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Kitchen Facelift Design Plan: WK 3 ORC

Kitchen design plan details revealed! Paint colors, tile, lighting and pretty details.

The kitchen design plans have been finalized and I am ready to share.

Something old, something new something borrowed, and something blue. 

It’s week 3 of the One Room Challenge and time to turn to the pretty details!

What do I have planned for the kitchen remodel? 

As a refresher, here is what I have planned or you can follow along the previous weeks linked below:

  1. Paint the cabinets and island
  2. Update the pendant lights
  3. New backsplash tile
  4. Remove the blinds and add a softer window treatment

This won’t be a drastic makeover, but a facelift.

Same bone structure, but will look 10 years younger 🙂 


Tile for the Kitchen Backsplash

In order to change out the backsplash, I have to remove the hood so I decided it was time to go for something special!

After looking through aisles and aisles of tile at The Tile Shop in Charlotte, NC, I stopped dead in my tracks in front of the Annie Selke tile collection.

There were so many beautiful options that felt so new to me and in such gorgeous colors too!

Mention Porch Daydreamer if you buy tile from The Tile Shop!


Having been a longtime lover of the look of grass cloth wallpaper it was fun to find a tile that mimics the same look.

The Argento line brings with it a unique feel that I haven’t seen done in a kitchen before, so why not be a trailblazer?

The tile is really interesting with a raised texture and a tiny bit of shimmer too.


The Sky color just HAPPENED to match a sample I’d been carrying around in my purse.

I’d just recently purchased a new rug for the family room and this color strip looked great with the rug.

Seeing the paint and tile match so exactly it felt meant to be!


Then I brought the sample home to see how it looked in the kitchen.

Yes! It looked perfect in the space and the color was subtle not too much blue and actually reads more white than you would think.

That made me feel certain I would use it because it wasn’t too polarizing for a future owner.

Contains hand selected products, with affiliate marketing links where I may make a small commission if a purchase is made. {full disclosure here}

Paint Design Plan

Now that I knew the tile selection it made it easier to pick paint colors.

When choosing a paint color you always have to start with something like tile, furniture, rugs, accessory or artwork to hone in on colors.

I’ve written an entire post on this and use it in my own life: Stop Worrying and Pick a Paint Color


Here you can see how creamy the cabinet paint color is even though there is a lot of light on the cabinets (plus I’ve brightened the photo).

The color is the original factory finish, which has yellowed over the years and become darker so a fresh coat of white paint was in order.

It was important to find a white that had some warmth, complemented the tile background, and also worked with the new quartz counters.

I painted a LOT of samples on 8 x 10 boards to find the perfect mix!

This is what I decided:


Surprised? After writing 20 Cabinet Paint Color Combos for the Kitchen, I loved seeing a mix of white and another color.

All white kitchens are beautiful, but can look bland so I am going to add a pop of a pale gray blue.

Valspar Pelican works with my ENTIRE downstairs which was a concern due to the open floor plan.

I’m excited to try something new in the kitchen and be a little more bold…like I am going to be with the tile. 

Design Plan Accessory Details

When redecorating, repurposing what you have is always a good idea to save money.

This fall I’d updated the artwork to herb prints over the door to the porch, so they will be staying.

Plus found an amazing round basket for the center of the kitchen island that has been such a nice focal point.

After pricing recovering the current stools, I opted to buy new ones because it was more affordable.

Luckily, my community has a great page that let’s us put things up for sale or to donate.

The light fixtures and counter stools are now enjoying new homes, which makes me happy!


To change the look and make it feel more modern I went in search for new light fixtures and counter stools.

Here are some of the details I’ve purchased or am considering:

Everything feels very fresh and new to me!

It’s still a modern french country look like the rest of my downstairs, with nice organic elements. 

Seeing the new look happening in the kitchen, now I’m considering recovering the slipper chairs in the sitting area.

More to come on that later 😉

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One Room Challenge: Follow Along

I’d appreciate if you would follow along in this design process and see what some of my other design friends are up to as well!


We’ve got five more weeks together so enjoy the ride!

In week 4, it’s going to get messy when I reveal the remodel process with some video too.

Looking for lots of design inspiration for all of the rooms in your home?

Please visit the One Room Challenge Blog to see all of the guest designer’s plans and the featured designers too!

Some of the rooms I am watching that you may want to too:

Each Wednesday, I’ll be sharing a One Room Challenge update via the blog and posting on social media too.

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Have fun following along with the twists and turns of a kitchen makeover!

Until next time…

Porch Daydreamer


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  1. Thank you for all of this great information. I’ve finally read through more of your website and found the information I was seeking regarding where and how you secured the area while painting the armoire! I thought I kept busy until I met you 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing the kitchen reveal. I am about to go through a bathroom remodel, later this month, and your website is very inspiring giving me more confidence in choosing what’s right for me and my family!

    Have a wonderful week and keep well.

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