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6 Affordable Fall Decorating Ideas for a Cozy Kitchen

Decorating your kitchen for fall on a budget is easy! Here are 6 affordable fall decorating ideas to make your kitchen a little cozier this season.

Fall is definitely not a season where I want to spend a lot on decorating my home. Truthfully, my budget goes to making Christmas really special.

Over the past few years, I’ve slowly started collecting fall decor that was really affordable.

In just an hour or so and on a small budget, fall decorating can be affordable, easy, and give you that cozy fall feel you crave in the kitchen!

6 Affordable Fall Decorating Ideas for a Cozy Kitchen

Each year I comb my home decor closet and reuse what I have only buying fresh flowers or maybe one small thing.

This year it was a new vase and some faux stems costing under $50.

It’s fun to reuse the same items in a whole new way for a fresh look saving money over time!

Check out my fall rooms from previous years and fall table from this year and you’ll see some of these ideas used there too:

I’m happy to share my budget friendly ways to update your kitchen to make it feel cozy this fall.


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1) Shop Your Closet

Use a scarf you already own in seasonal colors for a runner, table cloth, or throw.

Likely you have something in your closet ready to use! This fall scarf has been used all over my downstairs.

I now own two of the same scarves. One for wearing and one for decorating due to how cheap it is 🙂


The colors instantly bring in the season and tie my current color scheme together.

Be on the hunt for oversized scarves on sale and think not only using them to be fashionable, but for also use in fall decor.

2) Use Items Found in Nature

Cut fresh fall leaf stems and mix with faux greenery for a centerpiece.

While searching online for some goodies to decorate my home, I found this GREAT very natural looking Clematis bundle.

It was super affordable for all of the greenery you see here.


A faux trailing vine is a great base to add fall flowers, so the oranges and golds aren’t so overpowering. 

The fall leaves haven’t appeared yet to cut? Try the grocery store to see if they sell preserved leaves.

Or think about finding grasses instead that turn a little sooner than the leaves in some parts of the country.

3) Hit the Flea Market

Visit flea markets for cutting boards or metal trays for cozy accents.

Or if you don’t have time many retailers have very rustic options at affordable prices.


Look for round or handled cutting boards too!

I don’t have one, but another love is a dough bowl or carved wooden bowl to add a farmhouse cozy charm.

Pair it with a couple of other items like a glass pumpkin and farmhouse vase for a simple yet easy fall vignette on the counter. 

4) Comb Fall Sales

At the end of this fall season, comb the clearance aisles of your local Home Goods, TJMaxx or Michaels

Or watch for current sales running at Pottery Barn, Pier One, or World Market.

That’s where I’ve found they have the best looking options for sure! Sometimes it is worth the splurge 🙂

Find affordable rustic containers and faux stems on sale.


This galvanized tray travels from summer serving food and drinks on the porch to the kitchen for fall.

The wood handles mixed with the mottled metal give it a fall farmhouse feel.

It’s large enough to hold this amazing vase that I bought on major sale plus other decorative items.

Sometimes I change out one of the pumpkins for a fall scented candle to add a special touch.

5) Go Faux with Pumpkins:

OK, so last year I HEAVILY invested in pumpkins LOL.

It seemed I became obsessed and bought them throughout the season and on sale after the season.

If you buy neutral colored pumpkins in glass and fabric, they can be mixed and matched every year in different locations.


You’ll see I’ve done that again this year to mix up the look.

That orange glass pumpkin just adds the right amount of color pop for the fall.

I wish I had two because I keep moving it around, since it looks good in every room!

There are so many ways to use faux pumpkins. Last year I did pumpkin patches with greenery.

This year I’m grouping pumpkins together in trays, bowls, and in stacked bunches.


Pumpkins really are the easiest way to add fall touches to any area of your home.

They become like Christmas ornaments, with some being the favorites you can’t wait to pull out each fall.

Trust me it’s really fun…I got a big smile on my face pulling out my two baskets of pumpkins this year.

6) Grab Cheap Fall Pillow Covers

Where is the best place to find cheap fall pillow covers? Amazon! 

They are so inexpensive I even buy them for outdoor use and treat them to be water resistant – full tutorial here.

Covers over existing pillows gives a quick hint of fall. 


Here is how I was using my fall pillows before I decorated the kitchen island.

Just a simple little pop of fall color in my neutral color scheme.

Covers are easy to store too and take up very little space in your home.

Are you now feeling confident you can affordably decorate for fall and make your kitchen oh so cozy?

Pint It for Later!

Affordable Fall Decorating Ideas Rustic Farmhouse Cozy Fall Counters on a Budget

Having those special little touches are really nice and will definitely give you the fall feelings even if it is hot outside!

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