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Easily Replace Wicks in an Anthropologie Volcano Candle

Are the wicks in your Volcano candle burned to the bottom with a TON of wax left? Easily double the life and replace the wicks!

To say I am obsessed with the smell of the Anthropologie Capri Blue Volcano candle is an understatement.

I’m not the only one loving these candles. Many of us are dropping a lot of money to bring the smell of Anthropologie to our homes.

The extra large Volcano candle will set you back $178!

Don’t you want to be able to double the life of this candle…no matter the size you own? 

How-to Double the Life of a Volcano Candle (or any candle)

I’ve had my really large Capri Blue Volcano candle for about a year and burn it regularly and for long periods of time.

It’s been a good investment that I love and has lasted beyond expectation.

However, once the wicks burned to the bottom of the jar there was SO much wax left. 


The iridescent jar is SO beautiful and looks really great in my family room.

I was really motivated to find a way to get a second life out of this candle.

“Plus I didn’t want to do the traditional method others suggest of freezing the candle and chipping out the wax!”


Instead I found an EASY WAY to install new wicks in the candle, without a mess or a much time at all.

You are going to want to makeover all of your old candles using this method!

The BEST PART of this plan is I could add AS MANY wicks as I wanted to help the candle burn more evenly.

2 wicks in this really large candle is really a joke and causes the wax to “tunnel” leaving a lot of wax on the sides. 

My plan was to install FOUR wicks…yes, honey!


Burn baby burn.

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Wick kits are really inexpensive and I wish they sold smaller kits versus having to buy 100 wicks!

I’ll be making over some more candles now that I know how easy this is. 

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How-to Replace the Wicks of an Anthropologie Volcano Candle

In minutes and without any mess, learn how to replace the wicks of any existing candle.

You can also use this method to remove old wax and reuse a container by dumping out the melted wax.


How-to Add New Wicks to a Candle

Prep Time: 2 minutes
Active Time: 5 minutes
Additional Time: 3 hours
Total Time: 3 hours 7 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Learn how to safely and easily melt wax in an existing candle and add new wicks to double the life of any candle. This project was completed on an Anthropologie Large Volcano candle.


  • Existing Used Candle
  • Wick Kit


  • Kitchen Tongs
  • Steamer and Pot
  • Cuticle Scissors
  • Plastic Knife


  1. Add 2 inches of water to the steamer pot and bring to a boil.pot-stove-boil-water
  2. Place candle in steamer and place over boiling water.set-candle-in-steamer-place-on-pot
  3. As wax begins to melt, remove old wicks with kitchen tongs.capri-blue-volcano-candle-wicks-burned-out-reuse-wax
  4. After 5 minutes of melting, use plastic knife to pull the wax away from the wall for more even melting.pull-wax-away-center-large-capri-blue-volocano-candle-melt-evenly
  5. Wax should be fully melted in 15 minutes. Remove from heat and turn off burner.wax-melted-capri-blue-volcano-candle
  6. Slide wick through stick hole and bend to secure. Drop into wax until metal disk is flat on the floor of the candle.drop-wick-into-melted-capri-blue-volcano-candle-attach-wick-to-stick
  7. Continue adding as many wicks as desired and balance on edge of candle as shown.drop-four-wicks-large-capri-blue-volcano-candle-criss-cross-sticks
  8. Cool for 2 hours and then move to refrigerator for 1 hour until wax is firm.wax-hard-four-wicks-large-capri-blue-volcano-candle
  9. Gently remove sticks from the wicks.remove-sticks-release-wicks-large-capri-blue-volcano-candle
  10. Using cuticle scissors, trim wicks to 1/4 inch.trim-four-wicks-large-capri-blue-volcano-candle
  11. Light and enjoy your candle for a 2nd time!new-wicks-large-capri-blue-volcano-candle


You can see my wick placement wasn't perfect, but it is burning so much more evenly! This was my first time adding wicks to a candle and I think it turned out great. I'm so happy my very expensive candle gets to be enjoyed a little longer.

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I hope you found this tutorial helpful and will begin to get more life out of your candles. 

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  1. Hey! Just a friendly FYI that it has taken me years to finally adapt! If you trim your wicks down to 1/4” or less before re-lighting your candle each time, you will no longer have those teeny black flecks of soot in your candles! I never understood why they recommended that I trim the wick. Now I know! And if you you burn your candles for hours on end, then fish out the black pieces that have fallen in before the wax hardens! Also, instead of having to re-wick a candle, I often just loosen a candle by seeping it in really hot water, and then I melt the wax in my wax melter! I hope I don’t sound like I am sabotaging your post! Just trying to help!

    1. Yep…that’s why I recommended to trim to a 1/4″. Learned that a long time ago. I never fish out the burned wicks like you do 🙂 Most people (me included) don’t have a wax melter, so a pot with a steamer is an easier option for the majority of us. What you are recommending is a totally different approach not “sabotaging”. I’ll stick with my method…easy and no clean up.

  2. That has always irritated me about their candles. I too would chip out and re melt the wax and add a new wick but never thought about adding more wicks. Why haven’t they thought of this? As expensive as they are it’s like they want us to throw them out so we can pay to buy another. I love the smell of it too.
    However you forgot to tell us where you got the sticks and how you made the hole in it. Can you edit your post to include?

    1. Sorry, I hadn’t watched the video first just the written tutorial. I now see they came with your kit. Let us know if it solves the problem as I swore off buying their candles because of this issue.

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