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2019 Paint Colors Best of the Best Picks

All of the major paint manufacturer’s have announced their 2019 paint colors! Let’s explore all of the options this year and my top 24 best of the best paint color picks.

It’s always hard to know what color to pick for a room makeover and every year the paint manufacturer’s give us new ideas! I decided to comb through 132 total 2019 trend paint colors and choose the best of the best for us to explore for our future paint makeovers.

This year the primary color picked by Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr, Valspar, and PPG vary widely. Then Pantone’s forward looking 2019 color of the year is even more different than that.

I’ll be sharing all of those key paint colors and then at the bottom of this post I am sharing my 24 top color picks for 2019!

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2019 Paint Colors of the Year

Let’s look at what colors were announced as color of the year. However, in total among all of the 5 major paint manufacturers, they created 2019 color palettes of 132 colors!

Yes, I have combed through ALL of those colors to see what is new and on trend.

First, here are the key colors of the year:

Pantone: Living Coral

Image courtesy of Pantone

Pantone is the supplier of color standards for all industries, so their color pick is always widely anticipated. What they choose even though it usually feels way out there, will influence color for years to come.

You will see Corals come on strong in everything from apparel, accessories and home furnishing. Just wait!

Benjamin Moore: Metropolitan AF-690

Image Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Now we move to the ethereal palette and lead color Metropolitan from Benjamin Moore. A very easy to use neutral that will blend with a wide variety of colors. It works with both pale and saturated color choices. 

I love the color palette Benjamin Moore pulled together to work with Metropolitan, but in truth these colors reflect the types of colors I use in my own home. So it was only natural I gravitated to it!

Sherwin Williams: Cavern Clay SW 7701

Image Courtesy of Sherwin Williams

Talk about a shift in a completely new direction! Sherwin Williams is putting Terra Cotta back on the map with Cavern Clay. Terra Cotta has been around a LONG time and will come and go. It’s usually associated with mediterranean and southwestern home design styles.

It’s a serious color that may or may not be livable long term. Many have said this color was coming since 2015 and here it is…

You won’t be seeing Cavern Clay in my home, but Sherwin Williams put together a color palette offering 42 options and many I love!

Behr: Blueprint S470-5


Do you recall this bathroom? It’s mine! Yes, the first 2019 Color of the Year I brought into my own home was Blueprint from Behr.

Literally, I saw the color and knew immediately it was going to be the central focus of a recent power room makeover.

It was going to be that extra drama I needed in a small space to make it look larger and was the perfect complement to the faux Seadrift finish of the vanity.

Blueprint is an extremely versatile color working with a variety of styles and Behr shows you this with color palettes containing 14 other colors that work with Blueprint. 

Valspar: Blushing Bride 2001-10B

Image Courtesy of Valspar

Valspar didn’t choose one color of the year, but instead shared a palette of 12 colors of the year.

To put a flag in the sand and pick just one, I selected Blushing Bride! Pantone Rose Quartz kicked off the pink craze in 2016, then came blush pink, and millennial pink.

It was apparent pink was going to shift and it did. Blush pink is going more dusty with a nod toward mauve. So I had to choose this color, because I’m not done with pink yet 🙂

PPG: Night Watch 1145-7

Image Courtesy of PPG

Green with envy? Deep emerald greens can be found throughout all of the paint manufacturer’s palettes, but PPG decided Night Watch was their color of the year. 

Such a beautiful color that brings us back to nature. Deep greens have been popping up on Instagram in droves. A new look is emerging that combines deep green adjacent to bright white and natural finishes. 

PPG gave us 48 colors to choose from this year many of them are saturated. We will see how many people go bold with color in the coming year.

Best of the Best 2019 Paint Colors

Since you know I love paint, painting things, and have color memory as a super power (really), I thought I’d go through the 132 colors shared for 2019 and pick the best of the best!

These 24 paint colors, from my perspective, are livable plus look fresh and new. They will be colors that you will see used in consumer’s homes and in interior design projects.

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Here is the key code and I’ve linked each color for convenience:

  • BM = Benjamin Moore
  • B = Behr
  • SW = Sherwin Williams
  • V = Valspar
  • PG = PPG

1. BM: Head Over Heals | 2. B: Sand Dance | 3. V: Blushing Bride 

4. BM: Decorator’s White | 5. SW: Nebulous White | 6. BM: Metropolitan 

7. SW: Misty | 8. BM: Smoke | 9. B: Watery

10. SW: Elation | 11. B: Standing Ovation |12.  V: Metropolis Lilac 

13. SW: Distance | 14. B: Blueprint | 15: SW: Endless Sea 

16. B: Antiqua | 17. SW: Oceanside | 18. BM: Beau Green

19. PG: Night Watch | 20. SW: Dard Green |21.  BM: Hunter Green 

22. BM: Hale Navy | 23. B: Dark Navy | 24: SW: Charcoal Blue 

You can see there were several dusty pinks, whites with a hint of color, lilacs, and lots of deep hues of greens and blues. I’ve been anticipating lilacs and purples to emerge and was happy to see a variety of hues be specified. 

To me the biggest statement you can make in a room in 2019 is by picking a darker color, as an accent wall – yep I am saying they are BAAAACK!

Or use it the way I did on the top third of the wall with bright white below. Any easy way to incorporate a new color trend in 2019!

I hope you found this helpful and inspiring. Undecided on paint colors in general? Read this: Stop Worrying and Pick a Paint Color

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You will know the right sheen for every project…


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  1. Every room in my house is dark…very little natural light. I have tile floors throughout my home that have light tan, beige, cream and slight hints of gray. My current walls are between a beige or very light tan…boring! I’d like gray, but I’m not sure what shade to use that would work with the lack of natural light. My living room has a cathedral ceiling and was recently painted white and I don’t want to repaint it.
    Also, I have a tray ceiling in my bedroom and wonder if contrasting colors would work there.
    Thanks for any suggestions.

    Nancy Smith
    Aiken, SC

    1. Nancy, try Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White I mention in this post. I just used it in my master bathroom makeover and it has just a hint of gray but is nice and bright! It sounds like it may be the perfect color. Good luck.

  2. Beautiful shades. Thank you. What would you recommend as a trim shade with Night Watch? Also, I’m thinking about doing a Night Watch painted floor in a hallway and bedroom, and I’m wondering about the walls. BM Decorators White? Or something deeper? Thanks!

    1. Thank you! I just chose this for my master bathroom trim and love it. The paint chip looks off to me, but the color is a nice clean white.

      Blanched Pine
      7005-15 | Valspar
      Available at Lowe’s

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