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How-To Hang Christmas Wreaths and Garland on a Railing

The easiest way to hang wreaths and garland on a railing, so it’s perfect every time!

You aren’t going to believe this little trick to hang wreaths on a railing that comes from the summer months! 

Truly, it makes the job of hanging wreaths easy so it only takes a few minutes to complete each Christmas decorating season.

Then there is a really easy and inexpensive way to hang garland too. 

Hanging Garland’s and Wreaths

This solution won’t be for every type of house, but it will work anywhere you have a railing:

  1. Porch
  2. Deck
  3. Front Entry

Or maybe you will get creative and use it elsewhere around your home either inside or outdoors.

If you do, please post in the comments to share!

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How to hang wreaths and garland on railings

Here is my home home all dolled up for Christmas and you can see not only do I have a lower porch, but an upper one as well.

So to make my life easier, I found a great solution to quickly install my outdoor wreaths and garlands. 

All of my wreaths and garlands are pre-lit and organized too!

I have a great method to store my wreaths and garland that you may want to try!


It makes decorating so much easier and saves me money because I know exactly where everything is!

How-to Hang Christmas Wreaths on a Railing

Seriously, this is one of the first Christmas projects I tackle because to hang 3 wreaths and 2 garlands on my porch railing because I can finish in 30 minutes!

What do I use to hang my wreaths?

A window box planter adjustable deck rail hanger!

What is SO perfect about using the railing hanger is every wreath is hung at the SAME length. 

Here is exact product I use, which is ADJUSTABLE to the railing size:

There are links to 3 different retailers to help you. These are sold in a pack of 3, which worked out well for me 😉

The hangers sell out, so this will help narrow your search. 

Shop Supplies


Pre-light your garland and wreaths. Keep the lights on even in storage.

Then when you pull them out at Christmas time they are ready to go!

I usually can go 3 years before having to replace the lights!

Step 1 (for lighted wreaths):

Gather supplies: wreaths, garland, outdoor timer, extension cords, railing hangers, and 18 inch cable ties.

At my house I keep everything for this one project in an old milk crate that I’ve had since college!

Supplies for hanging a wreath in a milk crate, timer, extension cords, and railing hangers

Step 2:

Map out the center of the railing you are attaching to with a tape measure or count the spindles. 

I’ve done this so many times that I know it’s nine in from each side.

Attach brackets to railing by opening the bracket with the wing nuts, sliding the adjustable part tight onto the railing, and then tightening the wing nuts to hold in place.

Here is what they look like on the railing from the front.

You can see there is a perfect hook to hold a thick wreath 🙂

hangers on railing from the front before hanging wreaths

Step 3:

If your wreaths have lights like mine do, plug in timer to outlet, plug in extension cord(s), and run one to each wreath.

You know Mick HAS to help and be in the picture 🙂

Cords plugged into outdoor timer

Wreath hangers on railing with extension cords leading to each location


Step 4:

Hang wreaths on hook portion of hanger and plug in lights to extension cord. 

If you don’t have lights, I would use a small cable tie and zip tie the wreath to the hanger in case of windy weather. 

Looking through railing to see hanging wreath

It’s as EASY as that your wreaths are hung all at the same height and length without having to measure!

Exterior Wreaths Hanging from Railing

How-to Hang Christmas Garland on a Railing

This one usually has me mumbling under my breath because I always seem to thread the cable tie “zipper” in the wrong way!

Do you do that? In all seriousness hanging garland is very easy too. 

Same as above gather all of your supplies, plug in the timer, and extension cords. Find the center of the railing

  1. Attach in three places: each end and in the center
  2. Start by attaching the garland in the CENTER, so it is held in place
  3. Place a cable tie around the garland and railing, then pull as tight as you can.
  4. Clip the long ends leftover on the cable tie.
  5. Plug in the lights!

attach cable tie around railing and secure end of Christmas swag attach cable tie around railing and garland in middle of railing plug in extension cord to light strand on christmas swagGold and Silver Wreaths on Railing_Porch Daydreamer

Then turn the timer so they automatically come on at dusk and turn off before you go to bed!

What I love is when I come home at night and the house is all lit up!

exterior of how with christmas lights on wreath glowing

Ta da! All of this gorgeousness took 30 minutes.

So buy those railing hangers NOW and tuck them away until you are ready to hang your Christmas wreaths!

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