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Predicting 2020 Lighting Trends and Finishes

Looking for what’s new in lighting? Here’s a sneak peak into lighting trends 2020!

My favorite place to find new trends that will change home decor is with the lighting manufacturers. They are cutting edge setting the tone for home design trends 12 to 18 months ahead of just about all other home decor manufacturers. 

After walking the High Point Furniture market this spring, there were some clear lighting trends I saw that will impact 2020 interior design and an emerging new finish you’s start to see everywhere next year!

2020 Lighting Trends

Walking the High Point Furniture Market is always a treat! I see so much inspiration, meet new people and trend spot.

The lighting showrooms have been a favorite ever since I was at the head of marketing at a cabinet hardware manufacturer.

We found lighting to be the BEST predictor of home decor trends and finishes. The higher end lighting companies are usually displaying what will be a trend 12 to 18 months out in the future. 

I’m a “keep it simple” kind of person. Yes you can visit hundreds of showrooms to find trends, but there are a few that never disappoint and always hit the mark!

What lighting showrooms do I focus on?

Both Currey and Arteriors also design and manufacturer furniture, accessories, and decor in addition to lighting. They set many trends in interior design due to the fact they are a one stop shop!

Circa is truly a lighting company that fosters licensed brands with a TON of designers, so you get a wide variety of styles to see. 

What did I find in the way of stand out lighting trends?

  1. LOTS of geometric shapes
  2. Woven and natural elements 
  3. Black finishes
  4. Light and ethereal feel
  5. An emerging finish: Silver Leaf

Interesting shapes are showing up in wovens, natural elements, in Silver Leaf and black finishes, as shown below. 

Geometric shapes are dominating all of the new looks and finishes. Definitely we are heading toward a more modern view in lighting. 


Traditional cut crystal is being replace by natural rock crystals and recycled glass. Metal is being twisted and turned into more free form shapes. 


Natural materials are being recreated in ceramics and man made woven materials for lower maintenance and longer lasting lighting options. 

Silver Leaf the Emerging Metallic Lighting Finish

In reality, the newest thing and what I’ll call is an emerging finish is Silver Leaf or Antique Silver.

What’s nice about this finish is it is a warm silver. As I looked at paint colors for 2019, grays are getting warmer too, so it’s all evolving in the same direction. 

Out is a cold “battleship” gray for cozier tones of gray.

Image Courtesy of Global Views

Global Views literally searches the globe to determine the next “it color” and finishes, also produced new items this year in Silver Leaf.


Silver Leaf and Ethereal Feel: Lighting Trend #1

Currey and Company had Silver Leaf front and center as you entered their show room. The year prior every thing was black and gold.

Literally, I gasped as I entered this section of the show room. It felt SO ethereal and shimmery. 


You can see they covered a wide variety of shapes from geometric, free form, orb, and classic chandeliers and lamps in Silver Leaf.

What about that settee with the cranes! Even the wood banding is finished in Silver Leaf.

At Circa, within the brand Aerin they also were featuring the same ethereal feel.

In this collection, it’s more modern and uses recycled glass as the natural element. It made me feel calm, as I looked at this group of lights. 


Natural crystals were being used in all types of lighting from wall sconces to chandeliers.

This was the featured Chandelier at Currey and Company.

Raux Chandelier by Currey and Co
Raux Chandelier

Stone and marble finishing is also emerging using ceramics and composites to save on raw materials and reduce the weight.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a close up picture of a “marbleized” lamp but that is a new finishing technique as well that we used in cabinet hardware. 

Swaineley Table Lamp Currey and Co

This is the direction home decor will be heading in 2020 and 2021. Natural elements with Silver Leaf will be taking over a kitchen or bathroom near you!

Just recently I toured a $6M new home that used this softer style of decorating, click here for that home tour.

Black: Lighting Trend #2

Gold is still on the scene, but I think will fade in prominence over the next couple of years. 

Now gold is a highlight being mixed with black and white. Gold will never ever drop off, but it won’t be as important. 


Black is being used in both geometric shaped lighting and traditionally shaped chandeliers and table lamps.

Note the deep forest green? That was one of my top paint picks this year too. I saw it EVERYWHERE in High Point.


Woven and Natural Textures: Lighting Trend #3

This trend has hit a peak and is now being used more plus worked it’s way into more affordable price points. 

Natural stone and beads are being added to this category for an even more textural feel. Palecek was kind enough to give me a VIP tour and they do not disappoint!


YES! An ombre dyed beaded tiered chandelier. It’s was an absolute stunner and created a new look out of an existing shape.

Notice the dark and moody walls mixed with woven elements behind it? That is a trend too!


Then here we see two trends mixing natural elements with a geometric shape.

If you want to see the most gorgeous woven products that are hand crafted (note: expensive), visit Palecek.

They are the most cutting edge company in this category and really are the leaders in bringing out new ways to weave natural grasses.


All of their products are handcrafted making you want to feel and touch everything!

I loved this series of woven chandeliers that could act as oversized pendants. 

At Arteriors, they were focused on all things natural displaying woven shades, mirrors, walls, rugs and furniture.

Combined with black it makes a statement!


Currey and Company took a new take on a classic chandelier shape, by wrapping it for a woven look.

Plus notice the tiered woven piece behind it that would look perfect in a modern coastal home. 


This looks so fresh and new in the world of lighting.

Want to know more 2020 Trends?

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Post contains hand selected products, with affiliate marketing links throughout {full disclosure here}

Shop Lighting Trends

Luckily, a few of these trends are now emerging on the scene in Fall 2019. The price points on many items are higher, but the wovens are in full swing and readily available!

The higher end designs have to be purchased through a designer – sorry I can’t link them via my website.

Now that you’ve seen into the future I hope you love it! It is a very exciting time in interior design.

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New materials are emerging and a global view is changing how items are designed. Gone is the day of same old traditional decor!

My advice? Decorate in the style you love and don’t worry about the trends – they come and go.

Find pieces you love, want to live with, and enjoy 🙂

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Until next time…

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  1. Oh Tracey!! I love light fixtures! This is a great post for anyone wanting to update a room. I am happy to see that silver leaf is on the move and hope it will be around for a while, it is such a refresher from gold. (In my opinion, anyway!) Good luck on all your painting projects…you have a lot going on!

    1. Cecilia, Hi and thanks for letting me know you liked the post! I’m in agreement and have advised friends when renovating to stick with silver in the kitchen and bath 🙂 I still love gold as an accent in other rooms.

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