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The Kitchen Needs a Facelift: WK 1 ORC

Spring One Room Challenge™ kick-off time. My kitchen is getting a facelift for the new decade!

Come along on an 8 week journey as I makeover my kitchen.

Each week I’ll share the details as I develop the design plan, choose paint colors, select tile and lighting.

I’ll be joining a whole group of designers on this mission called “The One Room Challenge!”

Stay tuned each week for the big reveal June 25th.

WEEK 2 | WEEK 3 | WEEK 4

Who is Porch Daydreamer?

If you are visiting my site for the first time, I thought I’d introduce myself!

My name is Tracey, the Master of Chaos, at Porch Daydreamer. Yes, that is my official title 🙂

My double porch Charleston styled home is in beautiful Charlotte, NC.

I’m a proud mom of a (almost) 21 year old son and have been a single working mom most of his life.

New Header Image Porch Daydreamer Creating a Beautiful Life One Project at a Time

Using a degree in textiles and a career in home improvement I’ve been creating a beautiful life – one project at a time!

Having champagne taste on a beer budget forced me to tackle just about every type of home project you can imagine.

My crazy career in home improvement has led me into the world of hand tools, caulk, paint, home trends, and cabinet hardware developing even deeper knowledge beyond my day to day projects.

I created this blog to teach what I’ve learned and share new projects too!

Want to know my super power? Color memory! 

Looking for a great paint color or how-to paint? I’ve got you covered 🙂

One Room Challenge 

Ah, the One Room Challenge. It’s one of those experiences like having baby that you forget how difficult and painful it is to give birth.

So you blissfully do it again.


This is my FIFTH time being a guest participant and I am so excited to “birth” a new room to share.

Here are the past three reveals to get a sense of my style

Well, instead of taking 9 months it will take 8 weeks to makeover a room.

I’ll be joined by entire tribe of designers in their own homes whom you can follow here: One Room Challenge Blog 

It’s a pressure filled time especially with COVID-19, store closures, masking wearing, and stay-at-home online shopping. 

I HOPE to pull it all together before the deadline of June 25th.

Kitchen Makeover Plans

My home is exactly 10 years old and typically the timeframe that colors and styles start to look dated.

If you want a Before/After tour visit, 10 Year Before and After Home Tour with PAINT COLORS!

When I built this spec house, the kitchen truly was my dream kitchen so it really doesn’t need a major makeover.

My Kitchen 5 Years Ago

See that granite…it WAS cool 10 years ago.

The dark knobs are EVERYWHERE. 

For some reason dark brown was in at the time and now is not!

To update the kitchen over the past several years, I have:

  1. Changed out the cabinet hardware
  2. Updated the pendant lights
  3. Added lighter counter stools
  4. Installed LED under cabinet lighting
  5. Converted to quartz counters

At the core of all of the changes was making the kitchen brighter and more modern.

zeal-sweet-caroline-quartz-counter-corner-of-kitchen-island kitchen-glass-jar-pantry-on-counter-storage-view-into-kitchen


Contains hand selected products, with affiliate marketing links where I may make a small commission if a purchase is made. {full disclosure here}

Shop the Kitchen

What you can’t tell from the pictures is that the cabinets have gotten yellow over time making them much darker than I’d like.

After putting the new quartz counters in place, it made it even more apparent. 

What do I have planned for the kitchen remodel? 

  1. Paint the cabinets and island
  2. Update the pendant lights
  3. New backsplash tile
  4. Remove the blinds and add a softer window treatment. 

This won’t be a drastic makeover, but a facelift.

Same bone structure, but will look 10 years younger 🙂 


No major construction will be required. Just a little inconvenience not being able to use the kitchen, 

Would I love a new custom hood? Yes, but it’s just not in the budget this time.

This makeover is one that I hope will inspire an update in your your kitchen and bring it into the new decade!

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How-To Follow Along the Kitchen Facelift Journey

Each Wednesday I’ll be sharing a One Room Challenge update and will notify people via social media too.

So you don’t miss a post, subscribe to my email newsletter below or follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Want more room inspiration? I’ve got a great resource on Pinterest.

Have fun following along with the twists and turns of a kitchen makeover!

Until next time…

Porch Daydreamer


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  1. My house is also done in various lighter blue colors so I just love seeing your updates! Also, thank you for always providing stylish update techniques and products that ARE actually affordable! I simply cannot follow other blogs when the author offers products that are simply unrealistic for the average family. Thank you!!!

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