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How-to Hang All of Your Christmas Decor

Are you Googling how to hang your Christmas wreaths, garlands, and lights? Here is a simple and helpful guide to hanging different types of Christmas decor.

Maybe I am OCD, but hiding cords and hangers when decorating my home for Christmas has become a mission!

Here I’m sharing how to attach or hang a WIDE variety of Christmas decor in your home.

There should be a solution to hang just about every type of Christmas decor! We will cover:

  1. Hanging garland on a staircase banister
  2. Attaching wreaths to chair backs
  3. Hanging wreaths on mirrors or windows
  4. Clipping lights around doors or a mantel
  5. Clipping garland to a round mirror
  6. Hanging wreaths on interior and exterior doors
  7. Hanging wreaths on cabinet doors
  8. Attaching wreaths and garland to a porch or deck railings 

Check out my full home tour:

2019 Holiday Home Tour

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Christmas Decoration Hangers

There are SO many things that need to be hung at Christmas time both inside and outdoors!

Think about it there are wreaths, garland, and string lights hung in a variety of locations.

You need to be prepared, before you start decorating, so you have all of the tools that you need on hand.

That way Christmas decorating will go much faster and be less frustrating.

There is nothing worse than having to run to the store in the middle of decorating!

Here is your Christmas Hanging Tool Kit:

Something that I don’t have pictures of is hanging garland around the front door.

At my last home, I did that every year and just used nails hammered into the wood trim and secured the garland with garden twist tie. Easy…

Hanging Garland on Staircase Banister

The look of a garland swag up a staircase still gets me! It’s so elegant and timeless.

This was the first year in this home I decorated my staircase and love the softness garland brings. 


For my small banister, I used 3 ea. 6ft garlands.

Around the post I wrapped the garland to take up some length and pull it off the floor. 

To measure where to swag the garland, find the middle of the banister. 


Zip tie at the top, the middle and the end post where you have wrapped to secure it.


Pull greens over the plastic zip ties. They disappear like magic!


Add beautiful ribbon and ornaments to decorate.

To hang the bows and ornaments, I secured them with ornament hangers

Attaching Wreaths and Ribbons on Chair Backs

This one is WAY easier than you would think!

If you have an open back chair, just tie a small wreath on with a ribbon or hook with an ornament hook.

This year I decided to keep it simple with $3 dollar wreaths from the dollar spot at Target. 


The wreaths on the plates are hung the same way. Just an ornament hook!


YES, it’s that simple.

I was careful to make sure it won’t poke someone in the back and if it does I can easily remove the chair wreath for when company comes. 

Lambs Ear Wreaths Lined Up_Porch Daydreamer

Then for upholstered chairs, all you have to do is add a couple of straight pins up under the frame or seam of the chair.

You can barely see them and only if you are looking!

These wreaths are homemade!

Here is a full tutorial on how to make embroidery hoop wreaths. 

Chair Back with Pins_Lambs Ear Wreath_Porch Daydreamer

Christmas 2019

This is another and idea to decorate the back of chairs.

Pin velvet ribbon and hang an ornament from a pin at the top.

It gives the same chairs an entirely new look. 

Hanging Wreaths on Mirrors

Here is an option to hang a wreath on a mirror – any mirror! Here I’ve hung wreaths on each square mirror on my back porch for a little Christmas decor. 


Since most wreaths don’t come with hangers, create one by wrapping a garden twist tie under the greens and around the back of the wreath. Make sure to tie in a knot, so it holds securely!


Place a Clear Command Hook on the mirror in the location you desire and hook the wreath to it using the twist tie hook you created. 


Since this area isn’t temperature controlled, I used the outdoor version of the Command Hook.  


Once the wreath is hung on the hook, you don’t see the hanger at all!

Hanging Wreaths on Windows

Next, if you want to hang a wreath on a window use the same clear Command adhesive hooks for indoor use.

In my kitchen to make a simple wreath prettier, instead of hanging it with a twist tie on the back, I used an organza ribbon instead!



Map out the height you want the wreath to hang, wrap the ribbon around the back of the wreath, tie a knot, and cut the ribbon to length.

Then tie the other end around the hook.


My hook is hidden behind the window treatment, so it doesn’t show.

If the hook does show, create a pretty bow or simple flowing ribbon strands. 

Hanging Christmas Lights Around Doors, Windows or Mantel

Christmas lights are my favorite holiday decor! They brighten even the darkest corners.

Adding lights has become even easier now using clips with removable adhesive backs.

I was SO impressed with the Command Adhesive Light Hooks, when decorating my Christmas mantel this year and used them to add lights around my front door.


To keep the garland and lights straight and secure on the mantel, I added clips to the top and on the sides before placing everything. 

Just push the light cord into the clip and you can even slide and pull to make it straight.

The clips really hold!


Then to hide the plug and extension cord and keep it taut, I placed another clip on the side of the mantel and the garland greens now cover it.

USE THIS SAME METHOD to clip around doors, mirrors, and windows too! 


To secure the slack of the light cord, on the side behind the garland, use Command Cord clips (they come in clear now!) to hold in place.

Remember the adhesive is temporary and you can remove the clips at the end of the season!


The white cord clip you see above is old and been up for years. I

f you want to see a full tutorial on a 30 minute mantel, I have a whole post on that!



I used the same exact method to attach garland to a mirror to create the look of a very large wreath. 

Just push the garland into the clips in about 5 to 6 locations to secure. 

Hanging Wreaths On Interior Doors

Interior Doors

For an interior door, this is where a staple gun and ribbon are a great option.

If you didn’t want to use ribbon, you could use a Clear Command Hook on the door and follow the same process I outlined for hanging a wreath on a mirror.


Find the center of the width of the door by measuring across and mark at the very top of the door.

Measure how far down you want the wreath to hang leaving enough ribbon to tie around the wreath as a hanger. 

Also leave a couple of extra inches for adjusting 🙂


Cut the ribbon. Slide the ribbon over the top of the door in the center, leave a little dangling over the other side.

Add one staple to the middle of the ribbon and then trim off with scissors the excess ribbon on the other side of the door. 

Afterward, create a bow and tie it around the ribbon that is the hanger. I found this much easier than trying to create a bow and a hanger at the same time!


If you want to add battery powered lights, attach them with a garden tie. 

It’s cool how you can’t see the light pack from the front!

Hang Wreaths on Cabinet Doors

Who hasn’t seen the pretty wreaths hanging from cabinet doors in Hallmark Christmas movies?

I wanted to try this myself and found a safe and easy way to hang mine in my office. 


Just measure how far down you want the top of your wreath to hang from the top of the cabinet door.

Add 3 inches for flipping the ribbon over the top of the door.

Cut the ribbon looped over on itself to that length.


Attach the ribbon to the wreath either through the hanger or around the wreath base.

Secure with some painter’s tape.

Flip over cabinet and secure with two pieces of painter’s tape.


Repeat the process and keep the ribbon lengths the same and all of your wreaths will hang at the same length.

Why don’t I use a Command Hook?

They are expensive…plus you can’t easily reposition them if you are off-center or want to adjust the hanging length.

It’s MUCH easier to move the painter’s tape and reposition plus a whole lot cheaper too!

Hang Wreaths on Exterior Doors

The first Christmas decor I install is the wreath on the front door.

It’s really the easiest Christmas decor there is! Using a clear over the door hanger, slip over the top of the door, and hang the wreath.


If you want to add battery powered lights, just use the garden ties to secure the lights to the inside of the wreath. 


This light battery pack has a timer.  I made a point to turn on the timer right after my other outside light sensor turned on the lights at dusk.

Then they automatically turn on together!

Hanging Wreaths and Garland on Outside Railings

Now let’s hang garland and wreaths on the railing.

The best trick I’ve found is to use a deck rail hanger for the wreaths.

They hang perfectly and securely. For a full tutorial, click here.

Exterior Wreaths Hanging from RailingLooking through railing to see hanging wreath

To hang garland on the outside railing, simply use large plastic zip ties at the center and each end to secure.

attach cable tie around railing and secure end of Christmas swag

Make sure to place the male end at the closest point to the outlet.

Use an outdoor extension cord and timer, so you can set it and forget it!

Cords plugged into outdoor timer


How-to Hang Christmas Decor at Your Fingertips

Hopefully, I’ve shared some helpful tips so you can hang all of your Christmas decor without issue.

Having the right products on hand speeds up the decorating process and makes it far less frustrating!

Then you can decorate even more areas of your home 😉

Christmas Magazine Home Tour: Holiday Decor


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  1. Tracey, I am so sorry about your Mom and you not being able to be with her. This is the best decorating tips I’ve read! I ordered Command Hooks for all my outdoor wreaths and to hang my string lights on my Gazebo. I’ve been putting off those tasks because I didn’t want to use staples! I know your house is spectacular. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy spoiling your son!

  2. Tracey,

    I was wondering if you might have a way of displaying Christmas cards. I have enjoyed all your ideas that you have and have learned from your emails. Hope you have a blessed Christmas.

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