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4 Affordable Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Are you looking for easy and affordable ways to update a bathroom in your home? Here are 4 styles complete with a recommended cabinet paint color!

Updating the look of a bathroom can be done affordably, with just changing out a few products and painting the cabinets. Because I love to try out different designs I’ve pulled together 4 very different bathroom style mood board.

Explore mirrors, wall sconces, rugs, accessories along with a coordinating paint color for your cabinets!

Affordable Bathroom Updates

At the end of last year, I renovated my powder room and have LOVED the update.  You can read all about my Modern Coastal Powder Room Update here. But what if you don’t have the money to renovate?

There are easy and affordable ways to create a whole new look, without tearing out the tile or doing construction! Think about creating a new style in your bathroom instead.

In my powder room, I went from a very dark traditional look to a light and airy look. Honestly, I could have gotten the same look without a full renovation. 

before after painted stained powder room vanity no sanding

Post contains hand selected products, with affiliate marketing links throughout {full disclosure here} 

Shop the Look

In this makeover, I started with a simple base of products and paint colors to change the look.

Some of the products that can be used to completely change the style of your bathroom:

  • New wall color
  • Painting the cabinets
  • Changing the faucet
  • Statement mirror
  • Updated light fixtures
  • Pretty rug
  • Cabinet Hardware
  • Bathroom accessories

In the powder room, I could have used all of these elements to change the style. Rugs are a budget friendly way to cover up tile you don’t love and give the room a whole new look.

before after painted stained bathroom cabinets no sanding

Cabinet Color: Valspar 5004-3B, Garden Flower

Here is another example in my master bathroom. By updating the cabinet color, it changed everything and that beautiful rug covers up a lot of beige tile!

4 Bathroom Style Updates with Cabinet Color

Realizing everyone has different styles, I pulled together 4 completely differently looks. Then I looked at my recent post on 2019 paint color trends, and am suggesting a cabinet paint color to pull together the entire look.

Want to know how to paint cabinets, read this post. Also, I am recommending installing new cabinet hardware and if you need help on that front read this post. 

I’m sharing wall sconce lighting, but it’s really just a style guide to get you started.  If you need a bar light, find something that has the same look and you will be all set!

Bathroom design styles to explore:

  1. California Modern
  2. Hamptons Coastal
  3. Classic Farmhouse
  4. Parisian Apartment

California Modern

California Modern Bathroom Room Makeover Mood Board

Love clean lines and Studio McGee? Well this style is for you. It mixes bright white, a little mid-century modern, black and clean lines.

Paired with the modern accessories is Sherwin William’s Dard Green for the cabinets.  So on trend and gives that dark and moody feel to pull the entire look together!

Hamptons Coastal 

Hamptons Coastal Bathroom Room Makeover Mood Board

Pulling from the Hamptons is a more sophisticated take on a coastal style using polished nickel, shades of blue, mixed with white.

Clean is the look in the Hamptons Coastal style, so white cabinets in Sherwin William’s Nebulous White is the perfect pair. 

Classic Farmhouse

Classic Farmhouse Bathroom Room Makeover Mood Board

This look delivers lots of charm using weathered wood, victorian fixtures, galvanized metals, and country blue accents.

To keep the soft edges of a farmhouse look I chose a grayed blue paint option for a newer look versus white. 

I am recommending Benjamin Moore’s Smoke paint color for the cabinets to reflect the galvanized metal accents. 

Parisian Apartment

Parisian Apartment Bathroom Room Makeover Mood Board

Have you ever wanted to peak inside of a Paris apartment off of the Champs-Élysées? Well guess what you can! I wrote a post all about Paris apartments and there are pictures if you are curious. 

Our final style is elegance at it’s finest, with finer details using cut crystals, an architectural mirror, and beautiful rug. The crystal sconce is surprisingly affordable too and the cabinet hardware has a faceted look too!

With all of the over the top accessories, I kept the paint clean and calm. Paris apartments are typically all white, so I chose Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White for the cabinets. It has a tiny bit of gray in it to add a little dimension against all white walls. 

Time to Update Your Bathroom

Good luck finding a style you love! I hope you enjoyed exploring 4 unique design styles and are now inspired to try a new look or add to your current bathroom style.

I truly love designing in my mind and sharing these ideas for all of my fantasy homes!

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Until next time…

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