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How to Add Paris Chic to Your Decor

As I was looking for inspiration for my dining room makeover, I started with French Country and then found Paris Chic!

Ever since stumbling on this style,  I’ve been analyzing ways to bring not only a French flavor to my dining room decor, but also specifically Paris. In my many travel adventures, I’ve been fortunate enough to see Paris twice and it is just as amazing as you would imagine! It leaves an imprint on your soul that never leaves.

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What Paris Chic Looks Like

In doing my research, I stumbled on this amazing website that is Paris apartment and French decor heaven! If you have some time to kill and want to look at drool worthy Paris apartment decor, check out Paris Perfect. You can RENT one of these gorgeous apartments. Amazing. I haven’t looked at the prices because I am sure it is out of my league 😉

Here are some of the gorgeous Paris apartments available for rent. All photos from Paris Perfect.

Paris Apartment Near Eiffel Tower

Paris Apartment

Paris Bedroom


Pastel Paris Apartment

Are you ready to move into to one of these spaces? Aren’t they so serene yet glamorous at the same time?

How to Add Paris Chic to Your Decor

Let’s break down what is making these apartments SO gorgeous:

  • White Walls
  • Muted color scheme
  • Hardwood floors
  • Sumptuous fabrics
  • Gold accents
  • Ornate Mirrors
  • Crystal chandeliers
  • Billowing drapes
  • Painted furniture
  • White washed wood
  • Antiques
  • Original artwork

All of this detail blends SEAMLESSLY, but the key word really is DETAIL.  As they say, “the devil is in the details”. What is so beautiful about French and Parisian decor is that they blend:

  • Antiques with new
  • Traditional with modern
  • Elegant with flea market

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Paris Chic On a Budget with Gorgeous White Paint Color Options to Try

Paris Apartment on a Budget

It’s time to go shopping and make our own Paris Chic room – on a budget! I tried to find things at $500 or less for us. There are key elements that can be added to any room to bring the French flavor:

  1. Crystal Chandeliers
  2. Louis Chairs
  3. French Country Chairs
  4. Ornate Mirrors
  5. French Accent Furniture
  6. Traditional Landscape Oil Paintings

Click the pictures to be taken directly to the products.

Crystal Chandeliers

Manor Haven Chandlier Jiada Chandlier Belinda Chandelier

Louis Chairs

Upholstered Louis Chair                               Cane Back Louis Chair                         Louis Cane Rectangle Chair

French Country Chairs

Bonneval Chair                Eleanor Armchair            Lyster Arm Chair


Ornate Mirrors

Trumeau Mirror Arched Top Gold Mirror Painted French Mirror

French Accent Furniture

French Blue Chest         White Queen Ann Coffee Table SquareOval Coffee Table crop

Traditional Landscape Oil Paintings

Route de Versailles        Spring 1890        Sunlight on Sue Road

Parisian Paint Colors

As you can see, those Parisian’s like white paint!  Here are my favorite picks from Valspar for easy to live with whites – they are all going to look very similar on the monitor, but it will give you a start!

Valspar-Du-Jour-7002-6 Valspar-Cr-me-Fra-che-CI200 Valspar-Dove-White-7002-7 Valspar-Swiss-Coffee-7002-16

Parisian Apartment Dweller

Now you can FEEL like you are living in Paris, by bringing the subtle French elements into your home decor. Sit back, sip a French wine, nibble on a baguette, savor a little Brie, and picture the view of the Eiffel Tower in your mind. Doesn’t that feel nice?

Here I am in Paris. See that door man, the groomed hedges, spectacular light fixtures, and the iron work? Yes, I believe one of those gorgeous apartments is right past that door man 🙂 A girl can dream!

Paris Apartment

I hope I’ve inspired your creative side, gave you a little taste of Paris, and made you want to make the trip if you haven’t already 🙂

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