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Vintage Look Rug and Pillow Trend

Vintage and distressed rugs are big this year! Color is back in home decor and the best way to bring color into a room is with a rug.

Are you seeing vintage, distressed and Persian rugs everywhere? With white walls, there is something so beautiful about adding a colorful vintage look rug.

Luckily, vintage rugs have become more affordable with knock-offs of original very expensive rugs readily available.

Come along as I share the best looking and most affordable vintage look rugs and pillows. 

What is a Vintage Look or Distressed Rug?

There are several ways to define this look, but it really is going back to a more traditional looking rug.

That doesn’t mean you have to have traditional decor.

These rugs are going back in time to rugs created 1,000’s of years ago and can be found across the globe. 

A vintage rug or one that looks likes it’s been distressed or aged gives the feeling of an heirloom that has been handed down in the family.

Here are some vintage rug looks from some of my favorite designers.

Photo Credit: Amber Interiors
Photo Credit: Studio McGee
Photo Credit: Suzanne Kasler

Each of these designers has their own unique approach to design, but use vintage and distressed rugs as statement pieces to design from in their room.

From traditional, to modern, and even coastal vintage rugs can be the foundation for a room design.

They act as a base to build from and add color to a room and can be mixed with traditional or contemporary artwork and furniture. 


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I recently purchased another vintage look rug for my family room and can’t wait to build a design around it!

Since my home is all shades of blues and creams, it will act as a nice easy transition in the rest of my downstairs.

It’s time to move away from the neutral rug I’ve had for 10 years and try something different.

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Pottery Barn Finn Rug: Vintage Look

My first time using a vintage look rug was in my recent foyer makeover.

It’s amazing how one rug can change everything and add so much personality.

I’ve been so impressed with the wear of my Pottery Barn Finn rug. 

vintage rug-view-from-the-dining-room-looking-at-newly-painted-staircase

Shop the Look


It’s so much prettier in person than online and adds soft color to the space.

The cut pile is a nice alternative to a tufted rug and very soft on the feet!

Plus it looks amazing even after LOTS of foot traffic and a constant stream of boxes being dragged in and opened on this rug. 

In search I went of a similar vintage rugs for you and wow did I find some amazing options at unbeatable prices (some splurges too).

Are you ready to incorporate this look into your home?

Shop Vintage and Distressed Look Rugs

Luckily, there were so many affordable options with many 8 x 10 rugs coming in at under $200 with free shipping.

Then there are some splurge options as well.

Just hover over each rug to see the price and click the picture to shop.

Believe it or not…some of these options are from Ruggable and washable!

If you want a truly authentic vintage rug, I’d suggest shopping at Revival Rugs for one of a kind options.

From colorful to neutrals, there is a rug for you!

Shop Vintage and Distressed Look Pillows

Not ready to invest in a rug?

Then try out a vintage rug printed pillow!

A very affordable way to incorporate this style into your home.

Place one of these gorgeous pillows on a solid colored chair or sofa and voila you have a whole new look.

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Hope you had fun exploring this new design trend based on 1,000s of years of beautiful hand crafted rugs.

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