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Pottery Barn Finn Rug Review

Have your eye on the Pottery Barn Finn rug, but don’t know if you should buy it? Here’s my review after two years of use!

Shopping online is a great convenience, but buying larger ticket items can be very stressful not knowing what they REALLY look like.

Do you have the Pottery Barn Finn rug in your shopping cart, but aren’t sure if you should invest or the color will be right in your home?

Here is my two year review with VIDEO and even paint colors that match Pottery Barn Finn rug!

Pottery Barn Finn Hand-Knotted Rug Review

Seriously, I feel your pain of trying to buy a rug online.

They can be expensive and returns may not be an option.

What if if doesn’t match my home decor, feel good on my feet or wear well?

I’m here to help you decide if this rug is a good buy or not!

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Details about my Pottery Barn Finn Rug:

  • Purchased September 2018
  • Size: 5′ x 8′
  • Location: foyer
  • Material: 100% pure wool hand-knotted
  • Look: vintage
  • Colors: blues, grays, and tans



Click here to view the rug on Pottery Barn

Let’s look at the various aspects of the rug and my experience over the 2 years of ownership.

I’m sharing a video and pictures at different angles and in different lights to give you a true picture of what it looks like in real life. 

The 4 most important features when buying a rug:

  1. How does it hold up / wear with regular foot traffic?
  2. Is it easy to clean?
  3. Will it feel good on bare feet?
  4. Are the colors a good fit with my decor?

Then of course does it come in the size that I need?

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So let’s look at what I think about the Pottery Barn Finn Rug: 

Wear and Tear

This rug literally sits in the highest traffic area of my home!

The Finn rug is in the main pathway of my home running from the front door to the garage and up the stairs.

It also is the first thing people see, when they walk through the front door. 


This rug experiences MAJOR foot traffic and it is the largest open space I have in the house so we are in this space everyday.

All packages are dragged onto and opened on the Pottery Barn Finn rug! Boxes are dirty and heavy. 

Not only are boxes on this rug, but also gardening tools and rolling suitcases!

Has the Finn Hand-Knotted Rug worn well? YES!


There have been NO issues with this rug and it looks as good as it did the day I bought it.

The pile is very low, so you won’t have to worry about snags or pet claws easily getting caught.

Is it Easy to Clean and How Does it Feel?

You may not realize that in Charlotte, NC we don’t have regular dirt.

Instead we had RED CLAY and it can be tough to clean out of rugs and carpets.

With this rug being 100% wool, I was a little concerned it may be hard to clean.

Is the Finn Hand-Knotted Rug easy to clean? YES!


It sure is and surprisingly so.

Dirt from the bottom of boxes, red clay, dog messes, etc. has all been easy to clean off of the rug.

To be safe, I always clean up spills and dirt IMMEDIATELY so they don’t get ground into the fibers.

All it takes is a little Resolve Carpet Cleaner and paper towels to blot up the spot. 

Great right? Plus it feels soft on your feet!

My dog Mick loves to lay on this rug and rub his back too.

This is where I throw his toy to play catch, so he spends a lot of time on this rug.

Is the rug soft on your feet? YES!

Pottery-Barn-Finn-Rug-Review-Porch-Daydreamer-FoyerAre you falling in love with the rug yet?

Well, there is one last thing to consider and that is the way it looks.

Will the colors look good in your home?

Paint Colors that Match the Pottery Barn Finn Rug

To help you decide if the colors work with your home decor, I pulled some matching paint strips from the Sherwin Williams paint deck.

The Sherwin Williams strips that look the best with the rug are: 

  • Blues 220
  • Tans 243
  • Grays 244

Did you know that Pottery Barn and Sherwin Williams have a partnership?

Click Here to Get $15 Coupon off Sherwin Williams paint and see the latest trend colors!

sherwin-williams-paint-color-match-pottery-barn-finn-rug-review paint-strips-sherwin-williams-paint-color-match-pottery-barn-finn-rug-review

Just head to your local Sherwin Williams store and find these paint color strips and take them home to see how they work with your decor.

Hopefully, the colors are a match for you!

If you buy the rug, now you have an idea of what color to paint the walls too 🙂

Truly the rug has a very soft tone giving it a vintage rug look even though it is new. 

That will make it work in a wide variety of styles and with a good variety of colors.


Hopefully, you now feel confident to buy the Pottery Barn Finn-Hand Knotted Rug!

I’d SO appreciate if you liked this review that you purchase the rug through this link: BUY RUG HERE

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