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Home Tour: Faux Flowers and PAINT Colors!

Is the upkeep of bringing home flowers from the grocery store to daunting or expensive? Try adding faux flowers in your home instead!

Faux flowers have improved so much over the past few years that it is hard to tell the real from the fake. Are you surprised to hear that all the flowers in my home aren’t fresh?

Or another issue you may face is not being able to keep plants alive, so why not try faux greenery too!

I’ll show you all of the places I have faux flowers and greenery in my home and you may be surprised they aren’t real.

Plus where to buy good fakes and the paint colors in each room as part of “Shop the Look”.

Top 6 Tips for Using Faux Flowers

First, let me share with you my best advice for using faux flowers and greens in your home!

After many years of experimenting I’ve learned a few things and also discovered how handy wire cutters are for faux stems.

cutting faux flowers with wire cutters

Many times it will feel like you can’t cut through the stem, so just clip as far as you can and bend back and forth until the piece snaps. Best trick ever!

  1. Spend the money on high quality faux florals and greens. They last for years and you really can see the quality difference.
  2. When doing a larger arrangement, work in odd numbers of stems 3, 5, 7  for visual balance.
  3. Don’t be scared to trim each stem from the bottom or individual branches to get the shape you want.
  4. If you want a round bouquet, wrap a rubber band around the stems just under the flowers and then trim the stems to the proper length for the container.
  5. Buy faux flowers that are blooming or in season at the time you use them for maximum effect. 
  6. Mix real and fake flowers in the same room. No one knows what is real or faux in my house 🙂
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Want to know the best places to buy faux flowers and greenery?

Here are my favorites:

I’ve also had luck at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s as well!

Of course Pottery Barn is going to be the most expensive, but you can’t beat their quality!

Luckily, some of the better quality suppliers are turning up at the other retailers I’ve mentioned.

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Faux Flowers and Greens in the Kitchen

Since I have an extremely large kitchen island, it needs larger home decor accessories for sure!

Trying to keep fresh flowers on the island is difficult and cost prohibitive because I need taller stems.

After finding the BEST glass vase from Target, I been getting creative adding a wide variety of seasonal flowers and greens. 

faux greenery in glass vase on kitchen island

For winter, I found these beautiful faux lambs ear stems. They look so soft and pretty from this shoot talking about how to create a counter pantry with glass jars.

Before I updated my counters to quartz, I also used eucalyptus stems as another nice green accent. 

Then as spring approached, I experimented with a couple of different stems to add color to the kitchen island.


One of the tricks to using faux florals is to choose options that are in season. Look around and see what is in bloom around your town and find the same option that isn’t alive.

Growing up in my teenage years in the Baltimore, MD area I remember cherry blossoms each spring in Washington, DC. They always amazed me!

This year I found some nice pink cherry blossom stems that look like they came straight from a tree.


After leaving the cherry blossoms up for a few weeks, I then saw that yellow forsythia was in bloom. Actually, my nose told me first because they seem to aggravate my allergies!

Another little trick with faux is to drop a few flowers on the surface below to make it look like they are real 🙂

I fooled several guests with these pretty yellow flowers. In the end, I liked the pink in the room so back went the cherry blossoms.

Shop the Look 

Kitchen Blue Wall and Ceiling Color: Valspar 5002-1A, Winter in Paris

Close Match to Cabinets: Valspar 7002-13, Courtyard Tan

Where did the forsythia branches end up? That’s where I’ll take you next!

Faux Flowers and Greens in the Office

Since I work from home, I really focused on making sure I created an office space that I loved! It needed to be bright and sunny.

To soften the hard edges of the computers, it was important to bring in some flowers. BUT, I didn’t want to spend money regularly for fresh flowers.

With the blue and white theme, yellow was the perfect accent in this space and it also picked up the yellow in the beautiful plate from Italy I purchased many years ago.


The yellow forsythia are the perfect accent in the blue and white ginger jar. Each morning I see these as I sit at my desk and just love having the bright pop of color for energy.

Again you see I sprinkled a few flowers on the desk to make them look as if I’d just cut the branches. Cool trick right?

Guess what? The marble counters are faux too! Click here for how to install marble contact paper.


Another piece of faux greenery that has been there since I redecorated, is the little green plant on the shelf.

It would be impossible to have a real plant in this space, so faux greenery was the perfect option. Plus the green also complements the Italian plate and blue with white color scheme.

Next onto one of my favorite faux options – orchids!

Shop the Look

Wall and Upper Cabinet Color: Valspar 7002-16, Swiss Coffee

Lower Cabinet Color: Valspar 4010-4, Indigo Streamer

Faux Flowers in the Dining Room

The truth is most weeks I do have fresh flowers in the dining room either pink or blue hydrangeas and sometimes sprinkled with roses. It’s my one little splurge at the grocery store every couple of weeks.

Luckily, I’ve found an easy way to keep the flowers alive for weeks! However, I have been tempted to replace them with faux just haven’t yet!

At the end of the room I needed something substantial to fill the space. After finding an amazing Italian planter at Home Goods, I knew it was time to create a faux orchid arrangement!


A little secret is that I updated the arrangement with larger orchid leaves some months later. Above is new and below is the original.

The larger leaves are more true to scale with orchids, so if you decide to try making an arrangement go with the larger leaves!


It’s nice how you can blend faux and real together! No one will know what is an actual or faux flower.

Shop the Look

Wall Color: Valspar CI191, Sea Salt Blue

Credenza Color: Valspar 34007-2A, Sharkfin, with custom wash

White chairs can be found here.

The orchid stems and leaves I found feel like the real deal too. So much so that I decided to make a smaller arrangement for my back porch that will never die.

Faux Flowers and Greens in the Sunroom

I’ve decided to name my back screened porch a sunroom because it’s so sunny in the afternoons! 

At the beginning of spring, I decided to update this space to a blue and white color scheme for more contrast.

Luckily, I found a beautiful blue and white planter that was the perfect place for an orchid arrangement.


Even in direct sunlight it’s impossible to tell the orchids are not real! This is the perfect solution for this space too because it gets SO hot during the summer with the western sun.


Keeping something alive would be impossible! That led me to also incorporate faux topiaries as well.

See again how the green round boxwood topiaries create a soft line against the hard edges of the furniture.

The other sneaky thing I did is add a conical boxwood topiary in the corner. This happened after planting a real shrub, which was expensive, and watching it die slowly.

Shop the Look

Siding Color: Valspar 3007-10B, Country Charm

Trim Color: Valspar, Ultra White 7006-24

Faux boxwood topiaries in any form are my favorite, after trying to grow the real thing. The manicuring alone is a pain.

Faux Flowers in the Family Room

Next up is the family room! As you can see from these pictures my home is completely open from one room to the next.

On days I shoot photography, I have to clean up EVERY room because if I don’t you’ll see a coffee cup or my son’s shoes kicked off in the foyer 🙂


One of my favorite finds that looks so beautiful, is the faux white hydrangea arrangement on the new coffee table.

The crackled blue vase works so perfectly with the blue pillows on the sofa!

By the way, I LOVE the new sofa and have a full review of the Pottery Barn York Sofa here. 


You can see some real roses on the table behind the sofa and then into the kitchen are the faux cherry blossom stems.

Plus I’ve got a few real blue hydrangeas by the stove. See how seamlessly you can blend faux and real flowers?

Shop the Look

Kitchen Blue Wall and Ceiling Color: Valspar 5002-1A, Winter in Paris

Family Room Cream Color: Valspar 7003-9, Malted Milk

Close Match to Cabinets: Valspar 7002-13, Courtyard Tan

Sorry the chair with the rush sheet I had custom upholstered so I linked a similar option.

Faux Flowers in the Bedroom

Who wouldn’t love to have fresh flowers in their bedroom every day? If I ever get rich, I plan to be like Lisa Vanderpump and have fresh roses everywhere!

If you don’t know who she is don’t worry, she is on the Housewives of Beverly Hills one of my guilty pleasures 🙂


These white roses have lived with me in many houses and were originally purchased at Pottery Barn.

Yes, I spent a little more but they were worth it being so neutral and they have held up perfectly!

Did you know I painted all of my bedroom furniture that used to be stained? Using a paint sprayer saved the day and full tutorial is here. 

faux-flowers-white-roses-Pink mercury glass pumpkin on night stand

Don’t forget about seeds and berry stems as well! You can use them alone or mixed in with flowers for texture.

In the fall, I loved using the deep purple faux stems mixed in with my roses and also alone. 

Side of bed with nightstand

Look at how pretty these deep purple berries are next to my bed in a pitcher during the fall months!

all daybed with pink-white-gray pillows

Also for fall, I used deeper hydrangeas in my favorite stoneware vase from Pottery Barn. 

Again use what is in season for the greatest impact!

Shop the Look

Ceiling and Wall Color: Valspar CI 13, Feeling Blue

Armoire and Nightstand Color: Valspar 3008-10B, Light Raffia

The daybed can be found here and the round mirror over the bed here.

Last, but not least from my master bedroom let’s look at my recent master bathroom makeover!

Faux Flowers in the Bathroom

In the bathroom, using a mirrored tray is a fantastic to display faux flowers! I admire how pretty they look each morning as I am brushing my teeth!

Photo Credit: Tiffany Ringwald

Having faux flowers brings in a new softer element against all of the hard lines of the marble and mirror.

Here is the bathroom on a sunny morning where rainbows are created as sun streams through the crystal chandelier over the tub!


It’s nice to see the white peonies tucked into the corner drawing your eye to the change in paint colors.

If you’d like to see more of this bathroom, visit this page. It’s been quiet the transformation!

Shop the Look

Primary Walls and Ceiling Color: Benjamin Moore Wales Gray 1585, Value 50%

Cabinets and Behind Vanity Mirrors Color: Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White OC 149

That’s a faux floral and greenery home tour wrap! I hope you been inspired to mix in faux flowers to your every day home decor.

If you enjoyed this home tour and would like download all of my paint colors, click here!

Flowers add such a nice personal touch and make a home feel welcoming and warm. 

So Nice Pin It Twice!


It’s the simple things in life! Now if my blue hydrangeas will bloom this summer I’ll be set. Unfortunately last summer, not ONE pretty blue poof – shucks.

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Until next time…

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  1. I also use high quality fake flowers,I will mix in fresh at times to add to the bouquet,makes it impossible to tell the difference.I even carried it to my outdoor window boxes this spring…Great idea

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