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Taking the Man Out of the Man Cave: Week 1


This is an exciting announcement for me and I hope as someone who reads my blog (thank you!) you will be excited too! The One Room Challenge™ is an event that I’ve been following, in the spring and fall, for a couple of years now.

The One Room Challenge and Calling it Home is also how I found design bloggers that I love and follow like they are my real friends (Hey, Kelley Nan!).  Please click here to check her out. She’s amazing!

One Room Challenge Logo

It’s a masterfully crafted event for ANYONE who needs a kick in the rear to makeover and update a space in their home. It can be small or large, but is has to be completed in 6 WEEKS!

That is the beauty. This is motivation to GET IT DONE! You know those rooms you avoid or stare at and don’t find the time to tackle. Well this is the event to get going.

So this girl is taking the One Room Challenge™ this Fall and that starts today! As a new empty nester, I have a little extra time on my hands. What makes me happy? Decorating!


As a surprise for my son, what I decided to do is makeover “his” space before he’s home for Thanksgiving! Don’t worry he doesn’t read my blog – that would be crazy 🙂

Our upstairs area was designed for him 7 years ago and it’s time for a change. I took out a bedroom to make one open loft area, with a desk. It was his space for doing homework, playing video games, and entertaining friends. Here’s a picture taken a few  years ago, but you’ll see what I mean.

Guys Hanging in the Man Cave

Since I started Porch Daydreamer, it’s evolving into MY space and heck he won’t be here more than a few months out of the year. A decision has been made, I am taking the “man” out of man cave.

The Man Cave / Office Area

Let’s take a look at what I’m starting with and by all accounts is a great looking man cave and office.  Its just that it feels all man and doesn’t align with my typical design style.  I truly decorated it for my son! He’s a great chess player by the way.

Boys Football Game Room Loft Football Theme

The Lounge Area of the Man Cave

Office Area Before
My current unorganized office mess!

The Updates

The space is basically 2/3 of my upstairs living area and a lot to change! What I’ll be tackling over 6 weeks and reveal on November 9th:

Office Area

  • Get organized! I need to use this space more wisely and add some organizational components.
  • What to do with the refrigerator and magnets? The thing is old and loud. Think about reusing this space.
  • Update the colors and counter top. Brown, brown and brown is quite boring.
  • Kill the red curtains.
  • Update the lighting above the desk.
  • Find an office chair that fits the new look and the small space.

Table Area

  • That is my kitchen table and chairs from Pottery Barn circa 1997! It’s been painted and needs to be repainted a lighter color.

Lounge Area

  • I’ll be living with the furniture. That sectional is SO comfortable plus cleans easily.
  • Update the art, but keep the large football poster which we LOVE.
  • Paint the base of the coffee table.
  • Organize the stuff in the book cases.
  • New pillows and drapes.
  • Get rid of that game chair!


Luckily, we have a common love and that is football!  That is where I’ll start and make sure he will still feel like it’s his space too. Keeping the large football poster as the main focal point will keep this room focused on football! The big update will be to the color palette. Some items and artwork will be relocated to his bedroom.

NAVY and WHITE. Two classic colors that fortunately are also his college football team colors. Yay! Easy. Plus, the walls, couch, and carpet are in a nice neutral khaki color. A classic combination that I love and he will too. Navy, white, and khaki.


The idea to update this man cave in my home has been brewing in my brain since June.  I’ve been warning my son that I am taking over the space.  Over months ideas have been bubbling, products searched, and chosen.

The other plan is to keep the budget low and my main mission has been hunting for bargains that fit the look. Literally, I haven’t bought anything not on sale or at the lowest price I can find. Progress Lighting and Amerock have generously supplied product for this makeover.

Please add to your Pinterest Board to help others follow along!

Man Cave+Porch Daydreamer+Design Board+ORC

My Basic List of Items

This list contains some affiliate links, but all items were hand selected by me!

  1. Cabinet Paint for Office
  2. Marble Film for Counter Top
  3. Progress Lighting Office Light Fixture
  4. Amerock Hardware for Cabinets
  5. Wallpaper for Office
  6. Throw for Sofa
  7. Loft Chair
  8. White Pillow for Couch
  9. Ikat Pillow for Couch
  10. White Drapes
  11. Rug Under Table
  12. Office Chair

Please follow along and watch me work! Every week on Thursdays, I’ll be posting my progress good or bad or none at all (life gets in the way sometimes).


This project has a TON of painting so I’m going to pull out my Wagner Studio Pro Painter to tackle much of it and thank goodness because it will speed up the process a lot. If you haven’t seen the post Paint Sprayer Turned a Dreaded Project into the Best Ever! you’ll see how amazing it is.

If you want more than the weekly updates on Porch Daydreamer or on Facebook, I’ll be showing you what I’m up to on Instagram Stories in a more personal way with video.

I’m off to get busy and painting. While you are waiting for next week’s post, check out the rest of the fabulous designers featured on The One Room Challenge and all of the Week 1 Progress or the 20 Featured Designers click here!


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