Now it’s gray and I LOVE it.


I used the can of Krylon Chalk Finish Paint in Misty Gray leftover from my review.

It was good to really test it out on a large project and the color is so pretty!

The planter is also a last minute makeover…I did a concrete faux finish to make it work with the floor.


I added some faux boxwood stems that brighten up the space.

They are really nice if you are looking for some for inside of your home. 

Do you see a dude doing any of this??? Ha, ha.

Then you can see I also added some plastic shelving, which was needed!


This plastic shelving is really a bargain is easy to put together.

Plus it holds so much!

Then a BIG goal was to get everything off of the floor.

With everything hanging, on a shelf, in a cabinet or drawer I can now easily hose down the floor.

Spider webs, dirt and leaves be gone!

Here is the wall track and hook system I previously installed in the garage. 

Shelves for Pretty Things

The wall shelves were originally for holding some of my tools and Miracle-Gro fertilizer for my watering can.

Well, I decided to add pretty things too!

Overtime I’ll likely change up what sits on these shelves, but for now I love them.

They are from Ikea: Burhult Shelf and Granhult Brackets. 



The watering can used to be my son’s when he was little and it was red.

He always wanted to follow behind me as I watered flowers and help.

This watering can brings back wonderful memories, so I wanted to display it.


Now it’s in a pretty shade of rose gold spray paint after a 5 minute update. 

The butterfly somehow got trapped in my garage and died.

So I found a mirrored display box to honor it… this garage emerged from an ugly shell too!

Ending on the butterfly seemed appropriate because this garage has been TRANSFORMED by a WOMAN 🙂

I hope you have enjoy the garage makeover reveal and I found a lot of great products for areas other than your garage.


If you have enjoyed this garage makeover, I have a lot of other rooms to inspire you!

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Until next time…

Porch Daydreamer


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  1. Hi, quick question. The link you placed for the pegboard takes me to a white one, instead of a silver one like in your pic. Did you paint your pegboard by chance?

  2. Could you tell me what type of garage flooring you have? I painted my garage floor with an epoxy paint 10 years ago and now time to repaint.

  3. Wow! Tracey! I can’t believe all you have done in your garage! You amaze me at all you decide to do! It looks more like a “craft” room. Those shelves are so pretty and especially that watering can that was your son’s when he was a little guy! Such a great idea. The armoire looks great, too. You have done such a great job with everything. This is definitely the nicest garage I have ever seen! Have a great weekend! Do hope your dear Mom is on the mend.

  4. I love all your projects but especially this beautiful garage. I especially like the “girly” style vs mechanic he-man look. Your use of functional yet pretty materials is inspired. My garage is the last frontier of my lovely new home and I plan to devote as much time to making it special and highly functional as well. My MAIN QUESTION is about the 2 lower cabinets under the plywood workbench slab. Are they unfinished wood cabinets that you painted, then topped with the plywood? Are they on wheels or risers? or are they ready-made metal cabinets. They are just lovely. I have gray tall cabinets but I do need the shorter ones to create a bench too. Thanks so much. Keep the inspiration coming.

    1. Hi, Patricia! Sorry for the late response…been busy decorating for Christmas and painting too 🙂 The lower cabinets are from Home Depot and I’ve had them for over 10 years – they came with me from my old house. Luckily, they came in that finish which is really durable. They are on feet and don’t roll. Unfortunately, when I went to see what they have now there aren’t a lot of options. Wayfair seemed to have more…here is an affiliate link to search. They have gotten expensive!

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