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Small Home Office Ideas

If your home office is leaving you uninspired, here are some makeover ideas to refresh your space quickly and easily!

Are you ready for a home office makeover?

Home offices are becoming the new norm and now you  are sharing them via video!

If you have a little corner or wall for your office or an entire room, here is some inspiration for a home office makeover!

In one weekend, you can create a place you are happy to work in and you aren’t scared to show on your Zoom calls 🙂

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Where to Create a Home Office

It really is important when you are working from home to create clear spaces for your brain.

This is where I work. This is my home.

That way you can leave work at work and enjoy the hours you are not working.

Spaces to create an office:

  • Unused room or guest room
  • Loft or nook area
  • Inside a closet
  • Against a wall in any space

I’m not kidding when I say to create an office inside of a closet!

It’s a good option and all you have to do is run an extension cord to the closet to hook up power.

Here is a kit you can purchase to create an office in any nook of your home.


Or maybe you want something to create a study space for your kids?

Any blank wall can hold a shelving system mounted to rails!

You don’t need a wall on either side for these, but it’s nice to contain the space.

This office system can be mounted to any wall in your home.


For a lot of inspiration and a detailed tutorial on how to build a “closet office”, check out this post which inspired my own Home Decor closet:


Now let’s move on to you have set up an office with a hodge podge of pieces and you want to make it a better space.


Or you are seeing your co-workers beautiful offices on Zoom calls and you realize that yours isn’t up to par.

There are simple things that you can do to trade up your space.

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Small Home Office Makeover

Let’s start with my own home office, which was TERRIBLE just a few years ago.

It’s a tiny little nook, at the top of the stairs, with an L-shaped counter desk and some cabinets.

The space was originally set up for my son as a study space and as soon as he headed to college I made over the office space!

Small Home Office Before


Small Home Office After


Shop My Office

Wow, right? It’s hard to believe it’s the same space even for me.

I LOVE my office and coming up to work each day.

The wall between the window is where I can place new ideas and images that make me happy.


It’s light and bright making me feel inspired each day.

Plus I am proud to show it during video calls too!

10 Affordable Home Office Makeover Ideas

Here are the simple ways I made this space look totally different.

Guess what? I was UNEMPLOYED during this makeover so I really didn’t have a lot to spend.

It did help that I had the desk are in place and could sell the drapes, refrigerator, and office chair to buy new items.

  1. New paint color on the walls and cabinets.
  2. Window treatments that let in more light and opened the space.
  3. Peel and stick wallpaper on the back wall.
  4. Desktop updated with marble contact paper.
  5. Smaller scale desk chair.
  6. Added bench storage seating (my son sits here to chat).
  7. Converted a can light to a fixture. 
  8. Pretty organization tools.
  9. Relocated printer for more desk space. 
  10. Installed ergonomic pull out keyboard trays

I even installed rails for files inside of the deep drawers for even more organization. 

Office Projects: Create and Organize a Hanging File Drawer! and Easy to Install Faux Contact Paper Marble Counters

To me the paint color updates and covering the desk counter with marble contact paper changed everything!

Yes, these are the SAME counters and look totally different.


Even if I would have just removed the red curtains and didn’t replace them with white roman shades the whole room is so much brighter.

So in your own office space look around to see what little things you can do to update the space. 

Think about moving the printer to the floor under your desk and use that space for pretty organization like these white boxes


Don’t forget about ergonomics!

Installing pull out keyboard trays has helped me tremendously and likely will help you to work more comfortably.

Just do your homework and measure before buying for your desk.


Peel and stick wallpaper is a great option for a small accent wall or behind bookcase shelves in your office.

It’s SO easy to install and there are a lot of affordable peel and stick wallpaper options.


This Moroccan Star wallpaper was the jumping off point to determine the color palette.

Keeping things bright and crisp was important, so blue and white is a great combination.

Are you ready to set up a home office that you feel good about and proud to show off to your co-workers?

Want to know how to paint cabinets?

How-to Paint Cabinets and Get a Smooth Finish

Hand Painting or Spraying Cabinets: What is Better?

I have a couple of great tutorials.

Home Office Updates that Make an Impact

Maybe you aren’t ready to do a full makeover on your office.

Let’s focus on some key updates you can affordably tackle.

I like to hone in on what REALLY makes the biggest impact for the time and money you’ll invest. 

My three favorite home office makeover options:

  1. Paint the room or wall or even the furniture a new color.
  2. Add a cork board or magnetic board as a focal point and to organize.
  3. Buy a cool new desk and chair.

Color, a focal point, and fun inexpensive furniture can go a long way to make your space your own.

Photo Courtesy Pottery Barn Teen
Photo Courtesy Pottery Barn Teen

Add framed pictures of your travels, family and friends to make it more personal.

Soften the hard edges with flowers and green plants on your desk.

Doesn’t that all sound easy?

Time to go shopping for some new furniture and focal wall pieces.

Shop Home Office Ideas

I even found some FUN push pins for a cork board and tried to keep the prices affordable on most items.

Of course there are splurges too like a powered stand up desk. 

Hopefully you found some inspiration in this post and are feeling ready to tackle your office makeover!

Want to see my home and other room makeover ideas?

Good luck on your next decorating adventure!

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Until next time…

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  1. Tracey, I’m so sorry about your Dad, I know it is a difficult time for you. I love what you did to the office space and how much brighter it is. I know you will enjoy writing in such a happy place!

  2. Tracey,

    Really like what you did with your office makeover. Made it much more open looking with the lighter colors and the blue cabinets give it the right accent. Life right now is chaotic but be encouraged it will get better. Take care.

  3. I know you probably wont get this but I just read your post about your dad your son and your break up! I am so sorry! I’m praying for you. when life is so overwhelming like yours right I usually do nothing but pray until I can make it make sense? Good luck!

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